Monday, October 31, 2011

October in Movies

Wow, another month has ended, and we only have two left. It's amazing how fast this year has still feels like yesterday that my world revolved around Inception and anything Christopher Nolan. Now my world revolves around...goodness knows what. At the moment I'm obsessed with Michael Fassbender. If anyone knows his number, can you give it to me so I can ask him to come to the ball with me? Awesome.

This month has been quite slow. There have been a lack of DVD releases, which is unfortunately the case next month too (but then again, the quality of the movies is better). Despite the fact that I had a two week break from school, I didn't really watch that many movies. In fact, everything has been a bit sketchy this month, and that will probably be the same next month as I have exams/study leave. And I have a puppy (my first dog) now, called Indy, who will be taking up most of my time :P Anyway...

Movies I'd never seen until the month of October...

Midnight in Paris
Hanna - Okay, so I watched this on this on three hours sleep, the cinema I watched it in didn't even have bloody drink holders and I had some ignorant teenage boys sitting behind me who exclaimed "This is the worst movie I've ever seen!" at the end of it. I liked it, but it was disappointing. The soundtrack is bloody amazing, though.
Insidious - One of the few horror movies I've actually ended up liking. I actually spent most of my time wondering whether I should turn out the lights, but I was too chicken!
Winnie the Pooh - I absolutely adored this cute little movie, it's one of my favourites from 2011. Pooh is the cutest little bear ever!
All Good Things - As much as I love Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst (seriously, why can't I be as beautiful as her?!), this movie really cheesed me off. It was so messy and ambiguous that by the end I just wanted to punch the air or something.
The Conspirator - Wow, I've already pretty much forgotten this movie. But can anyone who has watched the movie please tell me why this movie was so bright? Like, the cinematography was extremely light, which was really distracting.
The Virgin Suicides - Words cannot describe how much I love this movie. If only I could buy it, because it seems to be non-existent in New Zealand.
Agora - I've pretty much forgotten this film, too. It had way too much going on in it, and it was really messy. Performances from Rachel Weisz and Max Minghella were good, though.
Water for Elephants - Surprisingly a good movie. I love Christoph Waltz when he is angry.
The Company Men - Yet another film which I've pretty much forgotten about. What is with that?
Leaving Las Vegas - Good old Nicolas Cage, back when he was a real actor who was serious about the roles he took. I don't think I ever wanna touch alcohol after seeing this one, though.
Certified Copy - A darling movie that is my second favourite of the year. I wish I thought of this movie, really.
Trust - Here is another movie I wish that I thought of. There is something so intriguing about the internet and I really just want to make a movie about it all. Because I am cool like that.
Midnight in Paris - You know what? None of the critics in NZ have been embracing this movie. I've never seen a review that gives it over 3.5 stars. What is wrong with you?! This movie is the coolest of the cool!
Roman Holiday - Was waiting for The Double Life of Veronique and the ever elusive Days of Heaven from Fatso but this turned up instead. Oh well, it was a cool little romantic film.
Gone Baby Gone - Yes, I only just watched this for the first time. I feel like I should have watched it earlier. But I am a fan of Ben Affleck when he is directing.
Punch-Drunk Love - Bought this 'blind' while I was on holiday. But you really can't go wrong with Paul Thomas Anderson. I loved this movie!

Films I've seen before but felt the strong urge to watch again because I am cool like that...

Cemetery Junction
Paul - Me and my friends had a movie night (the reason why I was watching Hanna on three hours of sleep), and this was the first - and best - movie that we watched.
Sucker Punch - Again, part of the movie night. And you know what? It makes even less sense the second time.
Your Highness - Jeez, if I had a dollar for every time this movie had a dick joke in it I would probably be able to buy 50 copies of this movie to burn in a fire.
The Reader - Just decided to rewatch it because I love Ralph Fiennes. It was slightly disappointing, just as it had been when I watched it two years ago.
The Lion King - Childhood classic on Blu-Ray. Beautiful movie - could have done without the 3D conversion but that's all the rage these days.
X-Men: First Class - Michael Fassbender is so damn sexy that he - to quote Tumblr - makes my 'ovaries explode' every time I see him. I don't even know how a man as sexy as him could possibly exist on this Earth.
Certified Copy - Watched it again about a week after my first watch, just to savour it's goodness before I sent it back.
Thor - Just coz I couldn't be bothered watching anything else.
Cemetery Junction - Decided to watch it again last night because I had nothing else to do. I really do love this movie. Felicity Jones is adorable and Ralph Fiennes was so mean.

So, what do you think about these movies? Seen anything good this month? Happy Halloween!


  1. Great month. I watched a lot, but haven't really decided what I really liked. I wouldn't mind seeing CERTIFIED COPY again but if I do, it'll just make me want to rent Abbas Kiarostami's films all over again. GOD, I love that director. He is just amazingly awesome.

  2. Fassssssyyyyyyyy. X-Men was playing on the plane when I was travelling and even though the stupid air hostess took the headphones 20 minutes before the flight landed but I still sat and watched it 'cuz it's so friggin sexy. Fassy's turtlenecks manage to trump McAvoy's perfect blueee eyes everytime, and that is no mean feat.

    You saw some of my favourite films this month- Virgin Suicides, Midnight in Paris, Punch-Drunk Love etc. October was very good for me. Finally got the break I needed and watched loads of films and got addicted to Doctor Who. Matt Smith is my soulmate, but I really don't want him to come into mainstream Hollywood.

  3. Great choices! I love Midnight in Paris, The Reader, X-men (I'm with you on the Michael Fassbender thing, crazy about him), and I really want to see Virgin Suicides. I haven't heard of Cemetery Junction before, but I will give it a go!

  4. I really need to see Certified Copy yes?

    You watched both Sucker Punch and Your Highness? Wah wah we wah. Awful. :-p

    Glad you loved Midnight in Paris! Also happy to hear you liked Paul, which I thought was pretty funny. And apart from the dimwitted ghost hunters who pop up in the middle and a pretty mediocre second half, Insidious has it's moments.

    Punch Drunk Love is amazing, too. Wow, I think I have seen nearly all of these. There is some great stuff here, and some (Thor, X-Men: First Class) that I didn't really care for. But, you sure are catching up on 2011.

  5. Nice month of movies Stevee :) Interesting that New Zealand critics aren't embracing Midnight in Paris as much as over here in the US. Have yet to see Certified Copy.

  6. No one really went crazy for Midnight in Paris in the UK, too. I am looking forward to seeing it at some point, though. Too poor to try and find it in the cinema at the moment! (Damn spending all my wages before even getting them.)

    And in a sly little slip here, I know someone that has met Michael Fassbender a couple of times as he works at Fassy's agency...anything is possible!

  7. am i the only one who absolutely loves Hanna

  8. Tyler - I'll definitely be checking out Kiarostami's work soon! Probably once I'm finished with Kieslowski! Damn, I've got proper movie loving swag going on now :P

    Nikhat - Haha, Fassy's turtlenecks :D Never before have I loved an item of clothing so much. Especially turtlenecks.
    I've never actually watched Doctor Who. But I've gotta admit, Matt Smith is cute :)

    Aziza - Yeah, I'm crazy about Fassy too. If you can get a hold of Cemetery Junction, give it a go! I loved it.

    Andy - Yes, yes you do.
    Oh, believe me, they're even worse when you watch them between the hours of 11pm and 2/3am, with only a coffee to keep you awake. Oh well, me and my friend laughed a lot at both of their stupidity, which was fun! And finally somebody believed me when I said that Sucker Punch was terrible!

    Prasetyo - Thanks.

    Castor - I don't know what's wrong with them! And yes, you need to see Certified Copy.

    Cherokee - Stop spending your wages and go see Midnight in Paris! Because it is splendiferous!
    OOOOOOOOOH. So know how you're really nice and all...well I'd love to take Fassy to the ball...haha. No, I already have a partner, and I can't let him down just because my 'ovaries explode' every time I see Fassy.

    Julian - Well, I don't know. There was a lot of love for it, but then again there were people like me who thought it was just okay.


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