Thursday, October 29, 2009

26th October 2009

I watched Flashdance not so long ago, and I thought it was quite good. Then I just watched Make it Happen (2008) and I realized something, all dancing movies these days are exactly the same. What is up with that? Flashdance, Make it Happen, Step Up...they all have the same story, a little nobody from the wrong side of the tracks tries to make it big in an elite school of Dance. What ever happened to the dance movies that had heaps of creative dances, and didn't all share the same storylines? Like Singin In the Rain. So Make It Happen stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (man her name sounds posh), who I last saw in Death Proof, and I thought she was fantastic. She has a lot of talent which we saw in this movie, but there was not enough material for her to show off that talent. The rest of the cast included Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts, which was a bit of a surprise. As for the dancing, I thought it was good, but since seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button I would rather be watching beautiful ballet than burlesque hip hop. However, the movie is not all that bad, it's an easy popcorn flick to watch, mainly aimed at chicks. But it is so predictable, so if you like to feel that you are a psychic, then this film is for you!

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