Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 01/09/11

Note: As you may have noticed, the layout for the blog has changed. To something that's bloody simple, unlike the last one. I would like to think that it is a new look for spring, but the other layout stuffed up today so I decided to get rid of it completely. So what do you think of this new layout? There are a few things I need to fix, but that can wait until the weekend. Please, give me your feedback!

Cinema releases

Hanna - Oh hello there, Hanna, nice to see you finally arriving in NZ 21 weeks after you came out in America. Jeez, I've waited so long I might as well just keep on waiting until you come out on DVD. Even if you have my three favourite actresses Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett and Olivia Williams. Okay, so if I get some more money to con the parentals into taking me to see this, then I will be a happy panda.

Final Destination 5 - You know there are some desperate people out there when there's a fifth sequel and you had no idea that there were four movies that came before it.

Senna - I'm a bit confused over this one: it comes out today but it is still playing at the Palmerston North division of the film fest on Sunday. I thought with it being released today they would have pulled in from the lineup, just like they did with The Tree of Life and Incendies. Oh well, if I can track it down post-film fest, I'll definitely be seeing it. Even though I don't really know that much about Formula One.

DVD releases

Fast Five - As I said on Tuesday, my regular Tuesday Movie Night didn't go according to plan because this is the only DVD release this week. Cars and Vin Diesel are generally not my type of thing (all though I did used to be a major car geek when I was eight...but you don't need to know about that).

So, what do you think of these movies? And the new layout, while you're at it...


  1. did it always say film reviews and other stuff in your header or is that new too?

    definitely see senna. im gonna see fast 5 this week. kinda looking forward to it. vin diesel and the rock? its like the expendables only nobody is ancient.

  2. with 6000 people in dannevirke how do you get to love so many obscure movies?

  3. I think it did. It was really small though...pretty easy to miss.
    Haha, it is like The Expendables, isn't it? Hahaha.
    And wow, you know how many people love in the old Dannevirke? Well, I read a lot about movies, of course, and anything that I like on the order forms (for our Blockbuster) I force Dad to buy. But otherwise, I have to do a lot of looking for the obscure films. I'm doing pretty well for a Dannevirkean!

  4. well i wiki'd your town. i was curious. tyler said he lived in a city that turned out to be smaller than the small town in england i grew up in so i wanted to know how remote you were. im even more impressed with by your knowledge now.

  5. Hanna has taken forever to get here hasn't it? Wasn't you that was doing naughty things with a shovel down the main street of your little old town??!!! You see these things get onto the front page of Hawkes Bay Today!!
    I saw FD 5 today and it was the best 3-D movie I've ever seen. Total nonsense as a movie and a genre I generally avoid, but the 3-D was something else.

  6. I think I prefer this new look, especially the header.

    and I'm sure you've heard it before, but you really don't need to know anything about or even like F1 to enjoy Senna.

  7. Yes, the new look is nice. You should change it seasonally.

    Fast Five? Errr... No thanks. I think I'll stick with the flood of foreign movies I've got pouring in from Fatso. I am a busy little bastard, aren't I? Got four films with me to watch at the moment, two of which are longer than three hours.

  8. Yeah, I prefer the new look as well.

    Sorry I haven't been around much these days btw, I'll be getting back into blogging from now on...

    I'm glad you'll finally be able to see Hanna, it's a very good film, I liked it way more than I expected.
    Also I have a feeling I'll end up seeing Final Destination 5, for some reason I saw all the previous ones and I think it will be the same with this one, I don't like them though...

  9. Love the new layout - I liked the past one as well, but it was a little more un-personal.
    You should definitely go see Hanna, I had high expectations and it didn't let me down... Also, I thought films take forever to be released in Germany, but it turns out it's way worse in NZ!

  10. Toby - Fair enough. I suppose my knowledge is pretty good for an average girl from Dannevirke, New Zealand!

    Brent - I think there was something about a shovel in this town. Usually, the Hawkes Bay Today gets given all of our huge stories, while the local paper gets nothing. That makes me laugh...coz the local paper actually sucks!
    Wow...I'm not really a huge horror fan so I'll still give it a miss. But that's surprising about the 3D!

    Bonjour Tristesse - Awesome, thanks!
    And yeah, I've heard it several times before. Whenever I can see it, I'll definitely be seeing it!

    Tyler - I've always changed it seasonally. I like change a lot!
    Ha, I don't even know what is next on my Fatso queue. I keep forgetting to send Taxi Driver and A Clockwork Orange back...I really must get onto that tomorrow.

    Jack - That's perfectly fine. We all need a break from the blogging!
    I hope I can catch Hanna in cinemas. By the looks of it, I probably won't be able to!
    Wow. I haven't seen any of the FD movies!

    Mette - It was a bit unpersonal, wasn't it?
    That's good. I really, really want to see Hanna! Oh gosh, the film releasing is ridiculous here. All though we do manage to get some movies way before America (like Sarah's Key and those types of films)


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