Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 Days of Birthday, Day 10: My Many Man-Crushes

I'm not gonna lie, I genuinely find a lot of men in the film industry to be rather good looking. Usually, when I like an actor enough, I start stalking their IMDb pages and looking for movies I can watch with them in it. While you might just dismiss it as a creepy teenage obsession, these little love affairs I have with people I don't even know have their advantages. For example, there are some movies that I would have missed without stalking their IMDb pages. And yes, that's what I'll be taking a look at today: the movies I love from the actors I love that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Because I'm both a shallow person and I want an excuse to look at hot pictures (jokes...).

As you can clearly see in my sidebar, I've got a little obsession going with Ralph Fiennes at the moment. Over the past few weeks, I've watched quite a few of his movies (Schindler's List twice...I can't get over how unbelievably good looking he is in that movie even though he's so evil). But a couple of nights back, I watched this movie called Strange Days. When I cleaned the shelves at work during the holidays, I stumbled upon this DVD, which has probably been there for years, and was drawn in by the name 'Ralph Fiennes'. I finally got my sister to get it out for me (it's an R18 for pretty obvious reasons) and pretty much went into it blind. All I knew was the fact that it starred Ralph 'sex on legs' Fiennes back in his early days, and it was written by James Cameron and directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Once I finished this movie, I was so glad that I watched it, but kinda sad that it isn't widely-known. Holy crap, this movie was adrenaline through and through, with it's sci-fi brilliance and a bit of originality that seems to be lacking these days. Seriously, you need to see this movie. It's directed like a man would direct it (Kathryn Bigelow is my idol!), it requires a bit of brain power, it's totally satisfying in the end and Ralph Fiennes is literally at his best (both looks wise and acting wise - he's BADASS!). And hey, it was made in the year I was born.

Now Cillian Murphy is a guy who I feel everybody should obsess over, because he's got some great, severely underrated movies out there. I've seen a whole lot: Sunshine, Peacock, Red Eye, Perrier's Bounty, The Wind That Shakes the Barley...but one I hold close to my heart is Breakfast on Pluto. Between me being jealous of how pretty Cillian looks as a chick and how flawlessly he plays his role, there is some genuine heart and whimsy in this movie. It's a film that doesn't take itself too seriously, which eventuates in a whole lot of flaws, but Patrick 'Kitten' Braden is one awesome character. He's one which is fearless, always happy and usually does the right thing, even though people don't believe in him. This is probably the best example of what Cillian can do...

We all know Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is the guy who experienced a huge boom in his career thanks to an indie romantic comedy called (500) Days of Summer. But we also all know that he has been around forever. From the time he was working on the really cool TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun to being Christopher Nolan's latest go-to actor, JGL has working at a damn good filmography. I'm a huge fan of Brick, a modern day film-noir set in a high school. Who knew that high school could ever be so dirty? To this day, I still have these resounding nightmares about how interesting Lukas Haas is as 'The Pin'. Maybe there's someone like him around Dannevirke and I just don't know it.

Andrew Garfield is a name you should all probably know by now. Last year, his career sky-rocketed thanks to some movie about a website called The Social Network. People loved him, just not enough to give him an Oscar nomination. One movie he did win something for, though, was Boy A. Back in 2007, he got a BAFTA for his brilliant performance in this made-for-TV drama about an ex-con trying to make his way in the world. Young Andrew was at the beginning of his career then, but he looks like he's been acting for most of his life in films just like this. It's a heart-breaking and gritty story, which takes it's time to unfold the story behind the story, which leads the viewer to draw their own conclusions about Garfield's character. I do have to wonder how Andy will handle The Amazing Spider-Man, because in Boy A he exhibits some really good acting skills that aren't perhaps the best for a superhero (or a teenage boy, for that matter). Anyway, I'm sure he'll rock.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure that Michael Fassbender is going to be in everything soon. Everyone wants a piece of him...or to be one of his many teeth. I admit to falling prey to his charm and badassery in X-Men: First Class, and I'm slowly making my way through his awesome filmography. One of his films which I particularly liked was Fish Tank. This movie is one which has become pretty well known, especially since Fassy's instant rise to fame thanks to being Magneto. The film mainly focuses on a rebellious teenage girl, with Fassy playing her mother's new boyfriend. Let me tell you, while this guy seems like a real family man who only means good, there is plenty of creep in him. Fassy and his young co-star Katie Jarvis make for a great duo inn this perfectly realistic and gritty look at a teenager trying to find her place in the world.

I don't really know what to ask here...ah, maybe...has a love for any particular actor introduced you to something special?


  1. My Nicole Kidman obsession a while back introduced me to Dogville, one of my favourite movies of all time, which introduced me to Lars Von Trier, my third favourite director of all time. So yeah, pretty grateful to that. I also had a Julianne Moore obsession once... Won't say what happened there.... :)

    These are some pretty predictable teen obsessions but some of them, thankfully, are more educated. At least your not part of the K-Stew and R-Pattz clan.

  2. I got a lot of crushes, most of them names from classic Hollywood. Which ones, I'm not going to say. ;)

    Oh, and since you like Ralph Fiennes, you got to see Quiz Show. He's ridiculously charming in that one. Also bear in mind that he made it right after Schindler's List.

  3. I have watched a lot of ridiculous, but also some really good films, I wouldn't have watched if it weren't for my... well, not really crushes, something less than that, but still similar, on some Indian actors.

    I probably also wouldn't have seen "The Last Station" if it weren't for James McAvoy, and I'm happy I watched it.
    There are many others to mention, but... well, too many.

  4. We have quite a few in common- Andrew, Fassy, Fiennes, JGL...I love Cillian Murphy but I am embarrassed to say I haven't seen a lot of his work.
    There is a British actor called Tom Sturridge who is gorgeous (when he's clean-shaven), and I just know he's a really good actor, but he doesn't get any chances. Um Josh Hartnett in my early teen years- reason I saw The Virgin Suicides in the first place and then got obsessed with Sofia Coppola.
    Ryan Gosling duh!

  5. Those are not man crushes if you are a lady! ;) Now I would have a man crush on Ralph Fiennes if I was into that kind of stuff ahah. Awesome actor, I need to seek out more of his work.

  6. Tyler - I had a Julianne Moore obsession once...no, it's an ongoing obsession. Ever since I saw The Hours!
    Oh trust me...these are anything but predictable teen obsessions. Most of the girls I know don't know any of these names. All they're obsessed with are the people off The Vampire Diaries!

    Anna - Haha, I'm sure that Tony Curtis would be one of them ;)
    I just got another copy of Quiz Show from Fatso (the first one was damaged), so with a bit of luck I should be watching it in the next couple of nights.

    Lime(tte) - I watched The Last Station because James McAvoy was in it too! That was such a good movie...I'm glad I watched it.

    Nikhat - Ah, I know Tom Sturridge. I've seen some of his films, but you're right - he doesn't get many chances.
    Oh, and Ryan Gosling...I will literally watch *everything* he is in.

    Castor - Haha, I know, but it was for the sake of alliteration. Ralph Fiennes has an awesome body of work. If you count out Clash of the Titans, obviously.

  7. mmmmm Ryan Gosling is such a dude, I am actually a little in love with him.

  8. I've always loved Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds for Tippi Hedren! She plays the socialite perfectly and some of the faces she pulls in the film are hilarious.
    Of cousre the reason for good looking stars isn't new because who wants to watch films with unattractive people in it? The whole point of cinema is escapsim and fantasy. Hot stars are part of that appeal. I mean just the name Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich was enough to pack theatres in their hey day.

  9. Scott - Ooooh, name change! Nice. But I kinda miss Custard.
    Anywhooooo, Ryan Gosling is such a dude. Who isn't in love with him?

    Anna - Ha! I knew it!

    Brent - Yeah, general attractiveness is part of why movies are so cool. Haha, I remember watching The Birds with my mother when I was 11. I absolutely loved that movie. And Tippi Hedren was awesome!

  10. @Stevee I'm keeping the other gents anonymous. ;) (Believe me, there are quite a few.)

  11. Ahhhh, Jo-Go, Andrew Garfield, Michael Fassbender... Sexy list! Check out Jo-Go in 10 Things I Hate About You. Still torn between him and Heath Ledger

  12. Anna - Haha, I know what you mean!

    filmgeek - I loved Jo-Go in 10 Things I Hate About You...though I think he and Heath Ledger look very alike!


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