Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Link Hornet

What's with Tuesday being a day of pain? Last week, I was in a lot of pain after that horrible dentist appointment. This week, I've gotten a bit of a cold, and even though I had the whole day off to rest, it's suddenly got worse (my throat is all tickly and my head is hurting like a bitch). And, well, next Tuesday, I'm getting my tonsils out, which will probably cause a lot of pain. Oh well, despite all of this pain, it's still my movie night, and I'm just about finished The Green Hornet. After this, I'll be revisiting the awesome True Grit.

While I endure another Tuesday of pain and wonder if it's really wrong to think that Christoph Waltz is a sexy guy, read these little gems from the past week:

Speaking of pain, Hatter at The Dark of the Matinee wants y'all to participate in the 'King of Pain' blogathon. Basically, you just have to watch a really crappy movie (the whole thing) and blog about it. He's been enduring terrible chick flicks. I feel for ya, dude.

I saw X-Men: First Class yesterday, and there shall be a review up tomorrow. Meanwhile, just about every man and his dog has reviewed it, and here are some of them: [film] girl, interrupted, Things That Don't Suck, Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob, Andy Buckle's Film Emporium, A Place for Reviews and The Silver Screen.

Meanwhile, Max did a really awesome post describing the 'otherness' of the mutants in X-Men: First Class over at Anomalous Material.

Nikhat also has 'Fassy Fever!'. Otherwise known as an unforgiving obsession with Michael Fassbender, who exudes sexiness in so many ways.

I gotta wait until August to watch The Tree of Life, but I keep hearing intriguing things about it. Check out the reviews from Castor at Anomalous Material and James at Cinema Sights.

Eternity of Dream got 100 followers this week. Congrats, Lesya!

Jack at Jack L. Film Reviews tells the story of how he came to love cinema, through the brilliant Pulp Fiction. I had a similar experience to him, too.

The brilliant funny guyThe GreatWhiteDope's mecha-blog-zilla takes a look at some of the worst posters ever.

Piracy literally fucks me right off. Maybe that's coz I work at a DVD store. CS at Big Thoughts from a Small Mind wrote a great piece on why Hollywood is losing the battle against the idiots who break the law.

Got an iPhone/iPod Touch? Rachel gives us three apps which every movie lover must have. I bought the MovieCat one as soon as I read about it in this post, and I was up until midnight playing it.

I saw this post from the New York Times pop up on my iGoogle and it got me really thinking about how all of those slow and boring films like Winter's Bone are so much better than other movies that we deem boring (i.e. The Green Hornet). And I still can't find an explanation for this, but this post does a good job of defending the slow movies like Meek's Cutoff.

Film Intel reviewed Unstoppable, which also hits the shelves this week. I quite liked the movie, myself.

Southern Vision made a list of five directors that have never made a bad movie. It has Christ Nolan and David Fincher in it. As it should do.

Well, there you go, I've given you plenty to read so you hopefully won't notice my absence next week. Enjoy!


  1. Yep...with you on film piracy. I can honestly say I've never seen or downloaded a pirated film. I mean I've always loved going to a movie theatre ever since a very young boy and don't ever want to see cineams close because of piracy. I don't think alot of people realise how real the threat is to our local cinemas because of this.
    Interesting to hear your take on The Green Hornet...I hated it!! Probably because I absolutely hate Seth f&8king Rogen!!

  2. Thank you for the plug!

    I agree with Brent, The Green Hornet was spolied by Seth Rogen. I don't like this guy, especially in such a role. But Christoph Waltz is awesome! That's why I'll see Water for Elephants, which I don't think is interesting...

  3. Water for Elephants had an enormous amount of potential, but it was kind of a waste. It isn't uninteresting but it's a must-see for Christoph fans, he's bloody brilliant! It looks nice too.

    Thanks for the link. Just saw X-Men. Fassy is officially now in my "To Have an Explicit Affair With" list...with Ryan Gosling. So sexy...

    Gah I'm in pain too...I think it's cuz I saw a Russel Crowe film.

  4. Thanks Stevee, you're great!

    I seem to be the only one that hasn't seen X Men First Class, I'll probably watch it in a couple of months though...

    I can barely wait to see The Tree of Life!

    btw in your post, was "Christ Nolan" a typo or do you really worship him that much ;)

  5. I really liked the NYT link, thanks :D

  6. @ Stevee... Thanks for the plug! Perhaps it'll bring one or two more participants into the Circle of Pain. Lookin forward to reading what you offer up for the series...who you gonna borrow the movie from?

  7. Thanks for the link, Stevee, although I think I could probably expand my list to ten. Ah, who cares. I'm too busy to worry about older posts.

    P.S. I must be the only person in the world who doesn't give a shit about X-Men. WTF is wrong with me?

  8. Brent - Piracy pisses me off so much. I love going to the cinema, it is literally my favourite thing ever. And I hardly ever get to go. But that doesn't mean I just go and download movies for the hell of it.
    The Green Hornet was pretty disappointing. Seth Rogen is not a favourite of mine.

    Lesya - You're welcome! And I'd only go to see Water for Elephants because of Christoph! He's amazing.

    Nikhat - Michael Fassbender...*le sigh*. I'm in love.
    Russell Crowe is not a favourite of mine, but hey, he was born in NZ!

    Jack - I'm surprised by how many people have seen X-Men First Class, I didn't think it would be that popular.
    Ah...the Christ Nolan thing. I saw this picture that said "Christopher takes too long, but Christ will do just fine". So, you know, I'm moving with the Christ-fans.

    Maria Sofia - It's a good post, isn't it?

    Hatter - I do not know what to watch...but I'll find something that's shit-tacular!

    magnoliaforever - Ha, I usually do posts and then forget about them. That's just how I roll.
    There's nothing wrong with you...the only reason I gave a shit about it was the fact that it has a few hot guys in it and I liked the trailer. But when I saw it, I really liked it.


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