Friday, July 8, 2011

Personality Soup, or the Movie Characters I'm Like

I've seen this been done at a few blogs, like Andy Buckle's Film Emporium, Defiant Success and Being Norma Jeane. So like the sheep that I am, I've decided to follow suit. Mainly because I have tried to start some reviews, but I'm so tired at the moment I literally can't write anything that makes sense. So here we go, easy cure for a mild case of writer's block.

Olive Penderghast in Easy A - Okay, now this is minus the whole pretending to be a slut for money thing. I really only chose her because I want to be just like Emma Stone. No, that's only partially true. Like Olive, I use lots of big words in every day conversations (though I don't have the wit that she has). And I wish that John Hughes directed my life. We're actually really alike, I'm sure we could be best friends in a better life...

Jenny in An Education - Like Jenny, I'm pretty smart (apparently) and I'm constantly pushed to do my best in things I really can't see helping me in the future. But really, all I want to do is have a little bit of fun (though I probably won't go as far as being swept off my feet by an older man) - which is probably why I watch movies. And then I fail at school because I'd rather watch movies. Oh well, just gotta keep pushing on...

Nina Sayers in Black Swan - Maybe I just wanted to have Natalie Portman on this list. Haha. No, the thing I have in common with good old Nina is my constant drive for perfection. I want perfection everywhere, whether it's schoolwork (apart from the subjects I suck at), this blog (I don't know how that is working out so far) or just life in general. I have such an unnecessary drive for perfection that I'll probably harm myself trying to get to it.

Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind - I have a bit of Scarlett O'Hara in me, but I'd like to think I'm a bit more like Melanie. I've been told that I am pretty considerate, unselfish and kind. Which is something that I work hard to be. I'd probably give away my wedding ring if it meant helping a certain cause. In fact, I'd be right up the front helping a good cause. My motto in life is 'always think of the other person', so pretty much everything I say or do has the other person in mind. Just like our dear Melanie.

 Rebecca in Please Give - Another character whose pretty unselfish is Rebecca in Please Give. She gives all of the kindness in her heart to everyone else and doesn't leave any for herself. She's really just too busy caring for everyone else to even worry about what may be going on in her life. I'd love to think that I am generous too. But as far away from being selfish as I can get, the better off I'll be.

Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada - Along with my kindness comes a complete inability to stand up for myself. Now, there's no Miranda Priestly type figure in my life, but I work too hard and sometimes that means that I am forced into decisions that I don't want to make. Any person would fight for their right, but not me. I just back out and run for the hills or go with it. Usually the latter. Oh, and I like to write, so I guess we have that in common.

So there's my personality, what's yours like?


  1. I like this post. It is a cool idea and I might well use it for next weeks mid week mumbling, (if thats ok)

    Quite a humbling list there Stevee, not a duff one in the mix.

    I was hoping for at least villain, I know I have a few in me, but you are just a generally nice girl.



  2. You seem like an awesome person. I personally despise Melanie, but if you have Olive in you...all is forgiven. (I hope that didn't sound're brilliance!)

  3. Phenomenal blog Stevee, I do not know why it has escaped me so much. But you will definitely be seeing me around more often!

  4. Definitely didn't think that Nina Sayers would pop up in this bunch, that's for sure!

    A great eclectic mix, though! Especially fond of Jenny.

  5. Interesting. Some of these don't surprise me, especially Natalie Portman. This might surprise you, and don't take it the wrong way, but when I was about nine years old, I saw Portman at age 14 in "The Professional" (a movie you MUST SEE!) and I wanted to be her when I grew up. Not because I wanted to be a girl or anything... no, more like because I wanted to kick ass and blow up Gary Oldman and shit.

  6. Very cool idea Stevee! Think of me as Gollum, that is all.

  7. This is a very cool post. Might be interested to join. I think I am a bit of Nina Sawyers too :) You must be genuinely kind to be like Melanie Hamilton. Again, cool post.

  8. Custard - You should definitely try this post! I'd love to see your results.
    Haha, Nina is basically the villain in Black Swan, but I'm not sure that's the same thing...

    Nikhat - Melanie's a cutie, unlike me, but I think I'm annoyingly yeah, I'm pretty annoying. But I love being like Olive!

    Matt - I'm liking your blog too, so you'll see me there often too! Thanks!

    Cherokee - Haha, neither. But after six watches, I decided that I really connected with Nina.
    Who isn't fond of Jenny? I love her!

    Tyler - Ah, The Professional is in my Fatso must be nearing the top! I just want to be Natalie Portman, haha.

    Castor - "My preeeeecious"

    Andina - Definitely join, I wanna see who you're like! Thanks!

  9. This is such an awesome meme, I love it ! You've got great picks here, and I totally get what you're saying about Emma Stone !

    P.S. I want her voice.

  10. I used to be like Andy i that i didn't stand up for myself, but due to certain betrayals in my past i've bee forced to learn to do that. I still try to nice to everyone i can, but i now refuse to talk to people that screw me over.

    But anyways, interesting list. Also, of you start seeing yourself turn into a black bird, that's probably a bad sign :P

  11. 5plitreel - I want Emma Stone's voice too!

    Julian - I just get angry on the inside with people who screw me over...mind you, somebody recently did something nasty to me, so I've just been ignoring them. Shame, bitched.
    Crap...last night I discovered a black feather coming out of my back...WHAT DO I DO?!


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