Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being a Young Movie Lover...

When I was eight years old, I was wildly obsessed with horses. Every picture I drew, it was of a horse. Every story I wrote, a horse was probably the main character. Every thing I talked about, I was probably talking about horses. This problem got so bad that my teacher basically told me off for doing anything to do with horses, and that I had to focus my interests elsewhere. So I did. I did random projects on current events. Every now and again I would try and tell the teacher that I wanted to do a project on a specific type of horse, which I claimed to "not know a lot about". That, of course, was met by a swift no.

Around came 2006. I was over my horse obsession, yet I continued to write many Pulitzer Prize winning short stories on talking horses. When I was 10, Dad decided that he'd buy the local Blockbuster. I was just like "Meh, okay", and went on with my life. I'd only been in there a couple of times before, and I got some videos out about...guess what...horses. So yeah, unless I was going to get a free pony out of it sometime (I actually did get a pony that year, I must admit), I wasn't too bothered.

That was until I discovered that I got free movies. Free movies. Oooooh, how exciting. And all of the suppliers would give you preview discs with all the movies that were coming in store soon. So I could brag about how I saw some really popular movie before everyone else (this was before piracy took over Dannevirke). Late 2006, I'd seen a lot of movies. I'd begun voting on IMDb. I looked at film magazines. Movies became my horses.

Now, a lot of people have those stories about how their whole family sat down to watch some really awesome film and they just sat there marvelling at it thinking "I LOVE MOVIES!!!" No, that's not me. I didn't marvel at any movies. My Mum showed me Psycho (my first R16 film) when I was 11 years old and I loved it, but that doesn't count as the moment when I decided I loved movies. Because, to be honest, I don't actually know when I had the moment. I think it was around the time when I had my mad crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. He was in movies. I loved him. If you combine the two, you get a similar result, right?

October 2009. I started writing short movie reviews in this little book which I was reading over the other day, which gave me the idea for this post. I think at this time I thought I was useless at watching movies, because I decided to do 'A Movie a Day'. And then I thought, people put this kind of shit on a blog, right? So I did. First film: Let the Right One In.

When I started this blog, I was practically just writing for myself, trying to keep myself busy (which was hard, because up until August last year, I only had internet at my Dad's, so I didn't do a fantastic job of keeping the blog going). I had no aim. I still don't. But I was here for one reason: I love movies.

Movies are something which I'm known for everywhere. If people are telling me 'what they like about me' on Facebook, they're all like "I like how you're really into movies". If people wanna have a conversation with me, they're like "Seen a good movie lately?" (I personally hate this question, I don't really like discussing movies with people I barely even know). Even teachers are like "This stuff would be so much easier for you if it was a movie, wouldn't it?" And I don't mind all these people thinking that my world begins and ends with movies. Because, even though it actually doesn't, it makes me different...or something.

However, being a 15 year old girl from a small town in New Zealand who loves movies isn't all peaches and gravy. First of all, when I try and tell work what they should and shouldn't get on the shelves, no one listens to me, because I'm young. And time and time again, many orders have been stuffed up because they've done the opposite to what I advised them to do. Like getting 18 copies of Fair Game. I don't care if that is a good movie, but I can guarantee you that the people of Dannevirke won't be rushing in at once to see a political thriller. 5 would have done just fine.

Because I'm quite young, I haven't seen all of the films I probably should have. I've never seen a Stanley Kubrick film. In fact, I'm not sure I really want to. Sure, I watch some really crap films that didn't deserve my attention in the first place, but they're all part of the way I love films. I'll watch anything (apart from The Human Centipede) and I'll be able to point out at least five things that went right for the film. I just love films so much that I haven't ever 'hated' one. Sure, there are some really horrible ones, but I'd never bestow a word as annoying as 'hate' on one.

And, well, when I first really got into the blogosphere, I felt so small compared to everyone else. Perhaps I still do, but the fact that people think I'm cool because I'm young and I've watched so many movies really brightens my day. I mean, I thought there'd be heaps of people blogging about films that were my age. Nay. And I thought that there'd be heaps of NZ based film bloggers. I actually only know of three other NZ film blogs. So, I'm practically as rare as our native bird.

Anyway, the point of this post (if there is one) is to thank everyone who has ever come on this site (apart from you spammers, I don't care if you liked the van dropping into the river in a layer of dream in Legion), and just, well, tell you how I came to love movies so much at such a young age. And, in the hope that one of my parents will be reading this (haha, whatevs)...that they shall understand that when I'm typing away at the computer every night I'm not always on Facebook. Anyone who voted for me at the LAMMYs...anyone I have told has absolutely gone nuts about the news that I got nominated (Dannevirke...we'll get excited by anything). Because, being a little girl who's not even legal yet from Dannevirke, I don't even know how you even make time to visit the site. But you're amazing!

SORRY I'M FEELING VERY SENTIMENTAL AT THE MOMENT! ("I just have a lot of feelings...")


  1. Aww...this is really sweet. From one young movie-lover to another, you rock!

  2. Wonderful post. You're a delightful read and I enjoy your blog. You and I couldn't be any more different - I'm a 33 year old married dad of 2 tykes living in New Jersey - and yet we share a common bond: we love movies. :-)

    Congrats on the nominations... Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!


  3. Hi!! Well you now know of four Kiwi bloggers! because here I am!! And I'm just up the road in Napier so we aren't that far apart!! Only in age.
    I've driven through your little township many a time on my way elsewhere over the years. Like you I though there would be more Kiwi bloggers but you are only the second I have come across.
    Interesting blog and I'm sure I'll be back more often from now on!

  4. I love posts like this :) And you were sooo lucky having a Blockbuster!

  5. Wonderful post, I like to read some personal things on blogs once in a while.
    I think I'm a bit like you, because I also loved horses, and I'm just one year older than you. And I thought there were more German bloggers, or at least movie bloggers. Or Danish bloggers.
    By the way, I know the town you live in, because the name is originally the name of a viking-thing here in Denmark/ Germany (originally Denmark).

  6. Is it the truth that every young child has had a horse phase?

    I was obsessed with horses, too. In fact, I wrote a short illustrated story called 'Horse Shock' when I was about 8 years old, where a fictional me got this racing horse, and took it out for it's first ever race (hurdles) for it to end up breaking it's leg and being put down...I was such a lovely, happy child.

    I really love this post, and it goes to show just how strange shit happens when you fall in love with certain stuff in life (and how it comes about, too.)

    This is probably my favourite post of yours. And I love them all, you know I do! But this one kind of marks exactly the reason why you do what you do, and why you have a continuing rise in readers.

    Long comment again, I'll be quiet now.

  7. That was a great read and I'm jealous about the Blockbuster thing. Are they still surviving in NZ?

  8. Great post! I think that people like your blog not because you're young and you saw many movies, but because you're smart and you know and understand a lot about them and idea that they bear. Your site is fantastic, so probably, it's not you who has to thank but us who visit it.

    @Cherokee, I recall saying that I remembered you thank to your long comments. I think long comments are good! :)

  9. Awesome, awesome post!

    I really enjoyed reading this.
    The internet is such a useful tool, without it I would never have realised how many other people are just as mad about cinema as I am out in the world.
    Where I live it is seen as little more than a pass time, I don't think anyone has grasped the fact that it's an art form just yet, there a bit behind here...

  10. Your blog is so awesome I think I can begin to forgive you for the Kubrick thing.

  11. Nikhat - Awwww, you're really sweet!

    Dave - Thanks! It just goes to show that anyone can love movies, and I find that so cool. I look forward to reading your stuff, too!

    Brent - Wow, you're now the closest blogger to me! I absolutely love Napier, it has to be one of my favourite cities in NZ!

    filmgeek - Yeah, so do I. And Blockbuster is amazingly helpful!

    Lime(tte) - Wow, we do have quite a bit in common! I thought there'd be heaps of NZ movie bloggers. Maybe there are, but they're extremely hard to find!
    Yup, our town is pretty mad on Vikings!

    Cherokee - Well, I guess it helped that my parents trained racehorses, but I think all little kids love horses.
    That story sounds fantastic! It sounds something similar to something I probably wrote back in the day.
    This is your favourite post? Wow. I was kinda doubtful of it, because I don't even know why I started writing it. But it took me such a long time that I didn't get to watch much of The Room. Damn girl, that movie is already hilarious!

    Bonjour Tristesse - It's not surviving at all. More than 50% of our stores have closed down in the past five years. We're one of the only ones left!

    Lesya - Awww, you're so kind! But I must thank everyone, everyone is amazing!

    Jack - Thanks!
    I think the internet is a great thing too. It's amazing how many people love movies!
    A lot of people here don't believe that movies are as great as they actually are, but I've managed to persuade some friends otherwise. Sure, working in a video store and hearing all these people hating on some very good movies is kinda annoying, but no one gets the fact that it's an art form. Oh well, I have a few more lives to change...

    magnoliaforever - Ha thanks! I'll get to Kubrick one day...I promise! Most of his films are in my Fatso queue. But btw...I'm watching Boogie Nights tonight!

  12. Hi Stevee,

    Firstly I want to apologise for not commenting here as much as I should as you have a really nice blog and a very natural way of writing.

    I love this post. I much prefer seeing what is going on in the mind behind the webpage than just ramblings about different lighting rigs and narratives...if you get me?

    I am afraid that I am the other end of the scale. I am middle aged and proud. I have loved films for a long time, but didn't realise I was such a narrow minded simpleton until I started blogging. There are so many better educated, better versed, and more commited than I out there.

    I count you as one of them.

    Congratulations on the LAMMY nominations, you must be very proud.

    Maybe next year I might put my little blog forward.

    Thanks for sharing


  13. I can relate to how working in a movie environment can spark the passion. After my video store closed, I started my own film review blog to fill in the missing void it left in my life. I sure hope Dish Network makes the right adjustments to save your father's business.

    I also find it interesting how you often say that you feel uncomfortable discussing movies with near-strangers, yet here you are in cyberspace having profound conversations with people that have never met you in person. Does internet social networking help reduce that anxiety?

    And since we're on the topic of horses...I was wondering if you have a favorite horse-related movie.

  14. Custard - It's okay. I haven't been too fantastic with the blog reading at the moment, either. But thanks for your kind words!
    I get exactly what you mean. I think it's always cool to get to know someone. Since coming into blogging it's taught me to love films in a different way. There are so many people out there with so much knowledge that you learn off them, and it's great!
    I am pretty proud, and next year, you should definitely put your blog forward!

    Ian - I'd be lost if our video store closed, especially coz it's the only one in town!
    I don't know why I have that problem. I guess it's just that people who come on here generally have a better understanding of films, unlike people I talk to who just dismiss every film they watch because they found it boring for one minute. And, well, on the internet, it's a lot easier to say what I think than it is in person (that doesn't make me a creepy loner though, haha). favourite horse-related movie is probably Phar Lap. Mainly because I was just really interested in Phar Lap, and I thought the movie was really sad.

  15. Congratulations on your nominations. I started writing when I was your age as well, but you are infinitely better then me at the time (of course I'm older now :P )

    Never let the bastards get you down.

    P.S. If you liked Psycho, you will probably like The Shining as well. I'm sort of gay for Stanley Kubrick, but hot damn is he ever good.

  16. Thanks! Well, obviously you're doing something right if you're writing for Anomalous Material! Kudos.
    I'll never let any bastards get me down.
    The Shining will probably be the first Kubrick film I go to. It's actually on TV tomorrow night, but it's past my bedtime, so I'll have to give it a miss :(


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