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AAN: Guessing the Golden Globes

ANNUAL AWARDS NERDISM delves into the guessing game of predicting the winners of Golden Globes, which are today. Guess who's back to help me rank my predictions? None other than Leo, Zuck and Steve. What will they be doing? Here's the key:
Strutting Leo: Who I'd like to win, my personal pick.
Mark 'You have my attention' Zuckerberg: Who is going to win in reality.
Steve from Legion: The longest of shots.


There aren't any long shots in this category, as The King's Speech, Black Swan and The Fighter are all pretty much on the same level. Could Inception win? It would take a miracle. Especially with The Social Network dominating.


I haven't even seen The Kid's Are All Right, but I'd be happy to see a 96% movie win over all the other rotten yahoos anyday. If 20% The Tourist wins, then that will show just how dumb the Hollywood Foreign Press really are.


As much as I'd like to see young Jesse Eisenberg win at least one award for his stunning performance in The Social Network, it's gotta go to Colin Firth, so he can continue his Oscar campaign for A Single Man The King's Speech. I suspect Mark Wahlberg was thrown in there for starpower at the awards ceremony.


Since I hear Natalie Portman is beyond good in Black Swan, I'd be happy to see her win. Not sure about Halle Berry for Frankie and Alice, as I hardly think this will make it to the Oscars.


It may have worked for Heath Ledger in 2009 for The Dark Knight, but I doubt Johnny Depp's make-up disguised turn in Alice in Wonderland will generate any Oscar buzz. Soak up all the glory now, Johnny, coz you won't be going any further. His normal performance in The Tourist is a longshot, simply because the film isn't that great. I just love Jake Gyllenhaal, so he's my preferred.


Emma Stone definitely had the best comedic performance I'd seen last year  in Easy A, but Annette Bening has been generating Oscar buzz since The Kids Are All Right came out. She probably has the better chance between her and co-star Julianne Moore. Angelina Jolie just got the nod because she's in The Tourist and it would be unfair if they didn't nominate her royal highness. I can't see Anne Hathaway upsetting for Love and Other Drugs, but I'd be happy to see her coming away with the award.


Extreme weight loss will be on everyones mind when they vote for this category throughout awards season, so it looks like Christian Bale should continue his campaign with the win for The Fighter. If the Golden Globes were to surprise, you could easily see Andrew Garfield, Jeremy Renner or Geoffrey Rush (probably most likely choice) come through for the win. Michael Douglas seems like a bit of a longshot, and probably more deserving of a nomination for Solitary Man rather than Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. But as Gordon Gekko would say, 'Greed is good!', and this may work in Douglas' favour.


Since I love Animal Kingdom to death, I'd love it to pck up one big award, particularly if it's for Jacki Weaver and her marvellous performance as the matriach of a family full of crims. No one can really pick this category, as the 'fight's' between The Fighter co-stars Melissa Leo and Amy Adams. I'm not convinced by Melissa Leo's win at the Critics Choice Awards, and could see Amy Adams going in for the award, particularly because she's been nominated in this category three times since 2005. Mila Kunis, apparently not as deserving as other Black Swan actress Barbara Hershey, probably won't get the award, unless the HFPA are feeling generous. I love her for getting a nomination though.


I still think Christopher Nolan could win this award for his work on Inception. I mean, on a poll on IMDb that was asking for predictions, God was leading with 5500 votes, followed Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan with 1800, and then David Fincher for The Social Network with 1500. Mind you, no one listens to that, so David Fincher will get the win for his least Fincher film. Tom Hooper doesn't stand a great chance against those three, but David O. Russell is probably the weakest of the lot, considering he took the Coens or Danny Boyle's spot.


Shit. Put Christopher Nolan's screenplay for Inception in the same category as Aaron Sorkin's screenplay for The Social Network and Inception is dust. In fact, everything is dust when you compare it to The Social Network. The King's Speech may have gotten Best Original Screenplay at the Critics Choice, but it doesn't stand a chance. Nor does the 127 Hours script. And it would have to be a real upset if The Kids Are All Right got the award.


Even though Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross won the Critics Choice Award for their great The Social Network score, Hans Zimmer's Inception score is by far the best. God, I've listening to the score nearly everyday since like August, and I must admit, it's one of the best I've ever heard. And wouldn't it be nice if Inception could get at least one award? Alexandre Desplat and A.R. Rahman always do great work, and I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of The King's Speech and 127 Hours' scores, either. Danny Elfman's score was one of the best things about Alice in Wonderland, but I can't see it going much further than this nomination.


Jeez, if Toy Story 3 doesn't win this category, then there'll be a huge upset on our hands. Plus, why wasn't this nominated for Best Comedy? Are they trying to say that a 99% movie is worse off than a 20% one? How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled and the widely loved French film The Illusionist will all fight the fair fight, with Despicable Me being the longshot (even though it's fantastic) since it wasn't as well-received as the rest of them. But I think everyone knows that Toy Story 3 was the only animated pic this year.


Javier Bardem's outing in the 'depressing' film Biutiful directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu has been generating a lot of Oscar buzz, and probably has the best chance here. If I Am Love wins, someone is going to get shot. Yeah, I know most people love it, but it is so damn overrated. Former Basterd Melanie Laurent stars in The Concert, which is a longshot since it's only rated 58%, just a few points off being fresh. Kray (The Edge) and In a Better World have barely been viewed enough to take the award.

Got any predictions of your own? Check back for my conclusion on the winners sometime tonight!

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