Rating System

The worst possible experience I could have had watching a movie. So much so that I'd send He Who Must Not Be Named to put an evil spell on it. Or I'd just yell "nyaaaaaaaaaaah" because I was so angry because of it.

While not the worst possible experience, this movie didn't exactly leave me feeling on top of the moon. Instead, if made me feel as if I should be punched in the face for watching such a thing.

This movie is teetering on fresh territory, but ultimately ends up staying in rotten territory because it didn't quite interest me enough. It just had part of my attention, the minimum amount.

It was average enough, but it didn't really go any further than that. While achieving some good things, it just missed my heart.

Quite a good movie, but not good enough. Like Gretchen trying to make 'fetch' happen, this movie being great never really happened, but it was good while it lasted.

It really did have a great story, and I was left smiling like good old Tommy Wiseau up there (okay, maybe not so creepily). Unfortunately, it didn't reach perfection. 

Just about there, at the big one, but not quite. This was a bingo, it just had a few things stopping it from achieving amazingness.

This movie was so amazing that there is nothing left to ask other than, are we married yet? If the movie were a person, we'd be perfect for each other.


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