Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 29/09/11

Cinema Releases

Abduction - So by now we already know that this movie sucks, Taylor Lautner sucks and the only people who like it are unfortunately people who are around the same age as me (okay, maybe a little younger, because I'm pretty sure that everyone I know hates Twilight). Which is such a shame, because this is Michael Nyqvist's  post-The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo break into America. But good lord...that trailer warned me straight away to steer clear of this unlikely and totally money-grubbing flick all in the name of Taylor Lautner. I seriously wanna go crash a screening filled with teenage girls and just take the piss out of it. Because I'm a nice person like that.

The Beaver - I kinda feel like this movie deserved more. I know a lot of people didn't like it, but considering it's amazing director, alright cast and interesting premise, it should have really got more attention for the film it is. Instead, people just see Mel Gibson and they turn off. Since his scandal, this movie has slipped under the radar, so much so that I didn't actually know until tonight that it was released in cinemas today. Maybe that's because it hasn't been released anywhere near me. Sadness.

The Round Up - It's strange because this movie is supposedly coming out on DVD next month (like, literally in maybe a week or so), and yet it's also being released in cinemas now. I'm kinda pissed though, because father refused to put it on the order, so we won't be getting it in the shop. Which sucks, because I'd really like to see this film, as it is about the infamous Vel d'Hiv round up during the Holocaust that I found out about in Sarah's Key. After seeing that, I did a bit of research about it and I'm interested in this particular event. And I'll stop right there before I change this blog from a movie one to a history one...

What's Your Number? - Take a look at the still frames from this movie on IMDb. In every single photo that Anna Faris is in, apart from the set photo, she has her mouth gaping open in a totally unnatural looking way. It kinda freaks me out! This looks like just another romantic comedy. I mean, we all know that even though she's searching through all of her exes to find the 'one', the 'one' is actually Chris Evans. If that is not the end, I will eat a tube of wasabi.

Zookeeper - Live action kids movies aren't as cool as the animated ones.

DVD Releases

Rio - It just occurred to me tonight that there aren't any animated features still to be released, and most of the animated films this year have been less than impressive so it's extremely slim pickings for this years Oscar Animated Feature race. So much so that Rio will probably get a nomination, even though I reckon it just slipped by. Rio does deserve some recognition though, because it was so colourful and funky I couldn't help but fall in love with it. Not to mention that Jesse Eisenberg sings like, two lines, at the end. Well, it's really him just speaking a couple of lines to the tune of a song...but you know. I forgot how much I love Jesse until I watched this one.

Catfish - Well...this was interesting. Far different than what I was expecting. You really gotta watch out for that Facebook business, huh?

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil - Uh, yeah. What's with all of the sequels to movies that nobody really liked in the first place? And why does this one look extremely cheap?

So, what do you think of these films? Got any idea of what films we could see in the animated category at the Oscars? Anyone braved Abduction? Anyone seen What's Your Number and can save me from eating a tube of wasabi?


  1. Nothing here for me except THE ROUND-UP, but even then I'm not rushing to see it.

    Saw CATFISH though, and did not like it. I mean it wasn't terrible, but didn't meet my expectations at all.

  2. Man the animated films crop this year so far has been deplorable. I really loved Rio too...far more than Rango, which will probably win if Tin Tin is disqualified for some rubbish I cannot remember. Seriously, that might be the only really fantastic animated film this year. Next year has Brave though, so yaaayyy!

    I have this urge of watching Abduction and laughing my ass off at Taylor Lautner but I am not that masochistic yet.

  3. Oh my Dumbledore, Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain should totally come in a film together! But they should both look pretty. (Sorry random chain of thought caused by those amazing pics at the side of this page :P)

  4. Tyler - Yeah, I'm not rushing to see any of these either, apart from The Round Up.
    I can't say whether I liked Catfish or didn' was interesting.

    Nikhat - Coriolanus has Ralph and Jessica playing husband and wife! I can't wait!
    Hmmmm...I forgot about Tin Tin! But I still can't see that as an 'animated' film, if you get what I mean. I liked Rio more than Rango too, but I reckon Rango will win.
    But BRAVE!!! Can't wait!!

  5. Oh right I knew that. But I want Fiennes to look proper know Quiz Show pretty. I think Tin Tin will be amazing, even though I have not really read the comics or watched the cartoons. And the people involved :O

  6. Christ just Lautner's acting alone in the trailers is warning enough to stay away from Abduction!! Cringe worthy isn't a strong enough description.
    I can't stand Kevin James. There is something completely unfunny about him trying to be funny. Certainly not alot to look forward to is there besides The Roundup.

  7. Abduction got a 4% from Rotten Tomatoes.

    I would totally avoid that because I just don't want to support anything involving Taylor Lautner or people from Twilight. I really hate those movies. I watched the first one and that was it. I tried to watch the other two and it's pretty unwatchable despite the loads of unintentional comedy that appears in the film.

  8. Lautner's acting in the trailers alone was enough to make me avoid Abduction!! Not much to choose from in that list is there? Rio and The Roundup are all I would bother with. The rest is third rate fare I'm afraid.
    Have you been onto wikipedia's site on the Vel d'Hiv roundup? I found it very good considering it is an abridged overview of the event. It has several other links of interest as well.

  9. You should check out The Squid And The Whale if you haven't seen it yet. Jesse Eisenberg give a really good performance and it's another movie where he sings.

  10. I just watched The Beaver this past week. I thought I'd kind of enjoy it, but I ended up LOVING it. Wonderful surprise there.

  11. Nikhat - I wish he would look proper Quiz Show pretty too. But after he grew that beard...I'm not so sure.

    thevoid99 - Haha, I'll still watch the rest of the Twilight's seeing as I've read the books. But I don't support anyone from Twilight. Unless it's someone who is in a minor role, like Bryce Dallas Howard or Anna Kendrick.

    Brent - I have checked out the Wiki page. I've pretty much checked out every available web page for the was truly shocking!

    Anonymous - I will definitely check that out!

    Hannah - I still want to see it! It looks kinda good.


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