Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have a question for all you darling readers out there...

The holidays are coming up. Two weeks late (stupid Rugby World Cup ruining our schooling up). I want to do something different. Sure, I'm still gonna watch all the latest DVD releases to keep up to date with everything, but I have two options:

A Classic Movie Marathon


A Preview Drawer Movie Marathon

For the first one, I will go through 10 of the old movies I have lodged in my DVD collection that are defined as 'classics'. I really need to go through these, because I have so many and it has been like four years since I saw them. And I wanna figure out which ones I need to keep and which ones I can earn some cash with. I would really like to get back into my classic movie obsession again, too.

For the second option...well, I should explain the 'Preview Drawer'. At work (Blockbuster Dannevirke), we have a drawer filled with discs of movies that only come from the smallest suppliers. Which usually means that the movies we get are straight-to-DVD, practically never-heard-of movies which I usually avoid. But wouldn't it be interesting to see all of these cheap horrors and strange comedies? 10 of those in a row couldn't be that bad...could it?

So there's only two weeks of holidays, therefore, I can only pick 10 movies. Which kind shall I pick? I wanna make a big deal out of this...
It's down to you now...I can't decide for myself. Vote in that poll at the top of my sidebar. You have until the 14th. Go!


  1. Maybe you could alternate, you know, five classics and five previews?
    Otherwise I would say go with the previews, that should be interesting, even if they are crap!

  2. I vote for classics myself...perhaps even expand it and try to use it as an opportunity to chase down some classics that you've never seen.

    Good luck - we'll be reading!

  3. I'm for the classic movie marathon.

  4. You know me. I'm all for the classics.

  5. I myself am planning a crap-movie marathon, mostly of the monster movie genre though. Sooooo.... Watch the stinkers. :p

  6. Oh so much indecision here! I want to do both, but I think it'd be better if I only did one. That way, it's more special. 10 is better than 5, yes?

    Thanks for your help, guys!


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