Thursday, October 29, 2009

27th October 2009

My Speech and Drama exams were on this day and let's just say, I was a little stressed out. But after a good day, I came home to watch Sleepless in Seattle (1993). Ever since I watched Forrest Gump I always thought Tom Hanks could be one of the best actors of our time. As usual, he was great in this surprising romantic comedy also starring Meg Ryan. So I thought this would be like most Romantic Comedies, all lovey dovey from start to finish, but no, the two main stars never physically meet until the very end. That's what I like about this film, it is different from most. Tom Hanks son rings up a radio station and complains that his father is lonely and needs love. Meg Ryan hears this on the way home, and falls for the man on the radio. She pines for him, but Hanks' character doesn't no a thing about him. After seeing this film, I think I really need to see An Affair to Remember, because it looks like my type of film. However, I thought this film was lacking the power to weave it's way into your heart and hold it right through the movie. Sadly, for me, it was a great letdown. But I still think it is a great rom-com, perfect for all chick flick lovers, and all those who love Tom Hanks, as I do.

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