Thursday, November 1, 2012

October in Movies

All year I've been going on about how fast this year has gone, but it feels especially true here: it feels like just yesterday that I got my dog, and that we were rolling into exams. Mind you, October went REALLY slow. I'm not sure why that is, but I think it might be because the trailer disc at work was so crap and all I wanted was for November to come because there'll be a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises for me to cry over every hour. Plus, November is just about freaking July-worthy when it comes to DVD releases. Alas, I wave goodbye to October in all of its busy, slow glory and turn my head to November, where the exams will happen. And then we'll be at the end of another year. It seems strange. Here's all the movies I got to catch in October:

Movies I hadn't seen until the month of October...

Hick - Watched on very little sleep. But I doubt that's the reason why I didn't really understand where this was going.
What to Expect When You're Expecting - I know that I should have expected it (ba dum psh), but this somehow just keeps renting.
The Dictator - Yeah, this movie was funny...not.
The Evil Dead - I must admit, that trailer for the new remake was quite good.
The Raven - Honestly, I do not remember any of this movie.
Looper - An insanely cool movie. Haters gonna hate on the final act.
The Machinist - Watching a movie about an insomniac late on a Friday night when you're tired is unsurprisingly not ideal. While Christian Bale was good, I felt like this just tried too hard to be something it wasn't.
Manhattan - Ha, I did watch this this month. I thought I better get into some more Woody Allen. I really liked this one, but I must watch it again before I send it back.
Scream - Is it weird that up until now I had no idea that you could get popcorn in a little pan thingy so you could pop it on your stovetop? That's cool.
Suspiria - Mum and I were very disappointed in this movie.
That's My Boy - To think I watched this. And it wasn't even a short Adam Sandler movie.
Batman Forever - LOL at Val Kilmer being Batman. I never would have thought of that, and I still don't want to think about that.
Passion Play - I also can't believe that I watched this. That was such a bad week of releases.
Jeff, Who Lives at Home - Totally wasn't expecting for this movie to be so warm and heart-wrenching. It was nice.
Batman & Robin - LOL.
The Blair Witch Project - Probably one of the only horror movies I saw last month that actually scared me. I didn't really want to walk down my hall in my house to turn off the internet that night.
Mystic River - I didn't want to watch The Shawshank Redemption before my English exam, so I watched another Tim Robbins film to feel less guilty. It was a good choice. Plus, is it strange that I found Kevin Bacon really attractive in this movie? Dear lord what is wrong with me.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - One of the select few Tim Burton films I actually like.
L!fe Happens - Aside from that stupid exclamation mark it insists on having in its title, this movie was okay. I have a wee girl crush on Krysten Ritter.
The Deep Blue Sea - I really wanted to like this film. I really did. But I just didn't have it in me.
Prometheus - I'm so glad I didn't see this in cinemas. I yelled at the screen way too much.
Rock of Ages - I love musicals. I loathed this movie.
Domino - Is it wrong that the more I look back on this film, the more I like it? Sure, the style was a bit OTT, but you can't deny that what Tony Scott was doing was awesome.
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Revisiting my Friday night black-and-white film thing.
Halloween - I think I just did everything in my power to make this film less scary because I was at home alone.
Retreat - Surprisingly good little thriller with my darling Cillian Murphy, and Jamie Bell being the bad guy. It just seemed a little lacklustre.
Margaret - Now I can say that I watched a three-hour movie on a Tuesday Movie Night.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Never thinking about it again.
Blue Velvet - Never thinking about Dennis Hopper in this again.
Poltergeist - Never thinking about this whole Poltergeist Curse business again.
The Amazing Spider-Man - Meh. Review coming tomorrow.
Attack the Block - Review coming on Saturday, but I loved the energy in this film.

Movies I've seen before but felt the need to watch again because I'm cool like that...

In Bruges - Introduced this to one of my friends. Still one of the funniest films I've seen.
Brick - I didn't realise how much I loved this film. It is so great.
Rampart - As part of that crappy week of releases, but I just wanted to check how I really felt about it since the first time I watched it, the disc was out of sync. My feelings hadn't really improved.
Hairspray - I'm on a bit of a Hairspray high again at the moment. The soundtrack is my latest fixture in my shower-sing-a-long songs playlist.
Piranha - It was on TV, so my friends thought we'd watch it for a laugh. We decided it wasn't a very nice film.
Fight Club - Introduced the same friend I introduced In Bruges to. Because I'm the best friend ever.
The Social Network - Hadn't seen this since the start of the year, and that was far too long. I love love love love love this movie.

What do you think of these films? Have you seen anything good this month?


  1. Hehe I used to love Batman Forever. But that's cuz I love Jim Carrey.
    I really liked The Deep Blue Sea, and loved Suspiria so booo.
    I really ought to rewatch Manhattan sometime.

    Isn't introducing someone to Fight Club for the first time the best thing ever? They owe their life to you after that.

    1. Jim Carrey was...bonkers in that movie.

      Maaaan, it's not good enough! I really wanted to like them both more.

      Yes. I felt like the best person ever.

  2. Great stuff. A lot of films here I'm glad you saw, such as Chainsaw Massacre, Blue Velvet, Mystic River, Suspiria (even though you hated it, which still makes me sad), and Evil Dead. Great month!

    1. I wish I didn't dislike Suspiria, but it is what it is. I'm glad I saw all of the other stuff, too!

  3. Oh man, I can relate with Halloween. I watched that in the middle of the day and it still scared the bejesus out of me. (Also it seems fitting as I saw it on Halloween back in 2010.)

    1. Haha, I wasn't all that scared, but I was walking around the house making sure that there were weapons in my vicinity.

  4. That's a whole lot of movies. Maybe October really was extra long to fit in that much... or maybe you just looped in time like in Looper.

    Just one more thing to say, thank God Cristian Bale didn't get the part to play Robin in those two Batman films.........

    1. I like to think I was looped in time.

      Hahahaha, that would have been mildly amusing.

  5. omg I loooove your blog!! you are the most amazing person ever and you are going to be the best head girl of Ghibli!we should hang out some time, I would like to meet you! do you have skype? maybe we could meet up in Tokyo and go to Disneyland together. P.s buy some of our amazing soap, 'The Soap' you are guaranteed to be clean after use!!!! Drma 4lyf!! i love you miss sheids!buy our soap! xoxo gossip girl

    1. Hello, Cailey Bassie.

      It is a pleasure to have you commenting on my blog.

      You have a beautiful name, no matter what anyone sitting to the left says. Words can't bring you down. Nooooooo.

      I do have Skype. I will be in Tokyo. Look out for the person with the giant Totoro. The Totoro will be wearing a school blazer.

      I would like to try your soap. It sounds exciting. Disneyland sounds like a good place for you to sell me this soap.

      Drma 4 lyf!

  6. Nice month of films. Glad you liked Manhattan and Sweeney Todd. I kinda dig Domino too. :)

  7. I don't know why someone would subject themselves to That's My Boy ahah ;) Looks like a solid month of moviewatching otherwise :)

    This past month, I have really focused on rewatching the earlier seasons of Breaking Bad so I haven't had nearly as much time with movies. Before Sunset comes to mind though because it's probably one of the best movies I have seen. Ever.

    1. It was horrible. Don't ever do it.

      Man, I really need to see Breaking Bad. I really do. And Before Sunset *is* one of the best movies ever. I adore it.

  8. I really need to watch Margaret! I have been meaning to, I just haven't gotten around to it!


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