Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 17/11/11

Cinema releases

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - May I interest you in the history of this particular saga and I? Too bad. Okay, so back when the first movie came out (I was 13, just starting high school), I went to go and see this movie because I had nothing else to do and I was pretty curious about it. I thought it was average. I told a few friends about it. They went and saw it. They (as well as I) read the books. They dragged me to the cinemas to see it twice. I still liked it. Then it came out on DVD. Me and one of my friends got quite excited when it turned up at work. The week that it came out I watched it five times. This was because I had a huge crush on Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Anyway, I started thinking that it was terrible. Every time I picked up a magazine, it would be plastered with Twilight stuff. After that week, I was over the movie. And every thing else that came along with it.
I watched New Moon. It was my least favourite book, and my least favourite movie (thus far). I watched Eclipse. It wasn't terrible (and that was my favourite book), but it definitely wasn't good. And now comes along Breaking Dawn. In two parts, too! I'm actually pretty excited to see this movie (I'm not paying to see it, though), because a) I'd love to see how the sex scene turns out (in a non-Michael Fassbender in Shame kinda way), and b) I'd love to see this vampire pregnancy. How do humans get pregnant to vampires?!
I guess you could say, that if someone asked me to choose between Twilight and Harry Potter, I'd pick Harry Potter. And I haven't even seen, nor read, any of the Harry Potter's. But I can promise you that anything is better than Robert Pattinson looking pasty and sparkling and Kristen Stewart walking around all mopey.

DVD releases

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II - So, it's all ended. And I feel like I've missed out on the biggest party of my generation. If there's anyone to blame, it's the local newspaper (who I could probably blame for a lot of other things, but let's not go there). Back in 2001, my mother and I went to the cinemas in town (back when they were still open and didn't show movies that were already on DVD) to go and see the first Harry Potter. But no, the newspaper stuffed up the schedule and in fact, Lord of the Rings was playing. So we went and saw that instead. Now, I've watched all of the Lord of the Rings (I actually did that last year, as I would have been too young to understand them while they were playing in cinemas), but none of the Harry Potter's. This shall be rectified next month, as I promised like, everyone that I'd watch them all once the last one came out on DVD. And I always keep my promises.

Super 8 - This shall be reviewed tomorrow (because it was so awesome), providing that I don't kill myself while revising for my science exam on Monday. It's been a while since I've done a review. And to think that this whole site used to be based around reviews as I reviewed everything I watched. I wonder if you lovely people like the new direction I'm taking? Or shall I revert back to grammatically incorrect one paragraph reviews of every movie I see, just like this one?
To think that reviews like these used to get published in the local newspaper.

So, what do you think of these movies? Are you a Twilight fan? Or a Harry Potter fan? Or a Spielberg/Abrams fan? Discuss.


  1. Sorry to disappoint you, but apparently according to a review, the sex scene between Bella and whatshisname is not shown on-screen. I highly recommend you read Roger Ebert's review of the film, which is one of the funniest reviews I've ever read.

  2. I didn't hate when the first Twilight came out either, because that was before the hype, and I just saw it cuz liked vampires and Cedric Diggory. Oh how the world has changed since then.

    You must watch Harry Potter. It'll be so cool to read your thoughts on them.

    I loved Super 8. So much. Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney <3 <3

    Selfishly speaking, I like what you are doing now because blogs with hundreds of film reviews scare me as I barely review anything. But then again, your blog is so good, anything goes.

  3. I actually tried reading the first book out of a sense of fairness, cos I knew an awful lot of people were heaping shit on the whole Twilight phenomenon and I thought it wasn't right of me to do the same without "knowing the enemy". I think I read about half the first book before giving up in disgust. I know that, as a 37 year old man, I am a long way from being the target audience (though I used to know least one other man of similar age to me who was a major fan), but I'll be damned if I could see what the target audience are supposed to see in it.

    I've never read the Potter books but I did see the first two films. From what I gather they're the weakest ones in the series, so if you can get past them apparently the rest of the series is an improvement.

  4. Consider it as if you promised to see Harry Potter films to me as well. I'm really curious about your opinion on them.

  5. I am trying desperately to avoid Twilight this weekend...

    Luckily I have a festival to take my mind off of it!! :-)

    Super 8 I love though!

  6. I have never seen a Twilight and I'm quite proud of that.

    All the Harry Potter movies for the first time? Man I'm jealous - you're in for a treat. The first two aren't that great honestly - geared more towards little kids. But the third one and on are great. Third one's my favorite and it's my favorite book too.

    Watching Super 8 next week when it comes out on DVD and I'm exited to see it again. We were trying to figure out what the best movie to watch with it would be. Chime in on the blog or our Facebook if you get a chance! :)

    Oh and whether you write reviews or something else, it's all good!

  7. I actually enjoy Twilight movies. They are silly and they are mormon propaganda but 1. they have excellent music selection 2. Stewart and Pattinson may be huge one day 3. Michael Sheen is in it 4. It's just so...romantic :) Eclipse was quite shitty, but I really can't wait to see BD because that birth scene must be unreal. and my mother really wants to see the wedding :)

  8. Haha, I'm going to see Breaking Dawn in two weeks with a bunch of girlfriends... it's going to be super embarrassing kind of, but whatever... fun is fun. Actually, I read the books before I saw the first film and I liked it a little, but on the whole I'm very disappointed with the filmatizations.
    Harry Potter... I can only say: <3.
    And I'm excited for Super 8, hope I'm soon going to see it.
    By the way, I feel the same way as Nikhat - too many reviews are no good. Except in certain blogs like BT.

  9. Ahahahaha well I already know I am going to get taken to the movies to see Twilight, so I might as well accept it!

    Also, can't wait for your Super 8 review, I loved the film! One of my favorites of the year!

  10. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this Twilight. It looks absolutely hilarious and I'm going to have fun writing a review for it.

    And as I said on AM, you should have your Harry Potter marathon around Christmas. It's fitting :D

  11. Tyler - Damn :(

    Nikhat - Yes, the world has changed. Thank the lord.
    Thanks! I think that reviews get a little boring sometimes.

    James - I do have to wonder what the target audience sees in it. I think it's just how 'perfect' Edward is.

    Lesya - I will try my best!

    Scott - Oh shhhhhhhh. Just because you have a fancy festival to go to!!

    Robert - Keep it that way. Forever!
    I'll definitely chime in if I think of something!
    Cool as, thanks!

    Sati - Haha, I'm not a fan of romance. But yes, Michael Sheen is in it. And he is brilliant!

    Mette - Have fun!
    The filmizations are pretty terrible. The books are decent enough.
    Check out Super 8, it's good!
    I love BT. And that's good, because I can't seem to write reviews any more! Haha.

    Matt - Haha, have fun with that one!
    And it's up now :)

    Castor - I can't wait until I get to review it, too. The little things which make movie blogging fun ;)
    I probably will, the way I'm going!


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