Monday, February 13, 2012

AAN: The BAFTAs are Better than the Oscars.

There, I said it. I think I might just base my whole awards season around the BAFTAs and end it there. Because the Brits know where it is at. You won't find any Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close here.

I don't really have a tremendous amount of things to say about the BAFTAs since I didn't watch the show and they won't have a lot of impact on the Oscars at all. So just some sprawled thoughts on the winners - which may not make a lot of sense, since World War 3 is still going on in my head (okay, I think ever since I watched Trespass the excessive screaming from that movie has been stuck in my head wreaking all sorts of havoc).

-The Artist won Best Film. Can't say that was a surprise. Hopefully every cinema in NZ will take note so maybe it won't be playing in only nine cinemas and might actually come to Palmerston North before the Oscars. Just a thought.
-Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for the Best British Film. I still need to see this movie...but no-one has found the kindness in their heart to drive me over to the cinemas. Eh.

-I'm going to change my name to Jean Dujardin. I like the way it rolls off my sounds so sexy. I don't care if I'm a girl.
-So, I guess that means Jean Dujardin will win the Oscar? Anyone but George Clooney, baby. But I'm sad that Fassy didn't win, because I would have yelled 'SUCK ON THAT, OSCARS!' from the rooftops (...of Dannevirke, New Zealand).
-Oooh, Meryl Streep won Best Actress, just as I predicted it. I think the race is practically 50/50 between Davis and'll be interesting to see who gets it. But you know me, my heart is with Rooney Mara all the way.
-Christopher Plummer got Best Supporting Actor. Usually I get sick of people sweeping all of the awards, but not Plummer. He was amazing in Beginners.

-I'm sorta surprised that Octavia Spencer won Best Supporting Actress, even though I'm not sure who else it could have gone to. Alas, my dream of seeing Jessica Chastain deliver an acceptance speech this season is quashed :'(

-Will Michel Hazanavicius win the Best Director Oscar? I'm still somewhat uncertain...I think they could still go with Martin Scorsese and his kids film.
-Ahahaha. The Artist for Best Original Screenplay? I guess the BAFTAs were just throwing awards at it. But I'm not sure how a screenplay for a silent film could beat a screenplay like Midnight in Paris.
-I actually predicted Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for Best Adapted Screenplay. Yay me.
-Best Cinematography for The Artist. Oh well, The Tree of Life wasn't even nominated here.
-OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SENNA GOT BEST EDITING!!!!!!!! This news literally made my day, even though none of my friends knew why I was so excited.
-Seriously, you peeps may be surprised about that award, but unless you have seen the film, you wouldn't understand. That movie owns the world of editing.
-Shame on you Oscars for not nominating it for editing.
-Hugo got Production Design. It did look very purdy.
-Oooh, The Artist gets thrown another award, this time for Best Costume Design. When I become a director, I'm going to make a 2 second silent, black-and-white film to hark back to the days of 1888, when cinema started. You'll see the Oscars pouring in for me. (that was a joke)
-I feel kinda sad that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's score won't get recognised this season, but I guess that The Artist's score had a big job to do.
-Wow, didn't see The Iron Lady winning Best Makeup/Hair. Everyone loves it when they make people look old. That doesn't mean you, J. Edgar.
-Heh, at least The Artist didn't win Best Sound. Hugo, for the win.
-Oh, so Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 only gets Best Visual Effects. This movie deserved so much more, y'all.
-I was quite surprised that The Skin I Live In got Best Foreign Film over A Separation. But I think it is safe to say that this won't be repeating at the Oscars.
-Eh, Rango will be winning Best Animated Feature.

-Oh, Chris O'Dowd was right. Adam Deacon did indeed win the Rising Star award. Shoulda been Tom Hiddleston. (but Christina Hendricks looks so beautiful. I'm so jealous of her)
-Aaaaaaand Paddy Considine and Diarmid Scrimshaw won the Best Debut award for Tyrannosaur. Would love to know when this movie is out here.

Random thoughts that aren't really about the winners:

-Ralph Fiennes has a beard again. I am attracted. Just don't get it that really bushy state it was in back in September.
-Just about everyone was wearing black. Meh.

-I am very attracted to Jeremy Irvine. That's an understatement - how can one man on this Earth possess so much attractiveness?!
-Despite The King's Speech winning lots and lots of awards, I kinda miss last year's awards season. Well, I kinda miss Amy Adams looking beautiful.

-But I have another redhead to feast my eyes upon. Jessica Chastain looked so beautiful that the first time I saw her I may have been blinking away a few tears. I wish I was her!
-And as for the only thing of the actual show that I saw...Meryl Streep losing her shoe and Colin Firth picking it up for her. Such a sweet moment.

So, what did you think of the winners? Do you think the Oscars are set in stone just yet?


  1. I still hate the BAFTAs because they backstabbed Harry Potter. I don't know when I'll get over that.
    This awards race is becoming incredibly boring. I miss last year's race too. Also I recently realised that even though there were loads of good movies this year, just the fact that last year had The Social Network, Black Swan and Inception makes it a far more superior year in my eyes.
    I like The Artist and all (Jean Dujardin is a doll), but if it wins Best Original Screenplay over Midnight in Paris in the Oscars, we shall have a riot in our hands.
    Jeremy Irvine is cute, but he's such a bimbo on interviews. If you are male, British and attractive, you have to be snappy. It's the law.
    Finally, there can never be anyone like Meryl Streep. The woman loses a shoe and wins the entire audience.

    1. They shouldn't have backstabbed HP. That's shit.
      I really do miss last year's race, because the people generally were better. I loved seeing Colin Firth win, and Natalie Portman being pregnant, and Jesus Bale. No-one can compare to them.
      If The Artist does win Best Original Screenplay, I'll cry. Midnight in Paris forever!
      He's a bimbo? I've only seen one interview with him...that was on Ellen. He was really cute in that. I should study up on him.
      Meryl Streep is a goddess!

  2. Jeremy Irvine, a bimbo? :) ha ha, that's new! I like him, too, he is adorable and very attractive! My current crush is mister Hiddleston, so you can understand why I was mad last night! Happy for Senna and TTSS, but upset by all the Artist wins- let's try to be original, people (Best Screenplay, wtf? even Hazanavicius was surprised)

    1. He is totally adorbs. He makes me think really bad things.
      Hiddleston is a darling, too :)
      I think they just threw The Artist any old award.

  3. HEHEH I actually didn't watch the ceremony, even though it is perfect one for me to watch as I would have got some sleep. Not like when the Oscars is on.... yawnies!!

    I did see Senna get it's reward which made me very happy.

    mmmmmmm Christina Hendricks.......

    1. The Oscars are on at the end of my school day and go til about 6pm...I'm wondering whether I should just fake a sickie for fun.
      Senna's reward made me very very happy!
      And yes, Christina Hendricks is mmmmmmmmm

  4. I agree with Midnight in Paris for original screenplay and Hiddleston, too.

    The BAFTAS did have better noms than the oscars, for sure! but I think (as I do every year) that there were some great films that weren't even nominated! I mean, where is The Tree of Life??? I know it's a hate it or love it, but still, if the oscars managed to put in there (though it seems like it has no chance of winning), why not the BAFTAS as well? And Melancholia? Is it because of the nazi comment? get over it!

    But overall I was satisfied, yes. Who wouldn't be when Jean Dujardin keeps showing his flawless self? And oh my god... how can anyone compete with Meryl Streep, she's a goddess.

    1. I wonder why The Tree of Life didn't get much here. I am surprised that the Oscars went for it though, since they're so safe and all.

      But Melancholia...I'm so sad that it got forgotten through the entire season. Kirsten Dunst deserved a nomination for her performance.

      Jean Dujardin is is Meryl Streep!

  5. Great post! BTW I'm in love with Jean. I just want to hug him and feed him strawberries:d

    1. Feed him strawberries? That's new. Why strawberries? :)

    2. Oh it's just my go to response wherever I see a hot actor :D My friend came up with it once, he is a huge Charlize Theron fan ^^

  6. The bits that they showed of the original screenplay, to me, The Artist should have won, for sure. Though Midnight in Paris was indeed lovely, screenplays are definitely more than the dialogue (though, in some cases, dialogue is important for sure).

    I have no idea why Bridesmaids is nominated for anything though...jeez.

    I completely disagree about last years season (probably the only person that does). Think it was riddled with so many overrated films that there wasn't even any point in me following it. Aw well, it may be the same for this year too (as it is like for mostly every year), but I can't judge that until I've seen all the films in the running this year.

    The good thing about awards season, though, is that it gets people in the film-watching spirit, even if it is very short lived. But that always makes me happy in some way, I guess.

    1. make a valid point there. I haven't seen The Artist, so I can't juge, but I'm going for Midnight in Paris all the way.

      But I don't see how it rustled up so much love.

      Most of the films this year are overrated (well most people think they are). I for one, really didn't like The Descendants. But people say the same about The Help, War Horse, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close etc etc etc...backlash always turns up around this time of year, moreso this year.

      THAT'S why I love awards season. Especially because I make my father order films like The Tree of Life for the shop because they're 'Oscar nominees'. It helps so much.

  7. I agree, I'm really missing last season. I thought this year was a pretty weak year for movies. I mean the stuff nominated was good (minus ELIC, and I wasn't a huge fan of Hugo either, but yeah, this Best Picture being predictable is boring. Hopefully next year we have some big competition and surprises.

    1. Next year...there's always next year. Hopefully they've learned a bit by then.

  8. Ahaah I'm not sure why there is so many posts about BAFTA > Oscars suddenly ;) I'm fairly sure the Oscars will have basically the same results across the board (Maybe Viola Davis over Meryl Streep to account for locality).

    At the end of the day, this has an extremely predictable awards season pretty much from the get-go so I don't understand why some people are praising BAFTA for basically following suit after all the critics circle, PGA, DGA, SAG, and Golden Globes.

    1. I just like them because of the Senna wins ;)

      Again, it's only the Senna wins, but that's what they have done. This awards season has been so bleh.

  9. I prefer the Baftas over the Oscars due to Baftas awarding Drive a best picture nomination, instead to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


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