Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Links and Other Stuff #2

What I'm watching tonight:

Just the one movie tonight. This is because a) I have an exam tomorrow and even though I've been studying for seven hours today, I need to do some more tonight to make sure I get an excellence for English and b) I haven't watched any of the Harry Potter's so therefore HP7PT2 is of absolutely no use to me. But speaking of Mr. Potter, I promised a lot of people that once the last one comes out on DVD, I shall watch them all. So next month, I think, I'll be having a little Harry Potter marathon which I'll be tracking on the blog. Once exams and the ball are all over. Anyway, I'm quite looking forward to seeing Super 8. I've heard good things, and I'm having this mini obsession with Steven Spielberg after watching Schindler's List again last night.

Videos of the week:

I know this was originally 'trailer of the week', but there was a hilarious video released this week that everyone needs to see. And I guess it's a trailer, technically.

So, according to like, everyone, J. Edgar sucks. Which is slightly annoying because I had once hoped that this would be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio gets an Oscar, and maybe he's missed his chance yet again because of how bad his movie is. But anyway, while this trailer is quite true, it's extremely hilarious. J. Edgar screams 'Oscar baiting', which went terribly wrong. Leo is always a winner in my heart, though.

Favourite film news of the week:

The lovely Felicity Jones, who I loved in Cemetery Junction and am very much looking forward to seeing in Like Crazy, was chosen to be in Warren Beatty's untitled Howard Hughes film. This is awesome for two reasons: a) Felicity Jones has been given a big role which she deserves, as she is amazingly talented and b) another Howard Hughes film? Cool. He's a guy who interests me a lot.

A bit of randomness:

The lovely Nikhat at Being Norma Jeane created this e-card, which describes my life perfectly. Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes has an amazing name, and what makes him even more amazing is that he has shaved off that horrible beard. Anyway, thanks, Nikhat, this is now hanging up right by my mirror, just so I can be reminded of his amazingness every day!

Speaking of Nikhat, she recently released her 100-ish favourite films. We have some similar choices!

Scott @ Front Room Cinema continues his 'Fallen Icon' series with Daryl Hannah. The picture of her now gave me nightmares!

When Ryan @ The Matinee doesn't like J. Edgar, I know that there is next to no hope that I will either. Oh well, by the time this comes out in February here, I will have forgotten about it...unless Leo gets nominated for that Oscar.

I recently watched the Three Colours trilogy, which I loved. Tyler @ Southern Vision, the guy that recommended them to me, tells us why he loves them in his new 'Favourite Films' series.

Despite the topic, I am amping to see Shame. Dan @ Public Transportation Snob was lucky enough to catch it, and the results were good.

Giving me some company while I tortured myself with calculus revision was the podcast Reel Insight's episode dedicated to one of my favourite actors, Cillian Murphy. There was a bit of love for Peacock, which is one of the most under-rated movies, like, ever.

A movie which I will not hesitate to put in my list of the top movies from this year is Melancholia, which Bonjour Tristesse saw and liked too. If you haven't seen it, see it on the big screen, and prepared to be wowed (and depressed).

Matt & the Art of Motion Pictures has started an epic tournament to determine the greatest actors in history! Go participate.

Anna @ Defiant Success has recently watched and reviewed The Breakfast Club, one of the best teenage movies ever. I still wish that John Hughes directed my life.

A film from last year which I unconditionally loved was Buried. Jessica at The Velvet Café loved it too. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

So far my second film of the year, Certified Copy, was seen and loved by James @ Cinema Sights. If you haven't seen the movie, then what the hell are you waiting for?

Final word:
I have my English exam tomorrow, and my Maths exam the next day (so there won't be a post tomorrow, I'll be far too busy). Do you have any tips to beat the pre-exam jitters?


  1. Don't watch HARRY POTTER. Please. I get a lot of shit from both my sister and girlfriend for how much I hate it, but I do. And I've only seen two films fully.

    I literally JUST came back from seeing CONTAGION, and loved it. Soderbergh is a genius. Also, the other night I rewatcher CERTIFIED COPY and THE SOCIAL NETWORK and loved them both a lot, lot more. I've upgraded my rating for both films to 10/10, a rating I do not like to give away randomly. But it's true... they're both masterpieces.

  2. I too have a little love for Felicity!! She is pretty, witty, and a good actress!!

    Thanks for the link m'lady and good luck in your exam

  3. Hahaha good stuff. That ecard was such a burst of inspiration :P

    And thank you for the link! We do have similar tastes :)

  4. You haven't seen any HP movies? I envy you - the experience of watching them all for the first time will be amazing.
    good luck on your exam!

  5. That video was truly excellent! Poor overlooked DiCaprio, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  6. Thanks for the link love! Glad you loved Buried too!

    I'm afraid I don't share your and James' love for Certified Copy. I found it quite boring and had huge problems to stay awake during the lecturing about copy vs original in art... Maybe it's just been to long since I was a student and thought that kind of theoretical discussions were interesting.
    On the other hand I DID love Exit through the gift shop, which touches on the same issues. But in a much more entertaining manner imo.
    Anyway: it's great that we have different opinions so we can get food for our blog posting!

  7. I *really* loved SUPER 8, which while admittedly flawed reminds me so much of the sorts of adventure films I gre up on. I'll be really curious to read your thoughts on it.

    In other news, thanks very much for the link.

  8. I'm going to have a Harry Potter marathon for Christmas. Maybe have one around the festivities too! The films always remind me of Christmas ;)

  9. Thanks for the link!

    and good luck on your exams, sorry I don't have any useful advice to give.

  10. Remember to drink water and chew on some gum. Other than that, good luck.

  11. Tyler - I'm going to watch Harry Potter. According to a friend, I don't "deserve to have a movie blog" because I haven't watched them. I feel like I've missed out on something.
    I might go and see Contagion next week if I tag along with my father to Palmerston North. The Social Network is a 10/10 film for me, but Certified Copy is a 9/10. They're two films which get far better with each rewatch.

    Scott - She is. I think she's absolutely adorable!
    You're welcome and thanks!

    Nikhat - It was. I'm seriously going to stick it everywhere. I actually can't wait to go back to school next year just so I can stick it to my folder ;)

    Sati - Oooh, I'm excited!

    Pete - Haha, I know. I laughed, but then I cried, because it was all so true.

    Jessica - You're welcome! It was cool.
    That's a shame that you didn't love Certified Copy.
    I haven't seen Exit Through the Gift Shop, as I haven't been able to track it down. I really would love to see it, though.

    Ryan - I loved it too! I shall give it a review on Friday, all going well.

    Castor - I'll probably do it around Christmas too. Oh, Christmas is so soon!

    Bonjour Tristesse - You're welcome!
    And thanks.

    Leith - Done and done. They seem to be working so far. Thanks!

  12. You will LOVE the Harry Potter franchise! It's not like they are all amazing or anything, but watching the kids grow up a little more each film is so incredible!

    Unfortunately, my nervousness before exams KILLS my grades every year. I'm 16 too, so I know how you feel :/

    Thanks for the link!

  13. That video LOL "Brad Pitt is afraid!" lololol

    Whatever critics say, I hope to like this film. You know it, too.

    I also hope you exam was good.

  14. Matt - Yes, I'm so peeved that I missed out on watching them grow up like everyone else!
    Gosh, I know. Mind you, I was so nervous for my english one and I think I actually did okay. And you're welcome!

    Lesya - Haha, it's hilarious!
    I hope to like it as well. But I'm unsure.
    It was, thanks!


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