Friday, July 22, 2011

It's been a year since I first saw Inception...time for 52 things I love about Inception!

I find it hard to believe that this time a year ago, I was sitting in the cinemas after months of watching the trailers over and over again, having mini heart attacks every time the word 'Inception' was uttered, watching every other Christopher Nolan flick, and then spending this day shaking excitedly at school, because every minute gone was a minute closer to seeing the film. Just so you know, this was the only time I've ever been so excited over a films release, and yes, even I admit I was a bit obsessed. But do you know what the best thing was? The film topped my sky-high expectations. Which is probably why, after 365 days and nearly 15 watches, I still absolutely love this movie. It hasn't been just a 'film' for me, it's actually meant a lot to me.

So, if you don't like Inception, go to the left. This is my time to share 52 reasons why I think this movie is amazing, and I don't really want any crap comments ruining it. I get that it isn't as good as what it was a year ago...even I don't find it as amazing as I did. But, you know, I still love it to bitty bits. Okay, are we good? I hope so.

Anyway, here we go, 52 reasons why I love Inception (one for every week since my first viewing, not in any order either):

1. "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."

2. All of the totems

3. ...but especially the cheeky one at the end.

4. Blasting up '528491' in my headphones at full volume, because that is freaking epic.

5. Cillian Murphy crying.

6. Arthur's wardrobe.

7. This is completely original Nolan - not adapted Nolan.

8. Oh yeah, and this is directed by Nolan. 

9. Yusuf. You should never forget Yusuf and his crazy driving skills and his cats.

10. That spinning hallway scene.

11. Cobb is the director, Arthur is the producer, Ariadne is the production designer, Eames is the actor, Saito is the studio, and Fischer is the audience.

12. Michael Caine's in it for like three minutes and he still gets top billing.

13. When Cobb finally shoots Mal.

14. The fact that 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' is my alarm and it's the best alarm ever.

15. Even the posters are awesome.

16. Tom Hardy.

17. Ellen Page shooting Marion Cotillard because of the 2008 Oscars.

18. The suit porn.

19. This film required a food stylist and an assistant food stylist...(When I found this out, I actually listed all of the food in the movie. Hell, if this means you can take part in a Nolan flick, I want to be a food stylist.)

20. It won as many Oscars as The King's Speech.

21. This is the third Nolan flick that Cillian Murphy has spent a considerable amount of time hidden beneath a cloth sack.

22. The track 'Time' which is at the end of the soundtrack. Simply beautiful

23. The name Ariadne. 

24. "You're waiting for a train. A train that'll take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you. But you can't know for sure. Yet it doesn't matter. Because we'll be together."

25. When the little kids finally turn around so Cobb can see their faces.

26. Saito and his carpet.

27. Blowing up Paris. Because that's a cool way to get friends.

28. Oh, and folding over Paris. Because that's a cool way to get an architect.

29. "Un café! Un café!" - That's how you try an disguise yourself in a chase through Mombasa.

30. The awkward moment when Ariadne finds out Cobb's wife is actually dead.

31. Pete Postlethwaite. Always great.

32. "I bought the seemed neater."

33. The Eames/Arthur relationship.

34. Fischer's many 'bitch, please' looks.

35. Ooooh, freight train in the middle of the street.

36. Finding out the real story about Cobb and Mal.

37. When Eames turns into a chick. Hahaha.

38. "Paradox."

39. The world that Cobb and Mal built. I can see myself living there.

40. When the van hits the water. 

41. The looks exchanged with Cobb as he walks through the airport.

42. "I know you were disappointed, that I couldn't be you." "No no no. I was disappointed that you tried."

43. Saito's aged look.

44. The fact that it wasn't made in 3D.

45. Mal's dress in the Japanese castle scene.

46. In fact, that castle was beautiful.

47. It's a family affair: Nolan's cousin plays the flight attendant, and his son plays Mal and Cobb's son when he is 20 months.

48. The fact that I can't say 'defibrillator'...but I do like their defibrillator.

49. Arthur's good driving skills.

50. Fischer's wallet has $500 in it, and the wallet is worth more than that.

51. The way the movie starts.

52. The way the movie ends. The screen goes black, the audience gets pissed off, and then the track 'Dream is Collapsing' starts as the title comes up. And then Christopher Nolan's name comes up, and I always cry because I can never be like him.

So there are 52 reasons why I love this amazing film, which has been with me for a year. Why do you like it?


  1. Your love for this film is very impressive, so I'll keep any comments I may have on the film to myself for now ;)

    I like the format of this post though, and your enthusiasm is cool. I have never really been obsessed with a film for so long, I have a new obsession pretty much every time I watch a great film...

  2. Impressive list! I love how the different levels affect each other, i.e., the shifting water in the cup.

  3. Great list!
    Difficult to choose a number 1, but #32 is kind of the best.
    Will you be doing something similar for TSN?

  4. I did a similar thing for Magnolia a few months back but that list needs serious revising. I love Inception, too, but I've only seen it twice, but once was in the theatre and that was fucking amazing. Great list.

  5. Jack - You better keep them to yourself :P
    I wouldn't say I'm as obsessed as I was a year ago, but I definitely still love it to bits. Anyway, my new obsession is Schindler's List.

    Robert - I love that too!

    Nikhat - #32 is beast. Go Saito.
    Yeah, I might do it for TSN. Just wait and see what happens on November 11th!

    Tyler - Ooooh, I must watch Magnolia soon (probs this week). I'm sure there's lots to like about that one!

  6. This is what I love about any art, that it can have this affect on people (whether it is the best thing that has ever existed or not.)

    Wonderful post, Stevee! And Arthur has a great wardrobe (just discovered this now thanks to you, despite having seen the film a fair bit.)

  7. Great article,food stylist wow, that's why perfection and Nolan are synonym I feel. Keen observation and everything about Inception is great.
    I guess the first point is what Mr. Nolan might have said to the studio's investing in the movie.

  8. Cherokee - I love movies that affect me, even if most of them don't affect me as much as this one!
    Arthur has a great wardrobe. Hell, if I were a guy, I'd definitely be wearing his threads!

    Aditya - I must see if any other films have food stylists. Oh well, Nolan must have an eye for perfection.
    Hey, I don't think studios would have trouble saying yes to a Nolan flick. But yes, the first point would have helped!

  9. Awesome, Stevee! I don't love this movie as much as you but I keep nodding at some of the reasons as I go down the list :D What a great idea for a list, I might do this to a movie that I love.

  10. I don't think anyone loves the movie as much as me, but I'm glad you agreed with some of it! You should so do a list too! It's great fun

  11. Stevee, now you made me cry. But I don't think that something is wrong with me; I just feel so happy that I found a thing that I love so much, and that is cinema, while Inception is one of its best examples... I love this post.

    17, 19 -- extra LOL

    And Marion's gowns were so amazing!

  12. You don't think anyone loves this film as much as you do?? Me too. :)

    Its the best film EVER !!!


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