Monday, April 30, 2012

April in Movies

Okay, so this month has been marginally better than last month. There was barely any disappointment to be had. We had holidays, which were good apart from the fact that I had to work just about every single day of them. The month has closed off with my mother going for an operation and now I have to look after her (I'm such a good daughter), and a trip to the city yesterday to see some avenging and do some shopping. And hey, I've bought five DVDs in the past two days (Thor, Crazy Stupid Love, The Fall, Days of Heaven and Before Sunrise), so I'm back to doing what I do best.

Next month promises to be awesome, though. Particularly because every week of next month has an awesome movie coming out. I'll get to see my beloved War Horse and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo again!

Movies I had never seen before until the month of April

The Rite - Exorcism movies really aren't my scene. At all.
Project Nim - I need to see this film again when I don't have such a cracking headache that I had to have a nap at 6pm. Jeez that was horrible.
Real Steel - Got this for mother today. One of the things I like about her recuperation period is that I get to choose her movies.
Battle Royale - I was glad that I watched this at the start of the holidays, but now I'm back at school I'm convinced that someone's going to throw us into a battle royale and we'll see the worst in people.
Mission: Impossible - Ahaha, in drama me and my partner have based our play around Mission Impossible, but it is more of a comedy version. I get stoned. It is hilarious.
The Fall - Preeeeetty.
The Fountain - Also pretty, but I didn't quite understand it on only one watch. I'll revisit it in a few years.
Machine Gun Preacher - Didn't the Kony 2012 campaign kinda flop? Awkward. Maybe they should be marketing this slightly messy film a bit more.
Chicago - I like musicals but I can't say I enjoyed this film very much. Still, they should make more pretty films set in the 1920's/30's.
Days of Heaven - I can't believe I found this at JB Hi-Fi. I was just looking for it as a joke (since it is out of print here) and there it was. I was so happy.
The Round Up - I think I had a nightmare about the events in this movie the other night. It wasn't pleasant.
Mission Impossible 2 - All I remember about this film were the Ferrero Rocher's I was eating while watching it. Those things are nice.
Heartless - I don't know why I decided to pick up this British horror (I don't watch horrors), but I'm kinda glad I did. I quite liked it.
Mission Impossible 3 - LENS FLARE!
The Son of No-One - It was seriously impossible to find a story in this film. I don't know why Juliette Binoche was in it, either.
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - Was actually okay, but this is coming from someone who doesn't watch horrors. Guy Pearce needs some better roles, though.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - If it wasn't for The Avengers I'd still be obsessed with this movie. I hadn't had that much fun with a movie in a long time.
Cloverfield - Why the hell did I miss this back in 2008? It was actually awesome.
I Melt with You - Lord. This movie. Someone came up at work with a couple of comedies and asked what else he could get with them, and then said "what about that movie with melting in the title?" Before I had time to think I pretty much yelled at him "DON'T GET THAT MOVIE!" I'm so happy no-one's rented it (that sounds awful).
Toast - I hate movies that have nice looking food in them because they make me hungry.
Tower Heist - It was okay but I've kind of forgot it exists.
Les Miserables (1998) - I borrowed this from my friend's dad back at the start of December, along with Memoirs of a Geisha and The English Patient. Figured I'd better make a start on them. This movie was okay. I still wish Liam Neeson was my dad.
New Year's Eve - I admit, I enjoyed it, but it was still vile.
The Iron Lady - Working on my review which will be up on Wednesday. Didn't enjoy it that much.
The Avengers - Me and my friend (we've been looking forward to this movie forever) were so pumped about this today at school. We actually started tearing up about the end of Captain America. We're like, equal to The Hunger Games fandom but only much cooler.

Movies I've already seen before but decided to watch again because I'm cool like that.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - I do love Tennessee Williams adaptations. Paul Newman is so sexy in this one.
Romeo + Juliet - Oh gosh, I love this film. The soundtrack is cool, too.
In the Mood for Love - Gave it a second look. Quite liked it, but I couldn't bring myself to reviewing it.
Titanic - Cool night out at the movies. But I must say, my favourite part of the night was the $5 pizza (how does that even compute in a place like NZ?!)
Days of Heaven - Because I thought I was never ever going to see it again for the rest of my life. But thanks to JB Hi-Fi, I won't have to feel sad when I send it back.
The Adventures of Tintin x2 - I saw it twice, once before I depressed myself with I Melt with You and once with my friends. Stuff the haters, this movie is great fun.
Midnight in Paris - Had so many (pretty depressing) movies to watch, but decided to see this again instead. So I'm going to watch a couple of those depressing movies tonight.

How about you? Seen anything good this month?


  1. I'll have to write my post to put up tomorrow, but I saw loads of great films this month, ranging from classic silent movies like Carl Dreyer's Vampyr, to whatever the hell The Iron Lady was. I also just bought Paris Texas, which is an EFFING INCREDIBLE movie from the 80s which I saw about five years ago and pretty much CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE, so I can't freaking wait to watch that again (I think you would like it - it's an English language movie, so don't worry about it being too arty because it's nothing like that).

    1. I actually have Paris Texas in my queue! I'm not sure where it is placed, though.

  2. My month was OK. Not special and now I have a Dog that is ruling the roost now. What have a i done LOL

    1. Awwwwww, your dog is so cute! You're going to have so much fun with her.

  3. Sounds like you had a terrific month, especially with seeing The Avengers and Tintin.

    1. I did. It was an action packed fun filled month, that's for sure.

  4. When I saw The Funtain a few years ago, I didn't understand it either. I don't know which one is more baffling: this one or Pi.

    1. I've not seen Pi yet, but I probably should. I love Aronofsky's work, but The Fountain was so baffling.

  5. I want to watch The Avengers instantly!
    Seems like you had a quite good month...

    Mission Impossible series - Don't remember much about these, except the coolness.

    The Iron Lady - Watched it this month too, and found it okay, but not utterly great... wish they had focussed more on her youth. Also, there was a lot about the IRA, but never found out her opinion about the organisation.

    Romeo + Juliet - So cute, I want to rewatch!

    In the Mood for Love - Wasn't able to write a review either - I just love this movie.

    Midnight in Paris - The perfect film when you feel like the opposite of depressing movies...

    1. Go! It is so gooooood!

      Mission Impossible is such a cool series, but I only remember Ghost Protocol.
      I wish they focussed more on her youth, too. And the IRA thing seemed a little vague. Then again, I've seen Hunger, which gave me a better insight into that.
      Midnight in Paris is just such a beautiful, happy film!

  6. I agree about Pearce the crap he stars in lately is horrifying. I hope Prometheus and Lawless will turn his careet around, because his recent films are just...sad. The best thing I saw in april was "3 women", really amazing movie.

    1. I hope those films do too. Mind you, he started the year with that Lockout, which looks just terrible. I want to see 3 Women so much! I must get around to it.

  7. I just finished my monthly report which I'll post later today. The best film I saw this month is La Jetee by Chris Marker. I really need to get the Criterion DVD set.

    1. I've been hearing a lot about this La Jetee lately. Maybe I should give it a watch!

  8. Nice batch of films! I also watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof last month, and it was terrific. Made me want to see more of Tennessee Williams' work on screen.

    1. If you haven't seen A Streetcar Named Desire (the 1951 version with Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh), do so. That one is great.

  9. The best film I saw this month by far was Marketa Lazarova, a real Czech masterpiece. A couple other newer films I enjoyed were 'Oslo, 31 August' and 'Shame'.

    1. I've heard Oslo, 31 August is really good! And one day I'll get to see Shame. By my calculations it should be out next month on DVD.

  10. My month was pretty busy with uni work, but I squeezed in some good movies! Nice selection there, Stevee!

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