Friday, September 30, 2011

September in Movies

This month has been pretty all over the place, with exams, a break from blogging and spending a great deal of time not feeling good enough for anything...but that's another story. I've still had a pretty good month with the movies, though!

Movies I'd never seen until the month of September...

Melancholia - Damn, I still can't get this movie out of my head. That ending...WHOA.
Whale Rider - I shamefully admit I'd never seen this Kiwi classic before. But I'm kinda glad I hadn't, since we had to study it for our film unit in English. I, of course, got an excellence for the essay I wrote on it...the only excellence I scored in any of the exams. Go figure.
Country Strong - Oh, the joys of being sick and having to stay home. I got to watch this melodramatic crap that I'm sure Gwyneth Paltrow was doing with an Oscar in mind, except, it was so bad that just about everyone stayed away from it.
Arthur - Surprisingly funny movie. Well, I enjoyed it. Much better than I expected. I just wish that Greta Gerwig was more exciting.
The Roommate - Still the worst movie I've ever seen. I'm over thinking about this movie.
Drive Angry - That storyline, Nicolas Cage's hair...what a mess. But a surprisingly enjoyable mess, nonetheless (wow, that rhymed...I should become a poet).
Another Year - Ah, these slice of life movies. They're always the best. Nah seriously, this movie was awesome.
Trainspotting - I've always loved Danny Boyle, but finally I can put one of his movies in my top 100. This was absolutely brilliant.
Panic Room - One of the only David Fincher movies that I hadn't seen, so I caught it while it was on TV. The worst thing was that I spent the entire movie trying my hardest to breathe. Stupid cold.
Everything Must Go - Hmmmmm, this was a dull movie. But Rebecca Hall was adorable, as always.
The Shining - Stanley Kubrick, round two. I can't believe that this was met with the 'meh' response when it first came out. I wonder if there have been any films that have come out this year that got the same response but they'll end up being classics in the future. I think Abduction has a good chance. Hahaha.
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans - I still feel weird about spending my Friday night watching a silent flick. I'm glad I did though - this has most definitely earned it's place in my top 10.
My Man Godfrey - Decided to watch this as soon as I got up on Saturday morning. I was having a mini old movie weekend, alright? This was hilarious, by the way.
The 40-Year Old Virgin - Gotta love movies being on TV. Usually they play some stuff that I should have seen but haven't so I really just feel obliged to watch them!
Dogville - Oh gosh. This movie was...interesting. You'd have to pay me like, $500 to watch it again, though. It was exhausting. But I liked it.
Take Me Home Tonight - Jeez, why did such a fun looking movie have to be so dull?
Your Highness - Gosh, I'm watching this again tomorrow when me and a couple of friends have a movie night. This night is different from our usual nights when we only watch the best...we're just watching pure crap.
Hesher - Still can't get over how much I loved this movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my hero!
Stolen Lives - Just coz it has Jessica Chastain in it. But no shit, on the cover of the DVD, it spells Jon Hamm's name as 'John Hammm'. Wow, how'd they stuff that one up?
Shaun of the Dead - Funny funny funny. Funny funny. Funny. Funny funny. Funny funny funny.
Wuthering Heights - The one with Ralph Fiennes in it. Who was hot back in 1992. But, with this being my favourite book, the adaption kinda paled in comparison.
Rio - So much colour, so much fun. Oh, how I love animated movies!
Catfish - The *other* Facebook movie. Facebook isn't as fun without the lawsuits and the forced cannibalism towards chickens. It's just bizarre.
Freaks - I really wish I could have seen the uncut version of this. But despite the fact that this movie was made in 1932, it was still scarier than half of the 'horrors' I've seen.
The Help - Just watched this with Mum today. I cried like, five times. Even though I knew what was going to happen since I've read the book. More tomorrow.

Films I've seen before but felt the strong urge to watch again because I am cool like that...

Gone with the Wind
Black Swan - I can't go too long without a dose of Black Swan, otherwise things just ain't right.
Shutter Island - Decided to rewatch it on Blu-Ray for no reason at all. Liked it even more the second time. Why was it completely ignored at Oscar time?
Tropic Thunder - Thanks to my sick day I had some time to rewatch this, as I'd just bought it the week before. Oh, Simple Jack never fails to crack me up.
The Hangover - It was on TV. Which made me feel old, because it feels like just yesterday that I was calling this my favourite movie of all time. Jeez, I know this thing off by heart. I need help.
Source Code - It was the only thing out on DVD that week (well, there was The Conspirator, but I still haven't felt in the right mood to watch that), and I wasn't gonna skip out on a Tuesday Movie Night even though I've already seen it before.
Gone with the Wind - My annual rewatch. I got home from work at about 9pm and I felt a strong desire to watch this, so I attempted to watch this all in one night. That didn't work very well, though. It took me two days to get it completed. I still love this movie to absolute bitty bits though!
Up in the Air - I felt like rewatching something, so I picked out a handful of movies and played an intense game of 'eeny-meeny-miney-mo' to see which one I could watch. This one survived to the very end. You gotta love this sparkler of dialogue: "He broke up with you via text message?" "That's kinda like firing someone over the internet."
Heartbreaker - Despite the fact that this movie is totally predictable and it ends just the way any other romantic comedy should, I love it to bits. I had such a huge smile on my face once it finished.

So, what do you think of these films? Seen anything good this month?


  1. oh wow stevee either youve been a busy watcher or a monthly list just seems like you were busy.

    it's a shame you didn't think much of everything must go, but i totally can see why you would feel that way despite getting the urge to see it again just a few days after watching it the first time myself.

    i think the best thing i've seen this month would be TOKYO DRIFTER or WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION in a close second.

  2. Woah...again so many films. Well my holidays start today so I will be going back to my roots and watching 3 films minimum a day :D
    You have seen some of my favourite films this month- Trainspotting, The Shining and ofcourse Shaun of the Dead. Remember the 15 Questions meme? I totally put my favourite onscreen pairing wrong- it's Simon Pegg and Nick Frost forever.

  3. The Shining was pretty good but considering I read the book first, that kind of spoiled it a bit. (I prefer the book more.)

    I thought Trainspotting was all right. Too gross for my tastes. (Toilet diving...ewwwww.)

    As for My Man Godfrey, I haven't seen it but I plan to in the coming week. The main reason being this blogathon:

    And I'm done taking space.

  4. Unfortunately the *really* uncut version of Freaks probably vanished after those first test screenings and is most likely in Nitrate Heaven along with the original ending of The Magnificent Ambersons and the other 30 reels of Greed. That would be quite a find if it ever turned up.

    Haven't seen Gone With the Wind since I was your age... which was 20 years ago :) I should revisit it one day, I suppose, but there's so many other films I've never seen before that I'd rather see first.

    As for The Shining, I think history's vindicated Kubrick's film of it over Stephen King's own TV version. And I'm pleased to know someone else has been even later than me at discovering Shaun of the Dead.

  5. The Shining - Love it. We'll be doing a big tag-team review/tribute in October.

    Hesher - Really liked it. Got to see it at the Florida Film Fest a while back.

    Shaun - Greatest horror/comedy ever?

    Shutter Island - I've only seen it once and I was border-line drunk. And yet I can't bring myself to rewatch it. Any encouraging words?

  6. Glad you loved TRAINSPOTTING. There are so many great scenes in that cult classic. I love it to bits.

    If you thought the DOGVILLE you watched was exhausting, you should try the full 3-hour Director's Cut. Can't wait to see which Von Trier you watch next (I'll take this time to recommend one you probably haven't got in your queue, the documentary THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS. All kinds of brilliant.)

    As for what I've been watching, it's been an unhealthy amount of silent movies, many of which I'd seen before, such as: THE BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, NAPOLEON, INTOLERANCE, BROKEN BLOSSOMS, SEVEN CHANCES and GREED. All great films though, and I have SUNRISE in my sights.

  7. That was a busy month for you! I'm still dying to see Melancholia.

  8. Toby - Not too busy, haha. I'm actually surprised by how many I've watched considering how busy I have been doing other things.
    Hmmmm, I was in a pretty bad mood when I was watching it, so I may have to give it another go.
    I've always wanted to see Witness for the Prosecution!

    Nikhat - Haha, that's what I'll be doing in my holidays too!
    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost=BEST PAIR EVER!

    Anna - Apparently the book is quite different. I'll have to check it out.
    I was a bit grossed out by that part, but Danny Boyle does the gross thing quite well!
    My Man Godfrey is great. I love Carole Lombard!

    James - I know :( Wanna come for a trip with me to Nitrate Heaven? ;)
    Haha, I know how you feel. Gone with the Wind is always good to rewatch, though!
    Yes, I thought it was getting a bit late and I really needed to see Shaun of the Dead! Now I can finally be in on some of the jokes!

    Robert - I look forward to it!
    I really liked Hesher too.
    Shaun of the Dead is definitely the greatest horror/comedy ever!
    Definitely rewatch Shutter Island, sober. WAAAAAAAY better the second time! (it dragged for me a lot during the first watch, but the time flew by in the second!)

    Tyler - Same!
    Gosh...3 hours. That would be torture! I still haven't gotten around to watching Manderlay, but I will one day! And I'll stick that one in my queue.
    I need to see all of those movies. Although, Intolerance sounds a bit long...

    Bonjour Tristesse - It sure was! I'm dying to see Melancholia again!


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