Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Link's Speech

I should be studying for my maths exam, but instead I am all tucked up on the couch with my nice pyjamas, eating popcorn and lollies an giving The King's Speech another go. I think I'll probably start crying during the speech part.

While I use a box of tissues and question my sanity, I offer this reading to you:

The full LAMMY nominations are up now. Who nominated me for Best Blog? Because I love you.

There have been lots of reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides coming through. Check out the ones from Eternity of Dream, The Dark of the Matinee, Andy Buckle's Film Emporium and Movie Reviews by Tom Clift.

Bonjour Tristesse offers up a review on Barney's Version. I'd love to see this movie, I think Rosamund Pike is awesome!

Jack at Jack L. Film Reviews is just about finished his awesome Silent Movie Marathon. Be sure to have a look at his review on Charlie Chaplin's City Lights.

Andrew at Encore's World of Film and TV is turning 20, and he's counting down the days with a Birthday Marathon.

Have you ever checked out Filmsite? This site has taught me everything I know about films. It's so interesting!

Cherokee continues being awesome with an amazing post on The Killer Inside Me. It's an awful film, but the post is worth it!

While I did my awfully long review on Let Me In, a fellow NZ blog Southern Vision compared Let the Right One In and Let Me In.

James at Cinema Sights is officially my idol. He watched, and reviewed, Justin Bieber's movie. Bravo!

Yup, that's it, I'm getting too engrossed in The King's Speech. Happy reading!


  1. Please for the love of God do not cry in at the speech dammit!

    I might have to give it another go at college, though. Since our tutor brought it in, so I might be swayed into actually liking it this time round...but who knows.

    At least we might only just watch a bit of it, since I only have to do the college thing every Friday.

    *Shudders at the thought of exams* Thank God they're over. Except, I think I might have to retake maths again to actually pass this apprenticeship (I got a D - THE ONLY D - when I did it the first time round). But who knows, maybe they forgot about it...

    Anyway, enough exam chat, as I am sure you're probably sick to death of it when you are at school, thank you so much for the linking! And using the word awesome with my name, this doesn't seem right!

    I'm definitely gonna check out filmsite. I think I have been on there before, but I honestly can't remember now. My memory is terrible.

    I have no idea why this comment was so long...just a little random thought, there.

    I completely forgot to comment on your Let Me In review, but you have definitely swayed me into giving it a go, that's for sure!

  2. Thanks for the link Stevee! Congrats on the LAMMY Nom! I also got a vote (at least #1) for Best Blog! Woohoo. I'm really glad you liked 'Let Me In'. I was very surprised by my sister's reaction to the film. I bought her the book, 'Let the Right One In' for Christmas and she said 'Let Me In' sucked in comparison to the book. And she likes some shit films haha.

    How was The King's Speech on second viewing?

  3. Thanks for the linkage Stevee, you're great :)

    As for the King's Speech, I really liked that film, a deserving winner in my opinion.

  4. Thanks for including me in the links, and good luck with the LAMMY's!

  5. I've been trying to comment the whole day. Almost. Well, actually I was fighting with some technical problems...

    That's great that Jack already reviewed City Lights. Thanks for letting me know for I've been somewhat absent-minded with blog reading. Thanks for the linkage, of course!

    And... I also want to know how you feel about the film after revisiting it.

  6. Thanks for the link, and good luck with The King's Speech. I've only seen it once, but I don't know if I'll be able to give it another go. During the speech scene, the director stole the musical score from another movie, an ultra-violent disturbing French film called Irreversible, and it really annoys me.

  7. I don't think I've ever actually poked around filmsite before. I tend to get more movie knowledge from books than the internet, something I should probably rectify as theres far more stuff on the internet.

    As for my Justin Beiber review, I'll watch just about anything once. I certainly have types of movies I prefer more than others, but I try not to exclude certain groups of movies because there's always the off chance I'll find something I'll enjoy.

  8. Okay, so everyone who asked about The King's Speech: It was still pretty much the same as it was when I first saw it in the cinemas: flawless looking, very royal, funny and definitely uplifting. The performances are all amazing. I had a huge crying session during the speech scene. Ah, it's beautiful. I'm still not a fan of it winning Best Picture, but it's still a brilliant film!

    Cherokee - Ugh, I'm sure I failed the science and maths exams. Oh well, it's been nice having all of this time off to "study".
    You are awesome! Filmsite is freaking awesome, too. So is Let Me In. The world is awesome!

    Andy - Thank you!
    I haven't read the book, but I suppose I probably should. Ha...that's the same as my friend. She didn't like Inception but she LOVES movies like Burlesque. And I'm just like "what? how is that even possible?"

    Jack - No, you're great!
    I really like The King's Speech too, but it isn't one of my favourites from last year. Oh well, what's done is done.

    Bonjour Tristesse - You're welcome and thank you!

    Lesya - The technical issues have been pissing me off, it took forever for me to try and post a comment on your blog! But Google Chrome seems to be doing the commenting for me just fine...but I can't use this for posting, because it stuffs up my post template.
    I haven't been good with the blog reading lately...if I get enough time, I will sit down and read everyone's blogs!

    magnoliaforever - Yeah, I thought I wouldn't be able to sit through it again, but I felt it a lot more watching it a second time. Great film.
    I really liked that music, but it's in Irreversible? I've heard...interesting things about that movie. Wow. Learn something new everyday.

    James - I have gotten a lot of movie information from books too. In fact, I once got '1001 movies you must see before you die' out from the library and that's when I absolutely fell in love with movies. I found out so much from that.
    But Filmsite is excellent, I used it for a school project I was doing on classic films and it taught me so much. It's so well written!
    I usually just watch any movie (though I do try to avoid straight-to-DVD horror/thrillers), but I could not sit through Justin Bieber's one. His songs are like a virus...catchy for all the wrong reasons.


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