Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 14/07/11

Cinema Releases

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II - It's all come to an end. You know, had the paper not made a stuff up of the cinema listings back in 2001, I would have watched the first Harry Potter movie instead of the first Lord of the Rings. 10 years later, I've seen all of the Lord of the Rings, but haven't seen any of the Harry Potters. Nor have I read any of the books. Which is a shame, because I feel like I'm missing out on a lot here. Especially because everyone I know is so excited to see this, just as I was excited to see Inception last year. Ah well, I'll catch up when this comes out on DVD.

DVD Releases

Beastly - Now this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The acting from the two young leads was wooden, and I hate these 'modern reimaginings' of classic stories. But it wasn't painful at all, in fact, it was rather sweet to watch. I'm rather worried about this Alex Pettyfer dude, he going to be the next Robert Pattinson?

Big Mommas House: Like Father Like Son -

Hall Pass - I thought this would be really funny, like The Hangover, maybe. While I did have a few laughs, I can't say I really liked it all that much. Just shows that Jason Sudeikis needs something funnier and Owen Wilson needs something more serious.

Hereafter - I don't think I've ever been so disappointed by a movie. And when I say disappointed, I mean that I nearly cried over how disappointed I was with Clint Eastwood's latest. Why was this so disappointing? I have no idea. But you know you have problems with a film when you mourn the loss of Bryce Dallas Howard halfway through the film because you just really love her hair. Seriously, I want her red, dead straight long hair. Instead I have brown, wildly curly and frizzy, middle-ish hair. Life is unfair.

Love Birds - You all know Sally Hawkins, right? Okay, well she was in a New Zealand movie, believe it or not. She starred opposite Rhys Darby (who was the funniest part of Yes Man), who just so happens to be the funniest guy I've ever seen. Results: a slightly mediocre rom-com.

Rango - This movie was coooooooooool. Like, really cool. I do have to wonder how the little kids like it, though. Because there were a lot of jokes in it that were either a) a bit inappropriate or b) taken straight out of another movie. Anyways, I liked it a lot. I want a pet chameleon.

Unknown - At the moment I'm absolutely obsessed with Liam Neeson. That's probably because we've just finished watching Schindler's List in drama (I've watched it before, but I don't think I fully grasped it until now), and my word, he is one good looking man in that (so is Ralph Fiennes - my other temporary obsession). I just think that old Liam is the man. He just spends his time being a professional badass. Sure, I'd like him to do another movie that will hopefully get him a bit of Oscar attention, but I like it when he is in badass mode. Like in Unknown. Reason #246 as to why I am obsessed with Liam Neeson.

I need a lot of cheering up after today's events. So, tell me something funny. Just make it funnier than the likes of Big Mommas House...please!


  1. I'm probably your only reader who can believe you haven't seen the Harry Potter movies. I wouldn't have watched them either if my girlfriend and sister weren't so into them. They're both obsessed with them (especially my sister). They're good, but not brilliant.

    I saw Bryce Dallas Howard in a brilliant movie called Manderlay (probably her best), and I kind of have a crush on her after that, although when I found out she was in the Twilight movies it was a complete turn-off. But yeah, her hair is... nice, I suppose.

    Lookin' forward to Love Birds. And speaking of Rhys Darby, when will they have him on 7 Days, again? That's like my favourite Kiwi show and I wish they'd get him on another episode.

    Apparently Rango has more pop culture references than it is possible to count, so definitely gonna see that.

    Unknown reminds me of Taken in sooo many ways. Taken was a good movie, but do I really need to see him playing practically the same character with the same stupid Irish-American (no offense intended) fake accent? It's gritty and annoying. I wish he'd just be himself, and if they want an American to play the role, they can bloody get an American. Neeson used to be awesome for me, but the last few years have been a bit of a letdown, if I'm honest.

  2. God I can't believe yet another Big Mommas House is being peddled out!! None of them have been even remotely funny.
    I really liked love Birds and saw it immediatley after Fair Game in H North several months ago. The theatre was packed
    I just don't know why Hereafter didn't play in Napier as it was promoted enough. But I believe it was disapponiting. Goes to show that no matter how good a director you are you can make duds! And I'm a real Eastwood fan.
    Unknown...Neeson was mis-cast because this was a re-run of Taken with a different setting of Berlin and not France.

  3. The Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter, anyway. Still, you should probably catch up with them eventually, even though maybe half the films, if that many, are any good.

  4. Tyler - I've never been dragged into the whole series. I'll watch them one day, but I'm not in any hurry.
    Bryce Dallas Howard is a real cutie. I don't know why she was in Eclipse, but she was okay in that movie. I just love her hair though, I have a huge obsession with red hair.
    Love Birds was very meh. But yeah, when will Rhys be back on 7 Days?
    Rango has lots of pop culture in it. It was a really good movie!
    I guess Unknown looks a lot like Taken. And I like his voice. Sure, he was supposed to be playing an American, but OMG...his voice sounds like chocolate velvety ice cream to me. But he hasn't starred in a 'good' movie for ages. I just wish he'd get another movie like Schindler's List...but that was a once in a lifetime deal.

    Brent - I don't even know how people can watch them! Cross-dressing hasn't been funny, like, ever.
    Hell, I forgot that Fair Game and Love Birds were playing at the same time! It didn't do so well down here, which was strange.
    Hereafter was promoted heaps, but it never came here either! I remember they featured it on Breakfast back in October last year, and then we never got it when it was supposed to come out in Feb. Clint's direction is great in that movie, I'm not gonna lie, but it was a real dud.
    Meh, I still love me some Liam Neeson, no matter what movie :)

    James - Haha, I'd imagine that would be the case. As I said, I'll get around to time.

  5. Big Mommas House? Nooooooo thank you! I really hope to see Rango soon though. And Harry Potter was absolute perfection, check out my review if you wish!


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