Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 07/04/11

Last week, there was nothing. This week, there is everything. I'm exhausted even before I've even started the post.

Cinema Releases

Had there not been all the terrible reviews and the major flopping in America, I would probably be in the cinema watching Sucker Punch right now. I mean, it was once my most anticipated movie of 2011. I must admit, those trailers did look awesome. All the pics I saw of it looked awesome. I prayed before the reviews came out that it would be awesome. But, it looks like I'll be saving this for a rainy day. A rainy day when I have lots of money just to throw away. I still do wanna see this movie, but after all the backlash, I'm very wary. It has Abbie Cornish and Jon Hamm in it, so that's enough reason there.

Oooooooooh, Jesse Eisenberg as a bird? Even if I never see his face in Rio, I can still hear his voice. I love his voice. It's so cute. And Rio has Anne Hathaway's voice in it too. Would it be even more creepy if I said I liked her voice too? Yes. But I'm even more excited 'coz we get this before America! Before America! Jeez, it would be worth seeing just for that.

I remember hearing about Just Go With It early last year when I was watching Entertainment Tonight. If that's the source of my knowledge of this film, then I think I might give it a miss. Oh, and putting Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler together in a movie is a bit dodgy, too.

I know the holidays are coming up when I see ads on the tele-portal advertising movies with talking animals. This time, just in time for Easter, it's Hop. Yeah, if I was still madly in love with James Marsden like I was back in 2008 then I'd probably go see this. And if talking animals didn't annoy me so damn much...never mind. Cliché line to go with my opinion of this film: I won't be hopping in line to see it. Hahahahaha, I'm the funniest person alive.

DVD Releases

After I've finished writing this post I'm going to settle in an rewatch Easy A. How I love this film, and the performance by Emma Stone. I've been waiting such a long time for a really funny teen comedy. This one is it. Plus, I love her parents.

The first movie I watched on my crap-tastic movie night on Tuesday was Skyline. Oh lordy, that movie was crap. It was exactly like every other alien invasion movie I'd ever seen, only with more stockier characters and kinda okay special effects...which seemed to run the show. Expect a review up one day in the near won't be pretty.

The second movie was Devil, or The Night Chronicles: Devil, which I watched with Mum. I must admit, the tagline they put on the poster 'From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan' made me a little edgy. Surprisingly, this movie wasn't too bad. Well, it wasn't as good as similarly themed Buried and 127 Hours, but it was nicely done. Shyamalan can still tell a good story, even if he can't direct one. The ending was a little silly though. Again, expect a review up soonly.

I'm actually too scared to write my opinions on the third one. I feel like I've broken the golden rule of being a cinephile: I liked a Katherine Heigl romantic comedy. There, I said it. I actually really enjoyed Life As We Know It. That baby was really cute. Sure, the ending was predictable, but the rest of the movie was pretty funny and entertaining. Though I'm sure I just enjoyed it because I was in the mood for a romantic comedy. Please don't shoot me.

Any thoughts on these movies?


  1. I have a feeling Rio will be better than Rango...maybe even the best this year. It has a Finding Nemo like feel to it.
    God I love Easy A...and I want to be Emma Stone. Crazy Stupid Love's trailer came out, and I died and went to heaven.

  2. Hmm...i'm not so convinced Rio will be better than Rango (although it was sitting on 94% on RT yesterday), but I think I'll eventually check it out. I'm seeing Sucker Punch today (which i feel abnormally excited about) but I have zero interest in the other two. We got Just Go With It last week but I haven't seen it. Hop just looks genuinely bad. Have a fun week!

  3. Nikhat - I want to be Emma Stone! And I just saw the trailer. Must. See. This. Movie.

    Andy - Rio doesn't look like the kind of movie that is trying to take PIXAR's reign, so I don't know if it will be that amazing. Can't wait to read your thoughts on Sucker Punch! Have a great week too :)

  4. Hey thats not fair you got to see Devil before I did... Very true what you say about Sucker Punch. It really did get slammed by the critics... and the public. Weird, I was sure that it was going to be huge. Makes me want to see it more now just to see how bad it could possibly be

  5. Haha, I did? Wow. I was quite surprised by all the people who hated Sucker Punch. I thought it sounded and looked quite good. I should see it, I really want to know exactly what is wrong with it.

  6. Ok, first things first. You. Must. Watch. Rio. It was rio-ly beautiful! The story was nicely plotted and the colours were so vibrant it makes you wanna go to the actual Rio de Janeiro. It is brilliant. And hilariously funny.
    I'm not sure about Sucker Punch. Some of my friends say it's really nice, others say it's a waste of money and time, so I'm still debating whether to watch it when it comes out on DVD, cos my long debate til now and the movie has ended screening, so.
    I have nothing to say about Just Go With It, since...I'm technically not old enough to get the jokes.
    Hop sounds..a little boring. I didn't really enjoy Alvin and the Chipmunks, so I guess I'm not really gonna enjoy Hop as well..
    I have no comments on the movies out on DVD, since they either don't interest me or it was too boring to watch the full thing. Though I have to agree with you that Skyline was..kinda horrible. My parents were blown away by the effects and I was just sitting in front of my computer going, 'Meh.'
    .....Which is why I'm very selective over movies, I don't watch it unless it's animated or it sounds interesting. Or the effects are cool. As long as it's not Twilight or a horror movie, it's fine with me. I think.

  7. I might go see Rio in the holidays. I just love Jesse Eisenberg's voice, and it looks really fun!
    Yeah, I'm with you on Sucker Punch, I think I'll give it a miss. Too poor just to go and waste money at the movies.
    Just Go with It looks bad, but I hate Adam Sandler, so no surprises there. Same goes for Hop. I hate it when animals start talking.
    Skyline was so 'meh' for me. I think I was busy doing other things whilst watching the movie, though the special effects were kinda cool.
    I just watch whatever comes out. I don't even know what movies I'm into anymore :L

  8. Haha Stevee, that's messed up to not know what movie genre you like anymore.. :X.
    Jesse Eisenberg's voice was perfect. **SPOILERS AHEAD** He sings at the end you know! So did Anne and it was so awesome! Such a lovely voice. And his character was also kinda awkward (for a bird). Oh Jesse, back to the same old awkward geeky characters, aren't you..

  9. Haha, I don't like straight-to-DVD horrors and comedies, if that counts.
    Wow, he sings? Must. See. It. Now.


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