Thursday, July 29, 2010

So I went to go and see Inception again...

Instead of doing another review, because I only did one just a few days back, I'm just going to share a few things that I loved about the movie:

Complicatedness: If you have seen the movie you will understand what this thing means. But this looks a little bit like what me and my friend drew up on the whiteboard during Maths. We do work, I promise. But Inception hasn't left any of our minds yet. Sorry Maxine, Megan and Kieran, but this was not my fault.

Music: I thought 'Mind Heist' was epic, but the music in the movie was amazing! Especially 'Time' by Hans Zimmer, which is played at the end. Listen to this, and you will want to see the movie again. It hurts me to listen to it, because I don't think I'll get to see it again until it's released on DVD, but it's addictive.

Spinning top: Such a significance to the movie. I totally want one! A 'totem', that is. Damn you Dom Cobb, I want that spinning top!

Tom Hardy: The funniest guy in this movie. This guy is such a talented actor, and makes the role of Eames one to remember. I will definitely be digging up Bronson and other such films this guy has been in. Everything he said got a laugh from the audience. And I want to be a 'forger' just like him.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Beast. Absolutely loved him in this movie. Arthur is my favourite character out of the movie, and JGL's extreme good looks only make it better. I want to marry this guy. But I know that will never happen.

Arthur and Eames: I love the end of this clip!! It's the best quote ever!! Me and my friends cracked up when Eames said this! And Arthur's face!

Christopher Nolan: I am still in shock. I wonder how this one guy made this whole film up entirely from his imagination. Really, he could be just a director who never wears a tee-shirt but looks oh-so-superior in that suit, but he is a genius. More genius than Einstein.

I could not only completely enjoy it, but I also felt fulfilled by what it had achieved in just over two hours: In other words, I loved it.

I really want to go and see Inception again. And this post is dedicated to my chums Maxine, Megan and Kieran, who have put up with me harping on about this for months and coming to see it with me. They say they totally loved it. And for once, I know they're not lying just to keep my cinematic side happy=)

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