Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week #2 in summary...! I think you know what rocked my world this week...Inception!

Just so you know, the whole 'Out of the Preview Drawer...' category has gone out the window because the previews are dwindling down to nothing. Sorry. And I am rewatching more than one movie a week. That is not my fault. And sorry that the posts have been late, but things are complicated on the internet front.
What did I watch this week?

  • Pan's Labyrinth (2006) A freaky horror/fairytale that scared the crumbs out of me. But not my Mum. 8/10

  • Valentine's Day (2010) It has more stars than the heavens above but this is a pretty mediocre story about the day of love. Cool rhyme, huh? Probably cooler than the movie was. 5/10

  • Crazy Heart (2009) Jeff Bridges in his Oscar winning role. He was bloody good in this movie, too. But the rest of the movie didn't fare quite so well. 6/10

  • Memento (2000) Rewatched. This, until the day after, was my favourite film of all time. But then, you know, I saw another great Nolan film...10/10

  • Inception (2010) The worst movie of the year. Just joking!! Favourite movie of all time!! And the day I first saw it may have been the greatest day of my life!! 10/10

  • 42nd Street (1933) Returning to my old movie roots. This time with a brilliant musical from the days of the Great Depression. 7/10

  • Match Point (2005) Woody Allen. Why did I even bother with this film? And why do I keep going back to watch Woody Allen movies?! 4/10

Okay seven films in seven days...that's more like it. Pretty mediocre week, but oh, there was INCEPTION!! That movie changed my life!

Best movie?? Inception. Duh. Christopher Nolan has the brains of 50million geniuses.

Worst movie?? Match Point, it would seem this week.

Next weeks post coming soon!

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