Thursday, February 21, 2013

AAN: Oscar Predictions - The 'Bests' and the Visuals

Welcome to part two of my official Oscar predictions, the big one that this 2013 series of Annual Awards Nerdism has come down to. Tonight, I'll be looking at the 'Bests' (Best Animated Feature Film of the Year, Best Foreign Language Film of the Year, Best Documentary - Features) and the Visuals (Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Editing, Best Achievement in Visual Effects). NOTE: I'm not going to attempt the awards for the Shorts because I'll end up looking like a fool.
PAST PREDICTIONS: Sound and Design

The 'Bests' Awards

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
Brave / Frankenweenie / Paranorman / The Pirates! Band of Misfits / Wreck-It Ralph

Looks like this will be another Pixar year, even if every man and his dog is intent on calling Brave a bad film because it isn't as good as every other Pixar film. To be honest, this is still one of my absolute favourite films of 2012, mainly because it has a better message than most other animated films. And yeah, that's all I have to say about that. I'll be a little surprised if Brave loses. Plus, it'll be exciting when it does because then Brenda Chapman will be the first woman to win the award. Exciting!

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
Amour / Kon-Tiki / No / Rebelle / A Royal Affair

Yeah, Amour will almost definitely win this. And I'm still envisioning a complete Amour take over this year. Just you wait and see...

Best Documentary - Features
5 Broken Cameras / The Gatekeepers / How to Survive a Plague / The Invisible War / Searching for Sugarman

I've been very slack with the old documentary watching this year. So much so that the only 2012-released documentary I've seen is Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and that's not even nominated here. This is something that needs to change throughout the year. Mind you, I did read an article about how the director of Searching for Sugarman ran out of money so he could no longer shoot on Super 8 film, so he used an iPhone app to complete the film. That's actually kind of cool. I do think that The Invisible War has a good shot of taking this out.

The Visual Awards.

Best Achievement in Cinematography
Anna Karenina / Django Unchained / Life of Pi / Lincoln / Skyfall

All I really want from this year's Oscars is for Skyfall to win Best Cinematography. Come on guys, not only was it pretty much the best looking film of the year - dare I remind you of that beautiful Shanghai tower sequence? - but Roger Deakins is due. Like, more due than you could possibly be due. However, I have a funny feeling that Life of Pi will pull the rug from beneath Deakins. Which would just suck. While I will put forth my prediction for Life of Pi, I'm hoping that I get a surprise come Monday.

Best Achievement in Editing
Argo / Life of Pi / Lincoln / Silver Linings Playbook / Zero Dark Thirty

I imagine that Argo will take this one out, even though Zero Dark Thirty is leading the race with the most wins/nominations for this particular category. Having only seen Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty from this category, and neither of them were particularly striking on the editing front. I can see a spoiler from Silver Linings Playbook, though.

Best Achievement in Visual Effects
The Avengers / The Hobbit / Life of Pi / Prometheus / Snow White and the Huntsman

Of all the awards for The Hobbit to lose, NZ will whine the most about this one. They did that last year when Weta Workshop didn't win for their work in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (mind you, I still can't get over the fact that Hugo won that one), but luckily it was overshadowed by Bret McKenzie's win. I don't really think The Hobbit has too much of a chance here - I imagine this is Life of Pi's award. However, wouldn't it be nice if The Avengers won for it's sole nomination? I would like that very much.

What do you think? Who will take out these awards? Be sure to check in tomorrow when I take on the Director and Screenplay awards, complete with poetry!


  1. Good predictions. I agree with all of them, except I think Searching for Sugar Man will win Best Documentary Feature Film.

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