Friday, November 30, 2012

November in Movies

Just a public service reminder that tomorrow will be December. Which is the last month of the year. And when Christmas happens. Seriously, this sounds like a cliche but it literally does feel like just last week that we were hitting the 2011 festive season. I'm still getting over last year's Christmas to even think out about this year's.

Anyway, November has been a wild month. I've completed three exams, with one pesky Drama exam which decided to be the ONLY one in December in Dannevirke to go. All of this extra time from study leave has left me a little bored now, but at least next month I'll hopefully be able to earn some cash so I won't be so bored. These past couple of days have been a bit of a blur, with an article in the paper about the site, along with a radio appearance. And then yesterday I went to JB Hi-Fi and they were having a huge sale. Why, hello, special edition of The Dark Knight Rises with a Bane and Batman figurine for $40 and Downton Abbey season one for only $16. Speaking of Downton Abbey, that show broke my heart this month. Still haven't got over that. Alas...

Movies I hadn't seen until the month of November...

Gone in 60 Seconds - Where last year's Christmas felt like a week ago, watching this movie seemed like ten years ago.
Lord of War - Same with this one. I keep forgetting that I watched eight Nicolas Cage movies this month.
Snow White and the Huntsman - Mirror Mirror is better. Unpopular opinion but at least Mirror Mirror knows where its target audience is at. And Lily Collins is a lot more charismatic than Kristen Stewart.
Friends with Kids - I liked this movie, but what I didn't like was that it tried too hard to have songs which went exactly with what was happening on screen. It was snowing, so there was a song about snow. That's also the reason I can't give We Need to Talk About Kevin top marks.
Annie Hall - Continuing to get into more Woody Allen films. I really liked this one.
A Royal Affair - One of the few previews that we get that I have actually heard of. I really like Mads Mikklesen.
Ghost Rider -
Game Change - Instead of watching The Shawshank Redemption again for my English exam, I watched this. Responsible, I know. Still, I loved Julianne Moore's performance in this.
Arthur Christmas - So cute. Although I hate how they waited a year to release it on DVD.
Adaptation. - One of the few Nicolas Cage movies which is still fresh in my mind.
Killer Joe - Couldn't watch Magic Mike happily after seeing this film. Plus, I thought it was funny because I managed to watch this and Arthur Christmas in one night. Arthur was a G-rated, Joe was the worst of the worst R18 rated. LOL.
Dodsworth - My classic movie Friday's are making a reappearance. I have been looking for this one for ages, so I was really happy when I saw it on YouTube. I adored the script.
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - Still don't get the reptile bits.
Face/Off - This was an extremely good movie.
Lola Versus - One of those movies where I just wanted everyone to shut up. I like Greta Gerwig, but she was so whiny and horrible in this movie.
Ted - So overrated by everyone my age. This eight year old came in and was like "ow we should get Ted out! It is SO crack-up gee!" I literally gave him the death stare. Then he realised it was an R16 so his Dad got it out for him. 
Inside Man - My brain was so full of Biology knowledge that I couldn't comprehend this entire film, but it was so different to what I was expecting.
The End of the Affair - Just for Ralph Fiennes. It was nice enough, but it didn't really go anywhere.
The Heiress - Half because it was classic movie Friday, and half because I wanted to see it since Jessica Chastain is performing it on Broadway. It was really good. Olivia De Havilland is amazing.
Rent - I like musicals. This one was very different.
Wild at Heart - I'm still LOL'n at Nicolas Cage 'singing' 'Love Me Tender' at the end.
Magic Mike - I liked it. I loved Matthew McConaughey's performance even though I couldn't watch it because of Killer Joe. I'll get more in-depth whenever I find time to post my review.
Bel Ami - I just didn't even care about this movie. All it was was Robert Pattinson having sex all of the time. Which isn't really my idea of fun.
Skyfall - My review will be up tomorrow, but wow, how beautiful was this film? That scene in Shanghai brought tears to my eyes.

Movies I've seen before but felt the need to watch again because I'm cool like that...

Our Idiot Brother - Coz I felt like I needed to show it to my friends. It just tends to make you feel better about life.
Goodfellas - You know you've had a good day when you get the Blu-Ray of this for $5 and a two-disc special edition of Raging Bull for $3.
A Streetcar Named Desire - I still love this film dearly. Vivien Leigh is beyond great in it. Though it is so sad because this was basically her in real life, and in her voice you can hear the tuberculosis taking over. 
Crazy, Stupid, Love. - Watched it with a friend. It is always funny to watch people react to the big 'twist'.
Mean Girls - Life is just generally better after seeing this movie for the billionth time.
Brave - I will vouch for this movie until the end of time. It is so good, but so few people realise that.
Mask - I found it for Mum's birthday, and she insisted on watching it. This movie still depresses me to this very day.
The Dark Knight Rises - I'm finding it harder and harder to vouch for this movie because so very few people like it. Oh well, I'll just sit here in my angry little corner alone. 

What about you? Have you seen anything good this month?


  1. I haven't watched nearly as much as you, though I've done OK. Most of what I've been watching has actually been rewatches of older stuff, and that's probably how I'm going to continue for a while.

    1. Rewatches are all good! I need to get more into doing that myself.

  2. What makes you think Christmas will happen this year? Didn't you see that movie by John Cusack? The world is gonna end on December 21st!! What a bummer, I was waiting for 2015 so I could buy a hoverboard!

    On a more serious note (the previous paragraph was less serious but still serious ;P ), I'd say you've seen quite a lot of movies despite all the exams.

    1. Hahaha. I'm not buying Christmas presents this year. Why waste my time when the world is going to end?

  3. Ooh I love this new format. Man so glad you liked Skyfall. I couldn't stop gaping at that Shanghai scene.
    Gotta rewatch Goodfellas (I know I say that everytime but it's taking me time to get the DVD).

    1. Haha. Go get the DVD of Goodfellas now. Right now.

  4. Our Idiot Brother cops a lot of flack, but I think it's very sweet :) Glad you like it! I can't wait to see Brave again!
    Oh my god, I nearly fell asleep watching Bel Ami in the cinema! So boring!!!!
    Killer Joe - so, so good, but I really had no idea what I was in for and I was nearly clawing the walls! What a way to start MIFF.
    When I went to see the Paul Thomas Anderson Q and A of the Master, PTA actually said he really liked Ted! Everyone laughed so much, and he was very serious! Best thing ever (though I only kinda like the film myself :P )

    1. Our Idiot Brother is very sweet! I feel so happy watching that. And yes, Bel Ami was extremely boring. I really didn't care for it.

      Wow, never knew PTA was a fan of that kind of stuff! Then again, Christopher Nolan says that he's a fan of Michael anything is possible with these guys!

  5. Oh man, if Deakins doesn't get nominated for Skyfall, I will be so annoyed. (More so if he doesn't win.)

  6. Congrats on your radio appearance! I liked Magic Mike, but it bored me a little, ended up only giving it 6/10, but McConaughey was on fire in this. Loved the music in it too.

    1. Thanks! Magic Mike bored me a little, too. The music and McConaughey were my favourite parts of it.

  7. Hey,
    I watched Punch Drunk Love yesterday and I thought it was incredibly weird, but I liked it. It was quite nice seeing Adam Sandler in a completely different role to what he usually plays.

    1. Punch Drunk Love is fantastic! It is probably Adam Sandler's last good role. I can't stand him now.

  8. Skyfall is gorgeous, isn't it? I hated Lola Versus, but I need to see Gerwig in Greenberg.

    1. It really is. Gerwig is the best thing about Greenberg (it is a really difficult to like film, unfortunately).


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