Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet

I found this thingy on Tom's blog (Movie Reviews by Tom Clift) and it would seem that it's making a comeback. So, naturally, I'm going to join in. It's just a shame that I haven't seen any movies starting with X according to my IMDb ratings page. For those not in the know, basically the drill is that you have to pick your favourite movie starting with each letter of the alphabet. Apart from X for me, of course.

A is for An Education

B is for Batman Begins

C is for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

D is for The Dark Knight

E is for Enchanted

F is for Ferris Bueller's Day Off

G is for Gone with the Wind

H is for Hairspray

I is for Inception

J is for Juno

K is for Kick-Ass

L is for Let the Right One In

M is for Memento

N is for Nosferatu: A Symphony of Terror

O is for On the Waterfront

P is for Pulp Fiction

Q is for Quantum of Solace

R is for Requiem for a Dream

S is for The Social Network

T is for Toy Story 3

U is for Up in the Air

V is for V for Vendetta

W is for Waitress

Y is for Yes Man

Z is for Zombieland


  1. So far, almost all cinematic alphabets I've seen lately (except one, if I'm not mistaken), I'm glad to find out that letters D and I coincide. When I make my own cinematic alphabet, you'll see that some other choices of mine will be just like yours.

    Awesome post.

  2. Some good choices there! Would have to agree with several of your picks myself, especially G.

    As for X... how about X-Men?

  3. Love your choice for V, vendetta is such a great/powerful movie. Cant wait to try this idea on my own blog.

  4. Lesya - Our lists were quite similar! Actually, some of the ones you chose were my second or third choices. And you're right, the D and I really do coincide.

    Liam - Ah, another GWTW fan :) Ha, I haven't seen any of the X-men movies. I'm going to do that before the new one comes out.

    Bluej - V for Vendetta is awesome! I can't wait to check out your picks ;)

  5. Thanks for the link back! And it's cool to see we had some crossever. I had a similar problem to you with the letters "Q" and "Y" - although I had seen a few fim beginning with those letters, the selections were pretty slim (for instance, I really disliked QUANTUM OF SOLACE)

  6. That's okay! I quite disliked Quantum of Solace, too. But it's the only Q movie I've seen :O I might have to start watching Q and X movies!

  7. I adore this list! It's totally different from mine but I agree with most of your choices!


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