Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 23/06/11

Cinema Releases

Cars 2 - PIXAR's first rotten movie. Wow. It seems that everyone hated the first one. I quite enjoyed it, sure, it ain't no Toy Story, but it wasn't really that bad at all. Anyway, this may be rotten, but it's only by around 12%. So this isn't the movie apocalypse that some people were expecting. It just means that PIXAR didn't over-achieve this time. And yeah, you can't say that we aren't surprised. If the first one wasn't that good, how could the sequel possibly improve? You just don't fix something if it ain't broke in the first place.

Bad Teacher - This made the 4.30pm news yesterday. Just because Justin Timberlake felt comfortable filming with his ex Cameron Diaz. I know that we all enjoy a bit of entertainment news now and again, but this is the kind of stuff you see in the tabloid magazines, not on the bloody 4.30pm news. Does this look like a good movie? Not especially. But I do like Cameron Diaz actually trying to be funny, as opposed to being the ditsy female counterpart in an action flick.

DVD Releases

Sanctum - I said all that I needed to say about this film in last night's short review. There's not really much you can say about this.

Season of the Witch - I was severely disappointed in this movie. I was hoping that it would be a great opportunity to laugh at some Cage Rage and that it would at least be so bad it was good. But no. Cage sure wasn't raging and this movie was so bad it was just bad. I hate describing a movie as 'boring' (because everyone at school does that, even if it was only boring for a minute), but this movie really was. If I was able to yawn (I can't at the moment, it freaking hurts for some reason), I probably would have throughout the whole movie. Golly, not many movies do that to me.

Welcome to the Rileys - Everyone thinks that Kristen Stewart can't act. No she can't. But that's only when she's in Twilight mode. However, from what I've seen of her in The Runaways, and now this, I truly believe that there is more talent in her than people think she has. She was actually really good as a young prostitute. James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo did top work too. I mean, this movie is something which has been done many times before, but I still really enjoyed it. Mind you, my special weakness is loving every indie drama I see.

Hows about you, seen any of these films? Any pre-thoughts on them?


  1. Cars was in no way a bad movie!! I liked it. Sure it isn't Toy Story but then it is a bit too much to expect a studio to keep producing such high quality movies each time. Even as a lesser Pixar outing it is still a load of fun.
    I saw Cars 2 today and absolutely loved it!!

  2. Totally agree about Kristen Stewart and the acting thing.

    She has been in so many great things, (well, films where she is showing that she can act). The Runaways, Speak, Panic Room (even though I wasn't a big fan of it), everything I can think of minus Twilight, she was acting in.

    Can't wait to see her in On the Road, as maybe that might be her ticket to glory when it comes to people respecting her as an actress.

    And Cars 2 at 48%!! Thought the day would never come for Pixar. Well, Rotten Tomatoes and their critics do get it wrong a lot of the time tbf.

  3. Brent - That was some quick commenting!
    PIXAR is the best, and I'm sure Cars 2 is great. Seriously, nobody is perfect, and these guys have done damn well for themselves.

    Cherokee - Kristen Stewart is actually awesome! I do really like her, minus all that vampire bull-crap.
    On the Road looks like it will be awesome. Well, from the cast anyway. Amy Adams is in there, and that's enough for me :)
    Next thing...Christ Nolan to get a rotten film. I'm actually scared of that day. But yeah, Rotten Tomatoes does get it wrong. It's all in the fact that a "fresh" rating goes from a mediocre 6. So a movie may be rated 80% because it got all 6/10 ratings. That annoys me.

  4. I'm kind of interested in Bad Teacher to be honest

    And honestly, i think Kirsten along with almost everyone else in twilight have been unfairly written of as bad actors/actresses just because they were in a bad franchise. A lot of good actors/actresses have taken bad roles at one time or another, so i don't get why the cast in twilight get treated as automatically bad just because Twilight happens to be popular.

  5. I want to see Cars 2 and I think Bad Teacher sound really bad.

  6. dirtywithclass - Twilight does have a very talented cast. I mean, look at Anna Kendrick, she's an Oscar nominee!

    James - Bad Teacher looks...interesting, to say the least.


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