Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Link with It

Tuesday Movie Night is not happening like it usually does. Unfortunately, the only DVD release in NZ this week is Fast Five, which I can't watch since I haven't seen the first four movies (nor do I want to). So instead, I got Just Go with It on Blu-Ray, mainly because I missed it when it first came out on DVD about three weeks ago. And I don't like missing out on major releases, no matter how bad they are.

As I watch Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler try to be funny, check out these posts...

At nearly the same time as I posted my review on The Tree of Life, Mette from Lime Reviews posted her take on it. Glad to know that I'm not the only 16 year old who liked it!

One of my favourite Bette Davis films is Now, Voyager, and Anna at Defiant Success quite liked it too.

Midnight in Paris has finally been given a release date for NZ: October 20. Growing more and more certain that I'm the only film-lover who hasn't seen it, Andrew at Encore's World of Film & TV gives it a whirl.

Nikhat at Being Norma Jeane - who now has a very dapper Ralph Fiennes as her site's banner - has reviewed In Bruges, which I watched on my birthday (first R16 and Blu-Ray movie, wahoo). When times get tough, I'll always say "You're a fucking inanimate object!"

Who doesn't love a bit of Philip Seymour Hoffman? Blahblahblahgay certainly does, sharing five of Hoffman's best movies that you may not have seen.

Does everyone remember The Social Network? Well Max and I stir up some conversation about it on Anomalous Material, with the latest instalment to the 'Conversations' feature we have on there.

Let's face it, Quentin Tarantino creates some really brilliant characters. Tyler at Southern Vision realises this, and gives some of Tarantino's characters posters to their own movie.

Enjoy, and have an awesome week!


  1. Shot for the linkage, my cuzzie in Dannevirke. Keep it real!

    I'm sorry, the only reason I'm speaking like that is because you obviously have lost your mind choosing to watch Just Go With It. I would rather gouge my own eyes out and then eat them. LOL, joke! Have a good night... if that's possible, and forgive my extremely poor attempt at sarcastic humor.

    1. The Most Entertaining Movie Watch Furious 7 is Just Coming in this Year 2015.I Think it going Best movie of the year.

  2. It is alright Stevee, I haven't seen Midnight in Paris either...have a good week!

  3. thanks for the link stevee, i too loved tylers tarantino post.

  4. Thanks for the link Stevee. If I ever have a band, I shall name it Inanimate Fuckin' Objects. That is how much I love that quote and that film.

  5. You don't need to see any other Fast and Furious movies to get whats going on in Fast Five...still, wouldn't recommend it though! Went with one of my friends who promised it was awesome. Warning bells should have started ringing immediately. Of course he would like it, he's a mechanic and made about cars!

  6. Tyler - It was a bad movie...but I wouldn't go that far. I'd probably just rather, um, drop a heavy book on my head? I don't know. It was just bad, though.

    Scott - Thank goodness there is someone else out there who hasn't seen it!

    Toby - Tis alright. Tyler's Tarantino post is the best!

    Nikhat - Wow, the Inanimate Fuckin' Objects sounds like a good name!

    Ruth - Haha, I think I'll still give Fast Five a miss. I don't think I'll ever watch any of those movies.

  7. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Just Go With It. The little girl is very funny, and it is a sweet tale. Perhaps my enjoyment was increased having just watched the awful Grown Ups with Sandler. There simply could not be many films worse than that.

  8. It was okay, but you're right - the little girl is very funny! And yes, this is better than Grown Ups, by far!


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