Saturday, March 31, 2012

March in Movies

What a strange month this has been. It started off well, with a really fun Drama trip to the capital for the Arts Festival, and then it got even better when I was named director of the school production. Then, by a flick of a switch, it descended into the crappiest month since the middle of July last year. I've been sick twice, first with laryngitis and then with a severe chest infection (every time I coughed I literally had the life taken out of me, which was horrible). And then earlier this week, the shittiest thing happened: the school cancelled the production. I think it is still going ahead, but not with the school, so I probably won't get to be director any more. Basically, I've spent the past few days being fucked off with life since when these good things happen to me there are usually bad repercussions. I'm gonna let the bruising heal before I stop considering giving up on life - life will just go back to worthless normality.

But on the bright side, I bought Strange Days today. I've been wanting this movie forever. And it is the holidays next week. I'll be getting lots of hours at work, which means lots of dosh. I hope that April is a little more predictable. Anyway, March from a movies perspective...

Movies I had never seen before until the month of March...

Belle de Jour - Oh, how I love Buñuel. Hopefully I can track down this movie, because I really wanna see it again. That's what Buñuel does to you.
Red State - Yeah, I had no idea about what happened in this movie. All I know is that it didn't deserve my attention.
Anonymous - I felt so cool because they performed Henry V in this movie, and I knew the opening monologue thanks to our Shakespeare workshop. Speaking of Shakespeare, I'm performing a scene from Othello in Drama on Monday...wish me luck!
I Don't Know How She Does It - I don't know how I survived through this movie.
The Thing - I must see the original one day. But this had one of the weirdest uses of CGI that I've ever seen.
Warrior - Whenever I explain this movie to someone I have to calm myself down because I get so enthusiastic and then when I say that the end is so sad I have to stop myself from crying. Seriously, you should have heard me crying at the end: it was ugly, vocal crying.
Braveheart - Watched this in class for an assessment. Didn't like it all that much. I actually got told that my review was too 'professional' for the standard. Which was awkward. Anyway, I got an excellence for it.
Hard Candy - For the Demented Podcast. I'm still scarred from that experience.
Blade Runner - I was so confused during this first watch...
In Time - Honestly wasn't that bad. But Justin Timberlake crying...oh good lord that was hideous.
A Separation - If I could make a movie half as great as this I would be the happiest gal on Earth.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - I wanna watch this again so I can see just how many times Bella and Edward played chess throughout the duration of the film.
Take Shelter - That final scene is still swirling around in my head.
The Grifters - For the Demented Podcast. I actually had no idea that this movie existed. I'm glad I saw it, though.
Dream House - I can see why Jim Sheridan, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz wanted nothing to do with this movie. It was not good. It only went for 88 mins but it felt like it went forever.
Immortals - So pretty, so boring. I'm catching up with more Tarsem with The Fall in the coming days. Though I must admit, I'm kinda looking forward to see Mirror Mirror on DVD. It looks pretty.
The Debt - I love you, Jessica Chastain.
Puncture - Chris Evans gave a really good performance in this one. It just felt like a made-for-TV legal drama, though.
The Hunger Games - I loved Jennifer Lawrence before The Hunger Games. Does that mean I'm hipster?
Another Earth - I actually love this movie. It has grown on me in the past few days.
The Whistleblower - Surprisingly quite good. And bugger me, Benedict Cumberbatch shows up in it!
Red Dog - I thought this was going to be a really happy movie, which would take me out of my deep depression on Tuesday. I spent the entire movie crying my eyes out, for both the shittiest shitty shit and the movie.
In the Mood for Love - I'll probably need to watch it again before I send it back. I'm a little in love with it, though.

Films I've seen before but felt the need to watch again because I'm cool like that...

Beginners - After Christopher Plummer won his Oscar I felt like watching it again. I'm so glad that I caved and bought it while I was in Australia. It doesn't come out on DVD here until next month.
The Dark Knight - It was on TV, so even though I have the DVD I stayed up until 12am on a school night to watch it. I didn't even watch it at all last year. Once those credits hit (with the beautiful words 'Directed by Christopher Nolan') I got instantly hyped up to see The Dark Knight Rises. 19th July. I'll be at the cinemas, front of the queue, ready to have my mind blown (hopefully).
Captain America: The First Avenger - Me and my fellow The Avengers obsessed friend have decided that Cap is the face of modesty. We love him. And I love Peggy Carter. She's awesome.
Drive x2 - Yeah, I rewatched this twice. I think it is my favourite film of 2011. It is so so awesome. I even have Drive themed fingernails at the moment (they're awesome too)
Blade Runner - ...I was less confused the second time.
Contagion - Made the mistake of watching this while I was sick. I swear I felt 100 times worse at the end of it. Like, my throat even started wasn't hurting before then.
Midnight in Paris - This missed two of it's release dates in Dannevirke, because Universal 'ran out of stock' (even though I found it at the supermarket). So I bought it elsewhere and soaked up the goodness before it actually arrived here. I want to marry this movie.
Melancholia - Wasn't as effective on my TV screen. It annoyed the crap out of me the second time. Still, I liked it enough.
Schindler's List - My friend gave my DVD back so I set aside three hours on Wednesday night to be depressed and watch this film. I fucking love everything about it. Everything. This movie actually makes me a better person every time I watch it (I surprisingly snapped out of my depressive state after watching it). That's why it is my second favourite movie ever. Speaking of that, I'm updating my list in the next week or so...

What do you think of these films? Seen anything good this weekend? Got any ideas of how I can cheer myself up?


  1. Incredibly sad (and pissed off) to hear they cancelled your production. Fuck those assholes. Sorry you had a mostly negative month. It's been up and down on this end too. Hope your school holidays give you a chance to take a bit of a breather, even if you do still have to work.

    Glad to hear you bought one of your favourite films (I didn't like it the first time round but I promise I'll watch it again before judging), and hope you see some great ones in April. As for the March roundup, it looks quite impressive. Glad to see you're still ploughing at your own pace through Bunuel. Let me know when you see whatever of his you see next.

    As for my weekend... just the usual 15-hour movies. Nothing special.

    1. Looking at how much work I'm rostered on for, I won't be resting at all!

      I will let you know if I see any more Bunuel. He's awesome.

      And let us know when you've finished that beast!

  2. Oh no :( Too bad about the production and the sickness! Fingers crossed you can still be involved in it!!! Don't give up on it! Things will get better! You could even write your own!

    As to movies you watched, Melancholia annoyed me the first time, and I saw it in the cinema. Didn't like it, sadly (I really wanted to!) I also watched Breaking Dawn....bleeehhhhhh So much hate. I'm considering screenshot-ing my tweets about it and posting that as a legit review. I saw a Bunuel film too, but I couldn't find Belle du Jour so ended up watching the Exterminating Angel - BRILLIANT!

    1. Yeah, I'm not going to be involved in it at all :( And I couldn't write my own stage show, but on the bright side, I can write more of my screenplay!

      Haha, you should make a review comprised of your tweets. I wanna live tweet all of them one day.

      And The Exterminating Angel is SO GOOD! Belle de Jour is better though, in my opinion :)

  3. What are you defining as the original version of The Thing, the John Carpenter version or the actual 1951 original?

    1. Whichever is really the least of my problems right now.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your production, I hope you can still participate somehow!
    You saw Hard Candy? how was it? I loved it, Ellen Page and her character where just crazy, but it was great for me!
    Hey, I liked Jennifer Lawrence before Hunger Games, too! :)

    1. I wish I could participate but no. That is a gone thing.

      I loved Hard Candy. Ellen Page was BRILLIANT.

      And yay!

  5. Oh wow, that sucks! I hope you are in the production too. Also all the best for the Shakespeare thing :D
    I hate Braveheart. It's so annoying. Almost made me hate the Scottish accent, which is a BIG deal.
    I totally loved Jennifer Lawrence before The Hunger Games, even though I did not like Winter's Bone so much.
    If I can make a film one-tenth as good as A Separation, I will be ecstatic.

    1. I would be in the production but I can't sing (very well, at least). And thanks! It went well.

      Ugh, the Scottish accents were atrocious. Our english teacher is actually Scottish, which annoyed me to no end after seeing that movie.

      I liked Winter's Bone...but I probably need to see it again. My favourite performance of hers was actually in The Poker House, though (such an obscure choice, I'm so hipster).

      If my film was one hundredth as good as A Separation I'd still be happy.

  6. I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually never enjoyed "Blade Runner". The climatic scene at the end provided some suspense but ultimately I was left underwhelmed. "Warrior" on the other hand I loved from my very first viewing and the affection grows everytime I revisit it. As for "The Dark Knight Rises" I have the impossible task to avoid talking about it starting from now (well, the very least is limit discussing it), as my excitement and expectaions has been never been this high for a movie before. I'm afraid if setting the bar too high will never satisfy me and I'm left dissappointed in the end. Please no.

    p/s: Shame that they canceled your production. Look at the positive side. When you succeed in directing your full feature film in the future, and having it shown at festivals like Sundance, you can go all "Social Network" on those who cancelled it and give them your business card which says "I'm A Movie Director, bitch!".. hahaha...

    1. I thought Blade Runner was underwhelming the first time. I can't call myself a huge fan of it.

      Yeah, my expectations have never been this high either, not even for Inception (and trust me, they were HIGH). I'm limiting myself at the moment, but I'll be extremely excited come July.

      Haha, I want that to happen!

  7. So sad about the production, especially since you sounded so eager to do it. The best cure for this depression I suppose is to watch movies. (Hey, that's what I do when I'm depressed.)

    1. Haha, I watched depressing movies...which kinda made me too depressed to watch movies for like, a day.

  8. I'm sorry about the production being cancelled, that sucks! :( On the bright side you saw a lot of great movies this month and "Schindler's List" is indeed truly remarkable movie.

  9. Sorry to hear that your month has been crappy, Stevee. Seems to be a common thread with you, Tyler, and the minute that I post something about shit getting on track in March, it goes down the tubes. Death seems to be a common theme this month...

    Anyway, so glad you finally watched In the Mood For Love, though! One of my firm favourites, and you better write a review for it!

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you're March sounded quite crappy. That sounds a lot like last March for me.

      I will write a review once I've seen it again!

  10. I watched Young Adult and rewatched Withnail & I this weekend. You should definitely watch those if you haven't seen them already. I saw The Whistleblower last month. I thought it was really good, and thought Rachel Weisz was awesome in it. I think I'm in the minority in thinking Red State was a great movie. Definitely not perfect, but it's one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies, apart from Chasing Amy, Clerks, and Jersey Girl. I'm surprised Michael Parks wasn't nominated for his performance.

    1. I'd love to see Young Adult, but it never made it to our cinemas! And Rachel Weisz definitely was awesome in The Whistleblower!

  11. I watched In the Mood for Love and re-watched Midnight in Paris too this month!
    As for In Time - it really wasn't that bad, was it? It was really okay... Oh, and I don't think you're hipster because of that... otherwise I'd be a hipster because of many many people I've liked before they became famous.

    1. No, In Time wasn't that bad. I kinda liked it!

      Same here! I think that just makes us cool.


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