Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top 10 actors I wouldn't mind spending my Valentines Day with...

Authors note: this is a totally vain list. I'm really only doing it because I get to post pretty pictures of hot guys. And also because I have no life and I easily fall in love with men like following. Please forgive me. Though you'll be happy that there is none of that Twilight shit in here...or Justin Bieber.

10. Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson has changed quite a bit since he got involved with Sam Taylor-Wood, but I like to remember Aaron when he was in such films as Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Nowhere Boy, and I like to think of him as having a similar personality to Dave Lizewski in Kick-Ass. I have the capacity to geek.

9. Ryan Reynolds

Reasons why The Proposal is a fantastic movie: Sandra Bullock dancing in the forest and RYAN REYNOLDS NAKED!!!! Hey, you don't get called the 'sexiest man alive' for nothing, right?

8. Cillian Murphy

Anyone remember my Cillian Murphy obsession back in August/September? It's all in those eyes. Those beautiful, amazing, stunning, coloured by angels blue eyes. And his amazing cheekbones. And the way he looks when he's a girl. That sounds weird, but Cillian is beautiful.

7. Armie Hammer

I swear Armie Hammer is perfect looking in The Social Network. Like, really beefy and really tall and really cute. Don't have much more to say there.

6. James Franco

He made at least half an hour of Eat Pray Love bearable. His face made 127 Hours a lot easier to go through. He's going to totally own with Anne Hathaway at this years Oscars. He is James Franco. Therefore, he is amazing.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

In 2009 I was obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was like the equivalent to Leo-mania just by myself. He's my favourite actor, and unlike most people, I still think he's hot. He used to be cute, now he's sexy. Love it.

4. Jesse Eisenberg

There is something about Jesse Eisenberg's geekiness and awkwardness which I'm really attracted to. Dunno why that it is, but all I know is the more I see of Jesse, the more I fall in love with him. Especially after The Social Network. Even though I'm sure that movie was supposed to have the opposite effect.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Who doesn't love a little Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He's just such a lovable guy, and a great actor to boot. Just watch (500) Days of Summer and tell me you don't love him. That's what I thought.

2. Nicholas Hoult

When I saw A Single Man, I instantly fell for Nicholas Hoult and that gorgeous sweater he wears. After perving on all the ads he did for Tom Ford and whatnot, I was pretty much in love with Mr. Hoult. I just recently started watching Skins, and while he plays a complete asshole, he is extremely easy on the eye. Perhaps a little too easy.

1. Andrew Garfield

Dear Andrew Garfield,
Why you have to be so good looking?
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Garfield is perfect. His hair, his face, his personality...Jesus Christ, his girlfriend is so lucky. Did I mention that he is an awesome actor? I'll finally get to watch Never Let Me Go in a month, and then comes the long wait until Spider-man comes out. What ever will I do until then?!

Who are some actor/actresses you'd like to spend Valentines with? And while we're at it, what are your plans for Valentines? 


  1. Oh man, this post is hilarious! Certainly didn't expect to see Ryan Reynolds riding high there haha.

    I never find myself into actors as much as characters. Characters are so easy to fall in love with, except I totally agree 100% with JGL and Garfield, maybe some awkward Eisenberg in there while we're at it.

    Hands down for me it's Tahar Rahim. I've had that obsession ever since I saw A Prophet (will be 2 years this October,) and it hasn't seem to have gone away. So much that I think I might just go and see that terrible looking Channing Tatum film, The Eagle, just to see Rahim rocking the green coloured skin, kicking some major ass and speaking Gaelic. To be honest, it doesn't get better than that.

    I'd put Riz Ahmed up there too. I love that man. And according to rumours Riz and Tahar are going to be in the same film. WHAT????!!! I will kiss the feet of the casting director.

    On the Skins note, I used to be obsessed with that shit, back when I was 14 years old and thought their antics were all cool, but man is it so bad now. I liked season 3, don't get me wrong, but, especially for this season, the dialogue is so bad.

    And that is totally the reason why I am entering the Skins script writing competiton. (They better not read this haha.) Of course it's for experience sake, and it's a great opportunity, but I warn you - Skins style living isn't the usual Brit way of going about things, that's for sure.

    I wasn't particularly suprised the US version was much worse, from the bits of the first episode I saw, but hey-ho

    I like me some James Franco as any girl (or boy,) for that matter, but when I hear rumours like this, I will never forgive Franco if it turns out to be true (which it probably won't.) The whole thought of this damn remake makes me shiver everytime I think about it.

  2. This post is really nice and I'm not talking about the pictures.

    My fav. valentine would be JGL. I loved him the moment I watched Inception, and I am so going to watch (500) Days of Summer once I take time out of my schedule. Oh God, JGL is so hot.

    I quite like Jesse too. He was just so geeky in The Social Network, and because of that I found him amazingly cute.

    Since I'm gonna be (legally) alone for Valentine's this year, I am so gonna get those two on a date (lol).

  3. I'd give my right arm to be with James Franco.

  4. I totally agree from 8 up. God, I wanna marry Andrew Garfield. For Hoult, you should watch Skins season one- his character is one of the best ever.

  5. Cherokee - I must admit, Tahar Rahim is pretty good looking. I was going to do characters, but then I looked at the time and realized I only had like an hour to 'search' for photos. Y'know how it is.
    I'm just about through season one, and I love it. Even if it can be a little shonky sometimes, it's damn entertaining. I think I might just watch the first two seasons and once Nicholas Hoult leaves, I am gone too. I heard about that Skins competition somewhere! Good luck to you, haha!
    Geez, why does everything have to be live action? I bet they'll do Toy Story next.

    Celine - Haha, thanks! And have a nice time with JGL and Jesse!

    MovieNut14 - As would I.

    Nikhat - Buh buh but, Andrew Garfield is mine! Haha. I'm up to like episode eight of season one Skins, he's really evil, but a great character!

  6. He's fun. When you finish gen 1 and 2 (3 sucks balls), you should check out my Skins post.
    Love your blog, btw. :)

  7. I will definitely do that!
    Nawwwwwww thanks :)

  8. Cillian Murphy would be my pick !! Oh god he's so wicked hot! and his EYES ...


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