Saturday, June 30, 2012

June in Movies

Wow...half way through the year already. Our school term has just finished, but unfortunately the workload hasn't weakened. When I'm not working, I'll be doing homework. But I have set aside A LOT of time to watch all the great movies that are coming out in the next two weeks (seriously, in the second week of the holidays there are SEVEN films I want to see coming out). However, as this month draws to a close, I can't help but feel it has been the best month I've had in a long time. Apart from the crappy weather, a cool beach trip with friends, the LAMMYs, the DemPod Battle Royale and the Matineecast turned up to make everything better. My movie watching wasn't too bad, considering that every single day of this month has been filled with school work. I am a time management queen.

*P.S. My time management skills aren't always the greatest. If you're expecting an email or something back from me, I'm slowly getting there...just need some room to let off some steam.

Movies I hadn't seen before until the month of June...

The 400 Blows - Yeah, I didn't love this as much as everyone else. It wasn't a bad just didn't do a lot for me.
The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) - Watched this in preparation for my co-directing gig since I couldn't find the musical version. For something shot in two days, it was pretty good.
Albert Nobbs - Honestly couldn't see what was wrong with it. Brendan Gleeson's beard was just too impressive.
Our Idiot Brother - I wanna give this movie a huge hug.
Safe House - Confession: the music used in this trailer is so badass. I really do love it when they use hip-hop songs in trailers. Though it is weird that the trailer for this and the trailer for The Great Gatsby have the same music.
Chronicle - Dane DeHaan is one guy we ought to watch out for in the future.
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg - If I could be Catherine Deneuve then that would be great.
Alien - So awesome, but didn't get me excited for Prometheus. I have the sequel in my bedroom, can't wait to watch it.
Breathless - After watching this I read a little bit about Jean Seberg's life. Pretty horrific, huh?
30 Minutes or Less - Looks like Jesse Eisenberg isn't having the best run after The Social Network. Have you seen the poster for this? It is SO Photoshopped.
The Vow - Yes, I liked this one. In fact, I've pretty much liked all of Rachel McAdams' romances. Take away my cinephile card if you must.
The Ides of March - I have the poster for this up in my room at the moment. It is nice to wake up to Ryan Gosling's face every morning.
Vivre Sa Vie - Oh I wish I could be Anna Karina too. These French New Wave films have given me major girl-envy.
Raging Bull - Can't say I loved this as much as everyone else but ahahaha, they're making a sequel to it. Weird.
Au Hasard Balthazar - I can't look at donkeys in the same way since Balthazar haunted my dreams a couple of weeks ago.
Straw Dogs (1971) - Okay, perhaps I shouldn't have watched the remake before this one. It just didn't sit well with me at all. Dustin Hoffman was great, though.
One for the Money - Double this with coming across people being mean to other people and man does your night suck.
La Luna - Seriously the cutest short movie I've ever seen. Now every time I go outside at night my eyes are always directed towards the moon.
Brave - I'm still obsessing over Merida's hair.
Memoirs of a Geisha - I borrowed this from my friend on the night of the ball...which was in December last year. Thought it was about time I gave it a watch, huh?
Hiroshima Mon Amour - Eh...
Jack and Jill - How do movies like this happen?
Happy Feet Two - I'd love to say that my mind was fully on this movie, but it wasn't. For one thing, it was too dull for me to be interested in, and for another thing, I was helping a friend with his speech. Because I'm kind like that.
Shame - Oh, you should have heard me crying during this one. I don't even think it was crying, actually. I was basically screaming and heaving. It was a hideous sound.
Jules and Jim - Add Jeanne Moreau to that list of French New Wave-induced girl-envy.

Movies that I've seen before but felt the need to see again because I'm cool like that...

The Muppets - For a movie night (with the BEST FEED EVER, which we're gonna do again tomorrow). I got so excited over this movie the third time around I just about keeled over. I wish I could say I was joking.
Warrior - Wow. This movie. Many tears were shed at the end of this one.
Shaun of the Dead - But that's okay, because we watched this one straight afterwards. Oh, Edgar Wright, you beast.
Cemetery Junction - Watched this out at the beach. We all kinda agreed that they should use this movie in our English class. May sound unpopular, but we have our reasons.
Kick-Ass - Hadn't seen this in ages, so I felt deprived of Mark Strong's awesomeness.
Moneyball - I actually really really like this movie. Even though I haven't the foggiest of what baseball entails.
Shame - So the day after I saw it for the first time, I begged my friend to see it so we could chat about it. Next thing I know she's at my house at 9pm (on a school night) and we watched this movie that we've been talking about for the past nine months. Because we're cool.
Three Colours: Blue - I decided as soon as I woke up this morning that I should stay in bed and give this another spin. So beautiful.

What do you think of these movies? Seen anything good this month yourself?


  1. How did you like Geisha? I am one of the v.v. few who loves it.
    *A face of Cloosling every morning. That poster was better than the film.

    I might just rewatch Shame, but that won't go all too well with my animation month.

    Also girl-envy is because these French actresses are stunning!!

    Good list of films, as always :D

    1. I thought Geisha was okay - it was very beautiful, though.

      Haha, Shame won't go well with your animation month at all!

      French actresses are so stunning! I wanna go to France!

  2. Awesome list of films watched. I'm very impressed. Instead of doing these posts once a month, I'm doing them once every two weeks, since I've been watching a LOT these past few months (seriously, I cannot believe the number of films I've watched in June, as my Letterboxd diary entries will detail). My next post'll be up tomorrow.

    I love all the French New Wave actresses you've come to admire: Catherine Deneuve, Anna Karina and Jeanne Moreau. They're all wonderful. Moreau was beautiful and unfathomably sexy in Louis Malle's Elevator to the Gallows and The Lovers; Karina shines in all her Godardian roles; you might also like her in A Woman is a Woman and Made in USA, though they're both pretty full-on Godard movies; as for Deneuve, I know a fellow blogger who thinks she's the sexiest actress to ever have lived, and I have trouble disagreeing. I keep wanting to recommend Bunuel movies featuring her, but then I realize you've already seen Belle de Jour, which is probably her best movie.

    The only nationality of actresses I find more sexy, intriguing and wonderfully talented than the French are the Swedish. When I first got into Bergman films, I was stunned with the talented actresses (and actors) he would cast regularly. Ingrid Thulin, Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson and Liv Ullmann are my four favourites; I have a firm belief that Thulin is the best actress who has ever lived, and that's the simple truth in my head. But I better stop rambling; you must be tired reading this, haha.

    1. Ha, you probably watch more in two weeks then I do in a month!

      I'm totally going to catch up with more Deneuve, Karina and Moreau movies. I love them all so much, now. Especially Deneuve. Even I'd say that she's the sexiest actress who ever lived.

      Ah, the Swedish. Sweden must be a pretty great country!

  3. You hadn't seen Alien before? Surprised at that one, but then again, since you said you weren't a sci-fi fan and all it shouldn't be too surprising.

    Dude, I thought that Prometheus was going to be amazing - I am a massive sci-fi fan, always have been and I really like Alien and Aliens, but my was terrible. Words can't describe how awful it was, and I was shocked that it had to turn out that way. Best you avoid it, I'd say.

    1. I had not. I had wanted to see it earlier but every time it was on TV I was always busy :/

      I've heard that Prometheus was pretty disappointing. I only wanna see it for Fassy.

  4. Good month - hah, the only one I've seen of these is Memoirs of a Geisha. I read the book too, because I liked the film a lot, I think it's quite underrated (the film).
    My month has been epic... sadly I don't have the time to write my monthly post until middle of next month.

    Gah, you remind me that I really need to start dipping my toes into some nouvelle vague too.

    1. The film is quite underrated - I remember it being way more popular than it was!

      You do need to start dipping your toes in New Wave. So many good films.

  5. Not to be rude, but do you usually cry from films you love to bits? I mean, you did that with Inception, and now you've done it for Shame. Just wondering.

    Also, it's kind of awesome to see you going through a French film phase. (Say that three times fast.) Think you might move onto Italian neo-realism after this?

    Still, nice roster of films.

    1. Gotta agree with Anna here, Italian neo-realism would be right up your alley. Remember the names Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti. I can see you gushing over them already.

    2. I do cry in films that I love to bits. I get so overwhelmed with emotion. I even cried during The Muppets - in fact, I was having a full on seizure from it's awesomeness.

      Yup, that's a day in the life of me.

      I might indeed go onto Italian neo-realism. I bought La Dolce Vita two years ago and still haven't watched it. That needs to be rectified.

    3. You bought it HOW long ago and still haven't watched it??!! *dies*

    4. I know, it is ridiculous. I just can't seem to muster up the courage to watch a three hour Italian film...but I'll get there.

    5. La Dolce Vita is really cool... there's no real story, but more a flow of emotions and events.
      And it doesn't feel that long.

  6. You couldn't find the musical version of little shop, but you found the Roger Corman version? How... strange. But you definitely need to see the musical version! (ESPECIALLY if you're about to co-direct the stage play, as it's vastly different!)

    1. It is a little strange! But no, I'm getting the musical version soon, as a whole lot of people have been borrowing it before I've been able to.

  7. Great mix of movies, I like the fact that you don't stick to a specific genre or only well received film- hence, the Jack&Jill and One for the money mentions!
    I really want to see Jules and Jim, it's been on my list for months!

    1. That's the thing with working at a DVD store - I don't have to pay to see bad movies! Therefore I get a good range.

      Jules and Jim is pretty alright, definitely check it out!

  8. Holy hell that's a huge amount of movies! I only saw 10 movies in June but I did see Prometheus which was amazing and Blade Runner again which gets 10/10 from me. As I'm watching The Wire I'm not sure I will watch more films in July than in June, but so far it was a good month because I didn't see anything awful.

    I rewatched Moneyball in June too, I love that film. The music, the editing and Pitt's work are especially impressive.

    1. The Wire - I really need to watch that TV series. Along with 500 others.

      Moneyball is pretty awesome, isn't it? Pitt's performance is one of my favourites of last year.

  9. Nice list! I managed to get through 43 films, but 17 of them were rewatches.

  10. Really good list :) I watched Shame in April, and was completely blown away by it. I wanted to see it for a long time, too. Michael Fassbender definitely should have been nominated for Best Actor. The best movies I watched in June that I hadn't seen before were Hunger, Hot Fuzz, and The Artist.

    1. Michael Fassbender definitely should have been nominated for an Oscar! Hunger and The Artist are great movies, too.

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