Friday, July 15, 2011

Rest in Peace, Sox

Losing a pet is hard. I've had heaps of horses come and go in my life, but the one horse I never wanted to leave was Sox. He's spent 22 years at our stables, which was named after him - 'Allusive Fox Racing Stables'. He won 10 races for us, before retiring in the late 90's to look after all the other horses. I guess you could say he was like God to any other horses that came to us. And he was pretty much like God to me. When I used to go to the races with mum and dad when I was a baby, they used to put me and my pram into the stall with him, and he would look after me and ward off any unwanted visitors. He's been there for me my whole life, whenever I needed a hug or something to do.

Sox, I loved you more than any horse. I even forgave you when I fell off you and broke both of my arms at once, mainly because after that you seemed so sorry about it all. And I know that you didn't actually have any socks, but I had to name you Sox since I couldn't say 'Fox' when I was little. I'm going to miss you so much. I miss your little fluffy ears, and having your hair everywhere when you lose your winter coat. I miss how excited you got when it was feed time, and how you'd be so exhausted after a small dash to your feed bin. I miss how when we went to get you in the paddock, you'd run around so we couldn't catch you. But while I feel sad that you've gone, and I've cried more tears than I've ever cried before, I know you lived nearly 23 years to the absolute full. I was so lucky to have you around since I was born. Everyone who ever met you loved you, but I think that I loved you the most. My life just isn't going to be the same without you.

Allusive Fox (Sox)
21st November 1988 - 15th July 2011


  1. Pets, to our family, are family members, and it is a dreadful experience to go through losing someone you love - no matter if they're human or not.

    I am really sorry about this, Stevee.

    Always guts me when I hear about beloved pets passing.

    Sox sounded like he had a good life, though.

  2. Its rough letting closed ones go.


  3. Ouch. Sounds like it was a case of the ol' "he's more than a pet, he's family." Ah! It's really tough when this sort of thing happens. My sister had a cat when we were really young and she loved that thing more than her own life, so when it died she was understandably crushed, but as you said on Twitter, "at least the sun is shining." Wait... is it shining in Dannevirke right now? I hope so.

  4. Ruth - Thanks :')

    Cherokee - Pets are family members to me. As I said, I've had lots of horses come and go, but since Sox has been around all my life, it's hit me the hardest. Thanks though :')
    And Sox had a brilliant life, I think.

    Joel - Indeed it is!

    Tyler - It's exactly that case. I know how your sister feels! And yeah, the sun is still shining (well not now since it's nearly midnight, but it was shining all day), it's just still reeeeeeeeally cold!


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