Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January in Movies

Wow, that is the first month of 2012 over, just like that. Hopefully ever month goes as fast as this so it'll be the Christmas holidays again in no time. Because after three months of no school, it is going to be amazingly hard to get back into it. Especially because it'll be impossible for me to watch 44 movies in one month again...

Movies I'd never seen until the month of January...

The Debt (2007) - The original, Israeli version, which I found in the preview drawer. It was actually quite good, if a little dull on the film-making side of things. I liked it though, and I can't wait to finally see the American version!
The Piano Teacher - ...interesting...
Fargo - I do tend to like anything by the Coen brothers, and this one sure didn't disappoint. There is just something so special about the way they make movies that is familiar just like that...and I'm not quite sure what it is.
Repulsion - I got three Roman Polanski movies from Fatso at the exact same time. This was the first that I watched, and I really did like it. It was so creepy and twisted.
Chinatown - I'm not trying to slag off modern cinema in any way, but they honestly couldn't make a film like this nowadays. It was just too brilliant for words.
Colombiana - Did anyone see Zoe Saldana's dress at the SAGs? I saw the body that she has in this movie - and that dress did not do any justice to it at all.
I Love You Phillip Morris - I actually really dug this movie. Jim Carrey and the ever-brilliant Ewan McGregor were beyond excellent in it.
The Muppets - I still need to buy the soundtrack to this.
The Adventures of Tintin - And I still have to buy a little Snowy figurine of some description from this.
Rosemary's Baby - The last of the Polanski films. It was not what I was expecting, at all.
The Smurfs - I worry about kids entertainment nowadays. Especially when it turns out like this.
Bunraku - Ummmm, I've forgotten this movie now. Probably because it bored me so much that I did a colouring competition while 'watching' it.
The Change-Up - 'Twas an alright movie. I loved the heart from Leslie Mann's character, but the excessive excrement turned me off.
Super - Wow, this movie was bloody dark. And rather graphically violent. I was surprised. But it was a pretty good movie...just no Kick-Ass.
Cedar Rapids - An interesting enough movie. Ed Helms kinda annoys me, though.
Drive - I had serious audio problems with this on the plane. I couldn't hear the talking (when there was talking), so I'd turn it up. But then there'd be some car chase or some really loud music so I'd have to turn it down before my eardrums burst. It wasn't cool.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - I have a nagging desire to go and see this movie again. Just for the opening credits and OSCAR NOMINEE ROONEY MARA's badassery.
The Descendants - I believe I am still alone in not liking this movie a lot.
Hugo - Directed by Martin Scorsese (you can take a drink now).
Puss in Boots - I'm so glad that I watched this on the plane, considering it is now an Oscar nominee. But did anyone notice what a total sleaze Puss is? Like, that's not good for kids.
What's Your Number? - Decided to watch this on the plane, too. Surprised that all of the swear words in that one didn't get censored like they did in Drive.
Friends with Benefits - Everytime I think of this movie (which isn't very often) I get that 'Closing Time' song stuck in my head.
Black Narcissus - I do love Powell and Pressburger films, and this one was just excellent. Not as good as The Red Shoes though.
Youth in Revolt - It is weird seeing Rooney Mara pre-Lisbeth...she was so pretty. She still is, obviously, but I do miss her long hair.
Abduction - That "I'll be responsible for the deaths of all your Facebook friends" line gets me every time.
Chalet Girl - How lovely is Felicity Jones? I wish I could see Like Crazy but it is not coming to Palmerston North cinemas (major sadface).
Win Win - Really nice script, but nothing different to what I've seen before.
Jane Eyre - I'm going to marry Michael Fassbender one day. Just as soon as I finish the book. Which will never happen.
War Horse - My horse might be in Dannevirke this weekend and I have to work. I don't care if I need the money, that horse is worth more than everything in this world to me.
Chico & Rita - One of the Animated Oscar nominees. Was a really nice film - but it would have worked better as a live action film.
RocknRolla - People need to give Mark Strong a lead role. Pronto.
Spider - My first David Cronenberg film, would you believe. Was really creepy, and Ralph Fiennes was brilliant like always.
Texas Killing Fields - Only for my darling Jessica Chastain. Who was underused, but really good. Shame that Sam Worthington couldn't decide what accent to do, though.
Footloose (2011) - I admit to some foot-tapping, but it shouldn't have been made.
Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 - Pure brilliance, but not happy material. Loved Andrew Garfield and Rebecca Hall in it!
Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 - Literally just finished watching it. What a god-smacking finale. I will be watching the last one soon, so that can go on next month's review.

Movies I've seen before but felt the need to watch again because I'm cool like that...

Inception - Technically watched last year, but I didn't put it in last month's review. First time in Blu-ray, and still as awesome the 17th time around. Mind you, I don't think I'll be rewatching it very often from now on...it is awesome, but I'm growing tired of it.
Sunshine Cleaning - Was on TV on New Years. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are fantastic in this movie; it is so underrated.
Senna - Someone came into the shop and went on to someone else who was working about how 'awful' this movie was. And then they tried to convince my colleague that my opinion was so wrong and no-one should have read my staff pick. Sure, they're entitled to their opinion, but I wanted to smack them in the face for the way they went about it. And what do you know? After the weekend my staff pick was gone. I'm seriously starting to think everyone at that shop hates me.
The Social Network - I love this movie to death. Apart from every time that I watch it I cry because I can't write a tenth as well as Aaron Sorkin.
Marie Antoinette - This wasn't really a rewatch. I had watched it when I was 11/12 and I 'didn't like it very much'. I decided to give it another go coz I love Sofia Coppola and all, and it seems as if I didn't watch it very well it all, coz I didn't remember any of it at all. It is still Coppola's weakest work, though. But Tom Hardy was in it!
The Tree of Life - Third time. It was so hard to cram my staff pick in for this one. I love this film more and more every time I see it, but I also become more aware of the many flaws that plague it. It could be best described as a flawed masterpiece.
Sarah's Key - Watched it on the plane, which made me a little depressed. Ah well, this is a brilliant movie, even if Kristin Scott Thomas' storyline was almost completely unnecessary.
Beginners - Completely fell in love with this movie the second time around. I need a dog like Arthur.
The Virgin Suicides - I literally scoured all of Melbourne to find this movie, but it was nowhere to be seen. Then I decided to go back to one of the million JB Hi-Fi's they had there (reason #5498901 why I'll be much better off in Melbourne) and there were ten copies sitting there staring me in the face for only $4.98. Upon a rewatch I'm convinced this deserves a place in my top 10.
Quiz Show - When I went to Melbourne this was the first DVD I was looking for. And it was the first DVD I bought there (found it straight away! suck on that, NZ). What a brilliant film - probably one of the most underrated of all time.

Seen anything good this month?


  1. hehe I got to exactly the same amount of films watched in Jan as you matey!! We both need to get out more.... Although my friend did 65!!! Which is just stupid!

    Nice mix too

    1. Haha, we do need to get out more...but in my defence I *did* go to Melbourne which didn't allow me a lot of times to watch movies...it was just the trips to the cinema and the flight entertainment. But wow, that is A LOT!

  2. Interesting? INTERESTING? I spend months recommending a film to you and all you can say is INTERESTING??

    I saw 67 films this month - but to be fair most of them were rewatches.

    1. Haha, I'm sorry. If this blog is still open in ten years or so I'll be able to offer more there...

      Whoa! That is A LOT!

  3. I have The Piano Teacher and Repulsion... have to watch them some day.
    I've seen 27 movies this month yet- almost finished with Empire Strikes Back and will watch Return of the Jedi next. Hopefully I will have at least watched a total of 30 films by the end of today. Or maybe I should just watch shorts and finish with an average of 1 film per day.

    1. Repulsion is a must. So creepy...
      Oh no, you've started the Star Wars series. Which means I should get a move on with that...

  4. I always like your end-of-the-month lists, you get to see more movies than I do and most of them are really good! I should really push myself to watch more movies (maybe this month?)

    1. Well, remember that February is only 29 days! If that should make you feel any better. Haha.

  5. Wow are you in some "who can watch most films in 2012" competition or something???

    Totally agree with you on Chinatown and Quiz Show awesome films they are! I actually dug Whats your number quite a lot. Would be interesting to see your take on it.

    When it comes to Senna I dig it but can totally see if someone would find it tedious and boring. Got to say I was a little surprised of the video store drama though. Doesn't your parents own it?

    1. Haha no...just trying to watch 300 new-to-me films this year. Hopefully I hit that target.

      I saw it on your top ten. I was quite entertained by it, but in the end, it didn't do much else for me. Nice in-flight movie, though.

      Yes, my Dad owns it. Which I guess a good thing in some ways because I tell him to buy little movies like Incendies or Senna because I threaten to get angry, haha. But I'm not liking the feeling of dislike in the air...I don't even know what I'm doing wrong half the time :(

  6. Not much on my count. What I saw ranged from new releases (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Haywire) to "early days" Hollywood (Dancing Lady, The Gold Rush, Lady Killer).

  7. Oh you are not alone in not liking the Descendants. I cringe whenever it is mentioned. I would write a review but I sense it would be a bigger waste of my time than actually watching this movie. I love Repulsion and Chinatown, Polanski may belong in jail but he sure knows how to make movies. And I love Mark Strong mention, he is so funny in Rock'n'Rolla - "Archie, slap him!" :D

    1. OMG, so do I. You should write a review, just so I can like, link it everywhere and say that I'm not stupid. I love Polanski's movies to death. Have you seen The Ghost Writer? I LOVED that one.

      Haha, the slapping scene in RocknRolla was hilarious. I love Mark Strong.

    2. The Ghost Writer is awesome, especially its last 10 minutes, but I never understood what possessed Polanski to cast Kim Cattrel. She was completely out of place in the movie.

  8. I fully intended to spend this month catching up on stuff I haven't seen in years... didn't really work out. Back to new stuff (well, at least stuff I haven't seen before) next month.

    1. I need to do that...there are too many movies in my DVD collection that I don't really remember because I watched them so long ago.

  9. Stevee, that's a lot of movies you saw in January!! I probably didn't a third of your total number dear. Glad you liked The Tree of Life and Beginners more after second viewings. The best movies always do that :)

    1. Haha, it was the school holidays! I had a lot of time on my hands! And yes, yes they do :)

  10. WOW that's a whole lotta movies. I saw Mary and Max which is just brilliant. One of the most emotional movies i've seen. It's in claymation. Also an Indian film Agneepath (2012) which was surprisingly rather good and very raw.

  11. You put me to shame. I usually watch a lot of films as well but January was not so good for me, movie wise, 'cause I had some time-consuming work.

    1. That's okay, it's going to get a bit that way now I'm back at school :(

  12. The best movies I saw in January were City Lights, My Left Foot, Bridget Jones's Diary, The Gold Rush, The Passion Of Joan Of Arc, and Children Of A Lesser God.

  13. WOW, so many films! And I thought the 31 I watched are many. But then again, we never have three months of holidays.
    That line from Abduction sounds cool and trashy at the same time. Again: wow.

    1. Haha, one month of that was exam time so not technically a holiday, but I did have a lot of time to watch movies. And 31 is a lot!

  14. The Muppets soundtrack is loaded with good songs. None are better than "Rainbow Connection", but some are close.

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