Sunday, November 24, 2013

Late Night Thoughts #5 Exams and Daniel Day-Lewis Has a Rapper Son

-So exams are happening.

-I've had Biology, English and Statistics so far. The human evolution part of Bio seemed to go pretty well (but I'm suspecting foul play on NCEA's behalf - were the questions supposed to be that easy?). English seemed to go pretty well, but I don't really think I'll get solid top marks like I wanted to. And Stats...well, let's just say, I'm not hoping for big things. I just have Drama left, which is basically just a paper about The Crucible which should be okay if I don't ramble on about how cool Arthur Miller is/how cool Rebecca Miller is/how cool Daniel Day-Lewis is. So yeah, exams are pretty much done.

-But school is not done. I have spent much time preparing for the ball, and also writing my valedictory speech, which is probably inspired by every Oscar acceptance speech of all time.

-I admit, all I seem to do in my spare time is watch Oscar acceptance speeches. And any of Daniel Day-Lewis' acceptance speeches. I should be embarrassed, but I'm not.

-In this week's most exciting news, Alex is making his first feature film! I can't actually properly articulate how excited I am for him. It is just so wonderful to see someone living out their dream. I can't wait for the finished product!

-Just in the past week, I've had pretty solid inspiration for a couple of screenplays. But how do you even write them?! That's the tough part (at least there's a screenwriting paper in my BA for my second year)

-In this week's other exciting news, why the hell didn't anyone tell me that Daniel Day-Lewis' oldest son is a rapper?! Probably because it is godawful. I was seriously considering using this guy to marry into the family (haha). My favourite parts of this travesty are "Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis, because if you're trying to call me out I'm 'bout to Gabe Day Lose-it" and "Judgin' someone for their Dad is just as bad as being racist" and "I did too many drugs, felt like copin' on my own when all I needed was a hug." So apparently having a God for a Dad isn't all it is cracked up to be. It gets better, Gabe Day.

-Though, Gabe Day Lose-It is about to become my next favourite catchphrase.

(I'm sorry that sometimes I just stare and cry at this gifset because he is beautiful and this movie is not. Plus I started following a whole lot of DDL Tumblr blogs, which is detrimental to my health)

-Speaking of Daniel Day-Lewis (coz that's literally all I do these days), the four movies I added to my Daniel Day-Lewis feels pantheon were The Age of Innocence, There Will Be BloodMy Left Foot and Nine. I didn't really enjoy The Age of Innocence all that much (that was a Scorsese film?), it was just a bit lacklustre. There Will Be Blood shot straight to my top ten - how did I ever miss the complete perfection of that film? My Left Foot is definitely one of his best performances - if not the best - but my, that was a dull film. And Nine...well. When I first saw it, I gave it an 8/10. Watching it again this week, in the first five minutes I was just about dying. Such a bad, bad film. And I'm not really sure about what Daniel was doing in any of it. Quite embarrassing.

-My fave new films I saw over the past couple of weeks were Disconnect and What Maisie Knew. I have a review of Disconnect all ready to go (I'm just so useless at actually posting stuff), but that was seriously good. And I'll probably post a review of What Maisie Knew later.

-Outside of copious Atonement rewatches for my English essay, I caught Before Midnight, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Side Effects and Mulholland Dr. again. Anyone seen Before the Devil Knows You're Dead? I first saw that when I was 13 and I was quite surprised at how much I remembered it.

-And while we're at it, was there anyone here who didn't quite love Pacific Rim? Like, it was a fun film, but...nothing to phone home about.

-Can I just say a huge no to Nymphomaniac? Everything I've seen to do with it has given me nightmares. Which I know is what Lars von Trier wants but...ugh.

-I should really start my Oscar predictions but as per usual I won't be seeing any of the movies until June 2014.

-Which is also when I'll be going to see Ellie Goulding in concert!

-So Catching Fire is out, and is getting some good reviews. I just rewatched The Hunger Games, which didn't really hold up on a second viewing, and my, that direction was kind of terrible. I am looking forward to seeing Catching Fire next week, though, as I much preferred that story.

-Ooooh, and the cinema will be air conditioned. I swear it has never been this hot in November before.

-Apparently Michael Fassbender is in Wellington now. WHICH MEANS HE IS CURRENTLY IN THE SAME ISLAND AS ME RIGHT NOW. I bet he'll come to Dannevirke.

-And in totally unrelated to movies news, the NZ Music awards happened this week and guess who is awesome? Lorde. Seriously, listen to Pure Heroine. Buzzcut Season is perfection and I am going to use it in one - if not all - of my movies.

-Finally, new J-Chas photoshoot is making my life.


  1. You just NOW saw There Will Be Blood? I love that movie, almost as much as I randomly love screaming "DRAAAIINNAGE" at my friends. Disconnect and What Maisie Knew were great, I can't wait to read your reviews!

    1. No! I saw it a couple of years ago. It is only now that I've realised the full awesomeness of it. I scream "DRAAAAAIINAGE!" at my friends randomly too! Haha.

  2. Maybe it's because I've subjected myself to far too many mediocre rappers in hip-hop over the years (or people attempting to rap), that I honestly don't think DDL's offspring is really all bad. Not good, yes, but I've heard plenty worse. Much, much worse. It's more boring than offensive, I think.

    On the topic of Pacific Rim, I'm in agreement with you there. Old Japanese monster movies are a lot more exciting than what they made PR made it out to be. Just found it a bit 'eh' and became completely disinterested with it after a while, which is a big shame because I love del Toro and I was pretty excited for this one.

    1. I just love the "Gabe Day Lose-It" part. It really is my new saying.

      Yeah, Pacific Rim was really 'meh' for me too. It just wasn't all that exciting.

  3. Don't feel bad about watching Oscar acceptance speeches. I sometimes go back and watch all of the Oscar nomination announcement videos on Youtube.

    I love Before the Devil Knows You're Dead! That's a very underrated film.

    Love Ellie Goulding, and Pure Heroine is on my top 10 albums of 2013 list. :)

    1. Omg same! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does that! I always watch the 2012 one because I like how there's a few gasps and squeals when Rooney Mara's name got called.

      Heck yeah it is an underrated film!

      Yay Pure Heroine!


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