Wednesday, October 28, 2009

25th October 2009

Ever since I watched Brokeback Mountain, I've always loved Michelle Williams and the movies shes in. So watching Wendy and Lucy (2009), it was great. Now, the story is really easy to connect to, a woman, who watches the little money she has, loses her dog. Losing a pet is the worst ordeal you can go through, because you know they can't fend for themselves as humans can. The film follows Wendy's (Williams) search for Lucy (Lucy the Dog), and Wendy living out on the streets while her car is being fixed. One of the things I found quite annoying in this film though was that there was hardly any dialogue, mainly because it was just Wendy's story with random characters coming in and out of it. Some of the scenes were just thrown all over the place, and there wasn't a good flow of continuity. But, that aside, it was a great film. Sadly, like Let the Right One In, and so many other good films these days, it never got a wide cinema release and it's dvd rentals will only produce mediocre results. That's the sad thing about today's film industry, good films are forgotten and aren't given worldwide releases, as well as relatively quiet dvd releases, but crap films that are made for no reason are released at the movies and millions of people waste there money on them. They should be spending their hard earned cash on a movie like this.

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