Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 07/07/11

Cinema Releases

Kung Fu Panda 2 - Wow, I actually thought this came out here months ago, so I was a little surprised when I found out that it was coming out this week. Meh, I haven't even seen the first one. There's just something about Jack Black which really bothers me. Even if this is just his voice, I'll probably be bugged for the entire time. But I like pandas...

The Company Men - It's weird seeing Ben Affleck act. I mean, I know it's the job he does 90% of the time, but after seeing The Town, I just want him to keep directing. Directing forever and ever. Mind you, he is a pretty good actor, as long as he stays away from all of the romantic crap. This doesn't look very's all about them coporate downsizers, last seen in Up in the Air. Something tells me I'll love this one.

DVD Releases

Blue Valentine: You know what's cute? This movie was in my very first edition of What's Happening Where I Am. So it looks like we are coming full circle, now. Anyway, I feel kinda guilty since my last three posts (including this one) has all had Blue Valentine in them. But it's like, my new favourite movie, okay? This obsession I have with it will probably pass soon anyway.

Faster - I don't get Dwayne Johnson. One minute he has got his angry face on and is kicking the crap out of everyones ass...and then he is wearing a tutu and is pretending to be a fairy so the little kids will laugh. I know a lot of actors like to have variation, but the variation that old Dwayne has got going on is a little bit strange, don't you think? As for Faster, it just magically appeared on DVD, and while I was thinking of giving it a go, I decided that there were simply too many movies and not enough time.

I Am Number Four - I did, however, watch this one, as it arrived a day early. Seriously, you gotta stop with these teenagers having all of these supernatural gifts. Just because that guy is an alien and he is mildly good looking does not make him very special. I imagine that a girl as pretty as Dianna Agron wouldn't really be that much of an outcast. A teenager's life should not be the subject of a Michael Bay produced movie. I can see pretty much everyone my age loving this movie, but I really didn't like it. I'm over watching movies 'made for teenagers'.

Inside Job - I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of documentaries. But this one kinda interested me. First off, it won the Oscar for Best Documentary, if that means anything. I've heard that it is really good, if the overwhelmingly positive feedback on IMDb is anything to go by. I will probably save this for a rainy day or something, because I've really got to be in the right mood for a documentary.

Saw: The Final Chapter - Finally. We're at the end. We don't have to see another one of these horribly gory and unfortunately well loved movies come out ever again. I probably said that too soon though, since these people will probably slap another 20 films on the end of this one. Seriously, why do people even watch this stuff? Better yet, why do people actually think it's okay to make movies like this? Just because the first one was remotely successful doesn't mean that you should add another six films onto it, just to show how stuffed in the head you really are.

The Adjustment Bureau - This is one movie that I have been looking forward to seeing forever. The pairing of Matt Damon and Emily Blunt alone made sure of that. I thought it was seriously good. A lot more romantic than I thought it would be, but it was a really smart, surprisingly hip movie. Matt and Emily were really good together too...I'd love to see them together in a movie again.

The Next Three Days - I did ponder over adding this to my watch list for this week, but I decided that The Adjustment Bureau and Blue Valentine were more than enough for one night (they certainly were). However, I still really want to see it. That's probably because I only just found out that Liam Neeson is in this movie. And after beginning to watch Schindler's List again in drama today, I think it is safe to say that I am in love with Liam Neeson. But yeah, I should probably support this movie for Russell Crowe, since he was born in New Zealand and all. Yes, I am a good little New Zealander.

The '5 Reasons' feature will be taking a break tomorrow as I have so many movies to review, so I'm taking every day I can get!
Anyway, have you got any thoughts on these movies? Anyone else love Liam Neeson as I do? And please tell me that someone else is sick of all of the 'movies made for teenagers'!


  1. After seeing Gigli and Gone Baby Gone in the same week, I want Ben Affleck to keep directing too. I shudder at his acting skills (though his brother Casey Affleck is quite good.)

    I'm about to watch Blue Valentine in about... hmm, half an hour. Excited beyond measure.

  2. Too true about Dwayne Johnson..same with Vin Diesel, I used to get them confused all the time. Only able to tell them apart when they played against each other in Fast Five, haha.

  3. Dwayne Johnson is following in Hulk Hogan's movie career footsteps but with better scripts and more success.

    It shouldn't be any surprise why there are so many Saw sequels. They're filmed on a low budget and bring in a ton of revenue.

  4. I despise the Saw series and just don't get the appeal. I think they have pushed the envelope too far and in all reality I can't believe they were never banned from NZ cineams.
    I mean in 1992 Romper Stomper came close to being being banned in NZ and yet was nothing like Saw! 8 mm was close to being banned to abd agin is tame compared to Saw. Hostel was bad as well and I don't really think a movie like that has any merit what so ever.
    Kungfu Panda 2 has taken an age to reach our shores. It just started here in Napier today. I hope to see it tomorrow. I seriously love animation so I know I will enjoy it...even though I feel somewhat the same way about Jack Black

  5. I personally loved the first 3 Saw movies...although i'm not sure how they continued it past the 3rd one. The way it ended seemed like it was going to finish off the series.

    And i think the premsie of I Am Number Four could have worked with a competent script, btu from the reviews i've seen it doesn't seem like thats the case.

  6. The Next Three is pretty solid. Nothing groundbreaking but it does have a nice amount of suspense once the ball gets rolling and of course, Russell Crowe is always watchable.

  7. Tyler - Haha, after seeing those two films I'd definitely go with the directing side! I don't really mind him as an actor...sometimes. He was good in The Town, but definitely not as good as Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Hall.
    And I'm glad that you liked Blue Valentine!

    Ruth - I often get them confused too! I haven't watched Fast Five though, or any of the other films in that series...

    Ian - Yeah, Dwayne>Hulk Hogan any day. I can't see Dwayne ending up with a TV show like 'Hogan Knows Best' in the future.
    I guess you're right about Saw. But it's so sick!

    Brent - I thought that Saw would get banned too. Compared to some of the stuff that actually does get banned or's ridiculous. They're so disgusting!
    I love animation too, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

    Julian - I haven't seen any of the Saw movies, but a friend of mine was telling me the same today.
    I Am Number Four could have worked with a better script, but it was so cheeeeeesy!

    Andy - I will definitely get it out!

    Castor - Sounds good, I'll probably give it a go in the next couple of weeks. My friend said it was pretty intense!


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