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Reviews Round Up: Skyline, Devil, Life As We Know It.


There are many reasons why a few people who are more skilled in the visual effects area shouldn't make a whole movie themselves. Skyline is definitely one of them. The visual effects are great, I'll give it that, but the rest of the movie? Not so much. It's an alien invasion flick. Oops, I should have said *SPOILER ALERT*. This movie doesn't make any attempt to avoid all the clich├ęs that you usually see in these types of movies. Instead, it takes everything you've ever seen before, gets some below average actors to act it out, and throws a whole lot of nice effects just to keep the audience mildly interested. The only thing is, the finale is so stupid it was as if the aliens had thought of it themselves. Which is a shame because, up until then, the movie wasn't 'so bad it's funny'. That ending made me laugh. I just wish I knew why the aliens were doing what they were doing, and I also wish we left the same stock characters we had to deal with the entire movie. They weren't exactly the heroes that could have made this movie a little bit better.

What I hoped for:

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'From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan'. Judging by his latest works, that's not something that you ought to be throwing out there as the main marketing tool for a movie. The great thing about that one sentence is the fact that Shyamalan had little to do with the movie, apart from the fact that he wrote the story that goes with it. Devil didn't exactly make me change my opinions on Monsieur Shyamalan, but it did show that he can still write a good story, with a lot of suspense and tension. Like similarly themed 127 Hours and Buried, this film makes good use of it's claustrophobic premise, but it doesn't really take off like the others do. It's kinda scary, yes, though it did feel a bit like Paranormal Activity, and it did drag in some places. The ending feels a little too 'Hollywood', as it tries to get all sentimental and emotional, but it's a satifying ending to what is essentially a 'whodunnit' tale. There were a lot of flaws within this film, but I felt the payoff was worth it. I'm actually looking forward to what the rest of the series will bring.

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Life As We Know It

As I said in last week's 'What's Happening Where I Am', I feel guilty (and somewhat ashamed) to say that I really enjoyed Life As We Know It. Okay, yeah, I admit it was quite predictable and pretty much the same as every other romantic comedy Katherine Heigl has ever been involved with. But I had a good time watching it, and I even cried a little bit as well. And with a baby that cute, how could I resist? Seriously, get over it, it's not that bad. I do admit I was in the mood for a romantic comedy (especially after watching the two other movies in this post). I wasn't in the mood to be challenged intellectually. Surprisingly, Katherine Heigl wasn't that annoying (like she was in Killers). And Josh Duhamel was...uh...Josh Duhamel. I actually think this is a movie that can be easily enjoyed by the most part of the female variety. But if you ain't going into this with an open mind, it will probably suck for you. Which is a shame, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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  1. Loved Life As We Know It too. I actually think Heigl gets a bad rap.

  2. Haven't seen any of these and I can't say I particularly want to, they all seem like the kind of films I would dislike, especially Life As We Know It.
    I enjoyed your reviews though...

  3. Hi, I have just stumbled across your site from a link from Mr Buckle. And I now have it bookmarked!

    I had very similar views on all 3 of these films.
    Skyline is - meh seen it before but better, should've been a TV show.
    Devil - quite fun, not too scary (which is good for me) kept me guessing for quite a while.
    Life as we know it - Fun, I enjoyed it but Heigl needs to try something different though, how many times have we seen her play the same character??

    Great insights and mini reviews,



  4. Skyline was awful.

    Devil was OK, but I wouldn't watch it again.

    Life As We Know It was surprisingly touching, but oh how I hate Katherine Heigl.

    Thanks for the fun read, Stevee!

  5. I'm thinking of watching Paranormal Activity 2. Or should I watch Devil instead?

  6. Jan - Thank goodness someone else does! I don't know why everyone hates Heigl, personally, coz I like her.

    Jack - Yeah, you'd probably dislike all of these.

    Custard - Great, I must thank Mr. Buckle! Nice to see you have similar views. And yeah, Heigl should probably try something different. Thanks!

    Rachel - Agree with you on all counts, but I do like Heigl, a bit. You're welcome!

    Chris - Definitely Devil. Paranormal Activity was quite boring. But if you liked the first one, then you might like the second one.


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