Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August in Movies

Thanks to the 16 Days of Birthday marathon that took up most of this month, I watched a lot of films that I'll never have time to review. So let's just make a new feature: a monthly review with a list of all the movies I watched this month and the few words I have to say about them. Cool? Cool.

The Movies I Haven't Seen Before...

Quiz Show
Magnolia - Paul Thomas Anderson entertains me for three hours...well, six, if you count the rewatch I had to do so I actually 'got' the film.
The Lincoln Lawyer - Waaaaaaaaaait, Matthew McConaughey can actually star in a good movie? Wow, what a revelation.
The Way Back - A movie I can't stop recommending. Saorise Ronan still makes me jealous.
Rabbit Hole - The poster is freaking beautiful. So was the movie. Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart were brilliant.
Conviction - Not as bad as people made it out to be, but yeah, it was weak. Juliette Lewis was great in her small role, though!
Sucker Punch - I can't believe that this movie was my most anticipated of 2011 once. It was so awful!
Red Riding Hood - Amanda Seyfried was pretty, but that was all.
Secretariat - I like horse movies. And the horse didn't die at the end of this movie, which was even better.
The Romantics - Ummmm...the ending of this movie really pissed me off. I still love Anna Paquin, even though her American accent always sounds like the accent she uses in True Blood.
Love and Other Impossible Pursuits - Natalie Portman is awesomeness. This movie was kinda bland, though, but I liked it enough.
Perrier's Bounty - Cillian Murphy being badass. Well, kinda. Irish comedies are still the shit, though.
Strange Days - Ralph Fiennes being badass. And sex on legs. Wholey crap this movie was awesome. Kathryn Bigelow is my idol.
Brighton Rock - I watched this while on the lookout for snow. Needless to say, I think I may have missed the point because I was so excited about snow. Mind you, it was a bit of a mess.
It's Kind of a Funny Story - This was pretty alright. If only Emma Roberts would get some better roles...because she was kinda good as a depressive teenager.
Paul - Now this movie was funny. Apart from Seth Rogen. Even as an alien, he annoys me.
Biutiful - I can't believe that I liked this movie. It was bloody depressing (for some reason, I have this recurring image of Javier Bardem all frail and wearing an adult nappy and it just makes me want to cry), but it was good.
Quiz Show - Probably the best movie I watched all month. No, that's not because Ralph Fiennes was flawless and so sexy I just about died.
Heartbreaker - I don't care what y'all say, this movie is awesome. I had a good laugh...which is something that movies rarely achieve with me.
Breaking the Waves - Ahead of watching Melancholia at the NZFF, I decided that I probably should watch a Lars von Trier movie. This one was pretty good, but it was as depressing as hell. It was also the last R16 I saw while not being 16.
In Bruges - "You're a fucking inanimate object!" Hilarious.
Battle: Los Angeles - While it looked good on my new Blu-Ray machine, I am unfortunately not a teenage boy so I did not understand all of the explosions.
Taxi Driver - I love 70's movies. This one was absolutely fantastic.
Crazy, Stupid, Love. - I want a Ryan Gosling. It's like he's photoshopped.
The Tree of Life - Tree's have become so much more appealing to me.
Carlos the Jackal - The movie version, not the TV show. I don't know why, but Saturday is suddenly foreign movie night.
A Clockwork Orange - My first Stanley Kubrick movie. I get why y'all love him. This movie was seriously good. Apart from my mother insisting on walking into my room everytime the movie got a bit R18.
Solomon Kane - My brother and mother wanted me to watch this. It was exactly what I thought it would be...average.
Just Go with It - Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyy does everything have to be so cliched these days?!
Eagle vs. Shark - A Kiwi film for something that you will see on the net sometime at the end of the week. Yes, you should be excited.

Movies that I have already seen but watched again because I'm cool like that...

(500) Days of Summer
Never Let Me Go - I still cried at the end of this movie. A lot. It was much less awkward than crying quite loudly in a cinema which only had four other people in it.
Limitless - There was a special at work and I felt like rewatching this movie. I don't know why I like the movie so's like, I can see the flaws, but I just really enjoy it.
Sunset Blvd. - I love movies about Hollywood. This one is probably the best...even though Gloria Swanson freaks me out a lot.
(500) Days of Summer - The awkward moment when you can turn (500) Days of Summer into a musical because you know all of the words to the songs in the soundtrack.

How about you, have you seen anything good in August?


  1. that is a very busy month right there!!

    A real mix too!!

  2. Judging by your comment on The Lincoln Lawyer, sounds like you haven't seen A Time to Kill.

    So you got introduced to Kubrick, eh? Musts from his choice of films include Dr. Strangelove and Paths of Glory.

    And are you going to be obsessing about Quiz Show a la The Social Network for now on?

  3. Quiz Show is really good. Glad you caught up with The Way Back. It's one of my favorites of the year so far.

    A Clockwork Orange is fantastic stuff, one of my favorites, but a movie I'd have a hard time recommending to people.

  4. Wow, a lot of films! And a lot of films I want to see...
    Actually, my sister recommended Sucker Punch to me, but she has a typical 13-year-old-teenage kind of movie taste, so...

  5. Surprised that that was your first Stanley Kubrick film you have watched, Stevee (but what a great way to being down the road of Kubrick.)

    As everyone else says when it comes to A Clockwork Orange (about it being in their favourite films list and all), I'll have to go with the crowd on that, too.

    Jesus, have you seen a lot of films. Puts me to shame, really. I have been quite bad in film-watching this August, mind you...

  6. *begin down the road.

    Felt I needed to correct that damn typo!

  7. Wow, that's a great monthly round-up, Stevee. What a quick and easy method of keeping track of the films you watch.

    I agree with Cherokee, you need to see more Kubrick. I always recommend 2001 and EYES WIDE SHUT as they're my favorites.

    I remember I bought Quiz Show six months ago without having seen it. I had that much faith in Robert Redford.

  8. Damn, that's a lot of movies! Glad you enjoyed In Bruges, great film :) And The Way Back and The Lincoln Lawyer are surprisingly solid movies.

  9. ok. wow. that was my first thought as these posts are usually weekly but for a month thats actually not bad at all. not so much that you could make your head explode.

    rabbit hole - really? nicole kidman can't act. thats why i didn't see it. and eckhart has been tarnished forever by that movie he did with jennifer aniston.

    red riding hood - totally agree.

    perriers bounty - i saw it because it looked like it might be similar to in bruges, in comparison i felt it was a bit of a letdown but still good.

    taxi driver - you just saw this for the first time? incredible piece of cinema that you're sure to go back to again and again.

    at the rate you're going you'll have seen every great movie ever made soon. keep up the great work.

  10. "Red Riding Hood - Amanda Seyfried was pretty, but that was all."
    ahahaha - Best. Summing. Up. Ever!
    How do you find time to watch so many movies! I'm lucky if I get in one per week (this includes screenings for my course!)

  11. Scott - It was quite a busy month, I suppose!

    Anna - No, I haven't seen that one.
    I've heard Dr. Strangelove is quite good. I think I've got a few more Kubrick films in my queue, so I'll get onto some more of his stuff.
    And I probs won't be obsessing over Quiz Show. Just obsessing over Ralph Fiennes as a whole...

    James - Quiz Show was really good. The Way Back is one of my favourites of this year too...if you can count it as a 'this year' movie.
    My friend wanted to watch A Clockwork Orange so I gave it to her. She didn't like that much, I don't think. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

    Mette - Do me a favour and don't watch Sucker Punch. Teasing my cat with a laser was far more exciting than that movie.

    Cherokee - I've taken a long time to see a Kubrick movie. But in 'normal teenage years', I'm getting in quite early!
    A Clockwork Orange will probably make it into my favourite films list too.
    It's surprising how many movies I have watched, since I've been freaking busy this month. School has been ridiculously hectic!

    Tyler - A lot easier than writing reviews for them, that's for sure!
    I'll get to more Kubrick...but as I said to Cherokee...I'm very ahead in 'normal teenage years'!
    Robert Redford hasn't made a good movie in a while now. But Quiz Show was freaking brilliant!

    Castor - In Bruges was brilliant! I liked The Way Back and The Lincoln Lawyer much more than I thought I would.

    Toby - I decided to keep everything short and sweet. Don't want any exploded brains, now do we?!
    Well, Nicole was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Rabbit Hole. She was really good. Eckhart has made some really bad movies, but I still love him!
    Haha, I think most people would agree on Red Riding Hood.
    Perrier's Bounty sure isn't any In Bruges, but I did quite like it.
    Taxi Driver is an R18 here, so I really shouldn't have watched it for another couple of years. But yes, it was good.
    Haha, I wish! Too many movies, not enough time.

    Ruth - Haha, thanks!
    I don't know how I find time...I make time. School has to fit around my movie watching (luckily I can still do that). One movie a week? That's a bit sad...but more than most!

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