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AAN: Good choices win over silly nominations (Golden Globes gabble)

After the Golden Globes, will there be any surprises left for the rest of the awards season? Will Inception continue to be snubbed in all the big categories? Will The Social Network end up taking over the world? Well, at least the Hollywood Foreign Press Association managed to pick the right winners over it's shoddy nominations.

It looks like the main awards have been sorted out, even if the HFPA don't usually have the best ideas. Christian Bale got the first award for his performance in The Fighter, and it feels like a certainty that Monsieur Bale will get the award. The only surprises to come out of that category will be who gets nominated at the Oscars. I hope Andrew Garfield gets in, even though he failed to get a Screen Actors Guild nomination. Natalie Portman got Best Actress Drama...they may as well just give her the Oscar now and get it over with. Colin Firth, by no surprise, got Best Actor Drama for The King's Speech. As for the winners in the comedy/musical section, do they stand to upset Portman and Firth? Annette Bening has a good chance. But who saw Paul Giamatti winning for Barney's Version? One would have thought that Johnny Depp would have won against Johnny Depp. Then again, Paul Giamatti seems like a good choice, but I doubt he'll even make it to the Oscars.

Melissa Leo...scared of her own Golden Globe.
The category that could have offered the biggest surprise was the Best Supporting Actress one. Helena Bohnam Carter, Mila Kunis, Jacki Weaver and Amy Adams all stood fantastic chances of winning. But who did? Melissa Leo. I wasn't convinced by her Critics Choice win, but maybe my opinions have changed. I still think Amy Adams could sneak the upset, or will she become the next Kate Winslet? Even though Jacki Weaver didn't get the SAG nomination, I'm still rooting for her to get something. And howsabout that bitchy eyeroll Helena Bohnam Carter did during Leo's acceptance speech. We get it. We know your jealous. But maybe if you matched those shoes, more people would have voted for you?

With all the shitcakes on display, you would have thought at least one of them won something, right? I mean, one would have thought the Depp would have won for Alice in Wonderland or Burlesque may have gone in for a major upset (far-fetched...but perfectly possible). Well, Burlesque won one award for Best Original Song, not that that really counts. It's just sad that they kept pushing The Tourist and Alice in Wonderland into the spotlight thanks to their multiple 'nominations'. I mean, on the radio, they kept talking about how The Tourist and Burlesque were the big nominees, with no mention of Inception or even The Social Network. Just shows how obsessed with starpower the HFPA really are. Luckily, the voters pushed The Tourist out, and I bloody hope that they never make a mistake like that again. Anyway, I thought The Tourist was more of a drama?

David Fincher turns up to see his film win is his film, right?
Someone arose an issue with a very interesting tweet (I know I shouldn't listen to these, but #thesocialnetwork was trending so I had to check it out): "Now it seems like more people are bashing The Social Network and praising Inception." Just before awards season started, and particularly around the time everyone was doing their top films of 2010 lists, there was so much hate for Inception going around. Now The Social Network is winning all these awards, there is a lot of hate circling that film and all this "where the hell is Inception?" chatter going around. You may think I'm saying this because I'm obsessed with him, but Christopher Nolan deserves the accolades for Best Director a lot more than David Fincher does. You look at the scale of Inception. It ain't your average blockbuster. It's a grand epic, and Nolan directed, wrote and produced it by himself. This is something which isn't taking into consideration a lot. Fincher directed The Social Network with style, but didn't add anything great (apart from maybe the regatta sequence), like Nolan did. Oh well, TSN will end up taking all the prizes, and Inception is left to get all the technicals, and hopefully a Best Original Screenplay award for God. To conclude this topic: Why the hell did Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross beat Hans Zimmer? I love The Social Network's score, but Inception's has all these great songs, and ends with 'Time', quite possibly the best song I've ever heard.

Here are my thoughts on the winners (excluding TV...not my area):
-I let out a shriek when The Social Network won Best Picture-Drama. I thought it was so cute when Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield stayed sitting down when everyone else got the award, but then producer Scott Rudin told them to get up. Jesse got up, and then literally hauled Andrew out of his seat. At which point the producer commented joyously "The extraordinary right brain left brain of Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield!" Bromance of the century, I tell you. But it puzzles me as to why David Fincher didn't go up. He just feels so detached from this picture.
-Watching the nominees for Best Picture-Comedy/Musical was painful. I think I actually tweeted before the winner was even announced that The Kids Are All Right won.
-Gah. I love Colin Firth, but I thought he could just not win this award so Jesse Eisenberg or James Franco could win. Just to show everyone that Jesse isn't the new Michael Cera and that James isn't really a stoner (or worthy of the D he got given in an acting class because he was filming 127 Hours). But Colin deserves it, most definitely.

-Natalie Portman. Your Oscar is awaiting you...
-Just before they announced the winner for Best Actor-Comedy/Musical, I sent my friend a txt, saying "Can Johnny Depp beat Johnny Depp? No." That was a joke, honestly, I thought he'd win for Alice in Wonderland. Little did I know I was right, and my prediction was wrong. Bravo, Paul Giamatti!
-Obviously Annette Bening was going to win for Best Actress-Comedy/Musical, but the ghost-looking Emma Stone should have. Mind you, this is the first of many nominations for her!

I'm pretty sure he could fit his little awards collection in his hair.
-I give up on Best Supporting Actor. Andrew Garfield is never going to win, Christian Bale is going to continue trying to look like Jesus...the future's looking dim.
-Look above for thoughts on Best Supporting Actress. I thought Jacki Weaver had this one. Time for her to threaten the awards voters with "You've done some bad things sweetie."
-At least David Fincher was there to get his award. You're a great director, but when I see Christopher Nolan and the geniusness that radiates off him, he's always the winner in my heart.
-Aaron Sorkin and his bloody good dialogue skills. Even I admit that he deserved the award over Christopher Nolan and Inception.
-Burlesque and 'You Haven't Seen the Last of Me' gets the award for Best Original Song. Which isn't great if you consider the former but fantastic if you consider the latter.
-Why is there all this sudden love for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross? Let me say this: their score is great, but there are few standout songs. Hans Zimmer's Inception score, however, is epic...and as I write this, I'm listening to Time, which gives me the chills and makes everything more epic. I'm so glad they played that song when they were announced Inception as a nominee for this category. Hans Zimmer deserved it. Hopefully he'll get the Oscar, because Ross and Reznor's score wasn't as amazing as this one.
-Toy Story 3 for Best Animated Picture. Well, no shit. That film is bloody fantastic.

Susanne Bier (director of In a Better World): happy for all of us that I Am Love didn't win.
-I was so glad that I Am Love didn't win Best Foreign Language. However, this morning I said that In a Better World didn't stand much of a chance. So then it comes out and wins. I have got to see this one.

Other thoughts on the show:
-Michael Douglas getting a standing ovation was amazing. But his line was even better: "There's just gotta be an easier way to get a standing ovation."
-Did they have to play 'Hand Covers Bruise' everytime The Social Network got a mention? Seriously, that was one of the worst tracks. 'In Motion' or 'A Familiar Taste' would have been better.
-Ricky Gervais is funny, but I found him to be a bit arrogant and annoying. Tone it down next time, Mister.

Just beam that cute smile and everyone will forget your mistake...
-When Andrew Garfield got hung up on the word 'inspiringly' while presenting The Social Network, I fell in love with him even more. He's human, and he pulled that off without even visually breaking a sweat. Oh, how I love that beautiful man.
-Justin Bieber should not have presented an award for a brilliant film like Toy Story 3. Seriously, he's not even an actor. GET OUT!

WARNING: Do not mess with this man.
-I think Ricky Gervais learnt the hard way that you do not mess with Robert Downey Jr. Gervais tried to jab Downey with several 'jokes' about his porn-ish movie titles and then his former residence at a rehab centre. At which point Downey comes out and starts off by saying "I don't think an actress has done her best work...until she's slept with me." He goes through all of the nominees of the Best Actress-Comedy/Musical category, concluding by saying "I'd give it to all five of once." Totally stole the show.
-Matt Damon hadn't heard of Robert De Niro until five years ago. You are kidding.
-Robert De Niro made a joke about the badness of Little Fockers. I expected him to understand.
-A bad actress presenting a bad film...Megan Fox and The Tourist.

-I wish I was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He got to introduce Inception, quote Bette Davis and praise Christopher Nolan. Lucky guy.
-I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg is taking notice of all The Social Network buzz?

What did you think of the Golden Globes? Comments please...I'm still begging!

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