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Top 10 Favourite (modern/classic) Directors

You remember how like, a month a go, I listed my favourite modern actors and actresses, along with my faaourite classic ones? I did promise at the end of the classic one that I'd list my favourite directors. But the Classic Movie Marathon got in the way and last weekend I completely forgot about it, so here it favourite directors from any era:

Honourable Mentions: Martin Scorsese, Elia Kazan, John Hughes, Sam Mendes, Edgar Wright, Robert Zemeckis, Billy Wilder, Howard Hawks, Roman Polanski, Jane Campion, Peter Jackson, Kathryn Bigelow, Judd Apatow, Matthew Vaughn, Sidney Lumet, Greg Mottola, Duncan Jones, Rian Johnson.

10. Danny Boyle (on the set of 127 Hours)
When I came to the end of making my 100 Favourite Films list I got really angry because I missed a lot of films (I need to extend the list to 150), but I got especially angry over the fact that no Danny Boyle movies made the list. Now, that is nothing against him - or his films - because every work I've seen of his is absolutely brilliant. It's just one of those things when it comes to making a list like that. Danny Boyle's films have been both revolutionary and visually stunning, with the cool editing techniques he uses, the high saturation he uses with the camera and the always awesome soundtrack music he chooses. What he can do with a film is absolutely amazing. And pretty much half of the music I listen to comes from a Danny Boyle movie, so he gets extra props there.
Favourite film: 28 Days Later...

9. Jason Reitman (on the set of Up in the Air)
I know that Jason Reitman has only made three films. But he is one of those people who just became great after their first feature. I believe that the guy just continues to get better and better, even though he is so consistently great. His films, Thank You For Smoking, Juno and Up in the Air have all been tremendously well-received, which is exactly what he deserves. Add in the fact that he already has 4 Oscar nominations to his name (three for Up in the Air - Picture, Screenplay and Direction, one for Direction in Juno), I'd say that Reitman is well past the 'up-and-coming' stage...and I'd hate to have him let me down.
Favourite film: Juno

8. Frank Capra (left, on set of It Happened One Night)
Frank Capra films are the best. For anyone who is slightly snarky towards those classic films, I'd definitely put forward Capra movies to them first, because his movies are always so happy, funny and all-round enjoyable fares. It Happened One Night and It's a Wonderful Life, particularly, are two of my favourite films. The former because it is probably the funniest film I have ever seen and the latter because it's probably the most beautiful film I have ever seen. Plus, I never feel as uplifted as I do after I've seen a Capra movie.
Favourite film: It Happened One Night

7. Darren Aronofsky (on the set of The Wrestler)
As some may know, I'm a huge fan of lots of editing and 'different' camera techniques. And no-oe gives me that more than Darren Aronofsky. I'm pretty new to being a fan of him, since I only really started taking notice of him after I saw Black Swan and then trhe big life fuck-up Requiem for a Dream a mere two days later. I've been meaning to rewatch The Wrestler since I bought it like three months ago, but I still haven't gotten around to it. I see Aronofsky's work as an art form; he and his cinematographer Matthew Libatique like creating films that have so many different fragments that they all spin out to be a beautiful masterpiece. And I also like how the first word I say at the end of any Aronofsky movie is "fuck". I mean that in the best possible way.
Favourite film: Requiem for a Dream

6. George Cukor (right, on the set of The Philadelphia Story)
 First thing you should know about George Cukor: he was originally the director for Gone with the Wind. That's before he got into several arguements with David O. Selznick and Clark Gable didn't like his very feminine approach to the movie. One of the scenes he shot that remained in the film was the scene where Rhett and Scarlett have their first dance together. Here is a morsel of the considerable talent Cukor had: he could direct a dancing sequence unlike any other. Cukor was known as a ladies director, since he often directed movies with very strong female characters (including The Women, a film which doesn't have one man in the cast!). The people who direct chick flicks today need to take a note or two off him. Oh, and by the way, he directed 20 different actors to an Oscar nomination...good track record, huh?
Favourite film: Gone with the Wind...but since he was uncredited for that, I'll choose The Philadelphia Story.

5. Baz Luhrmann (on the set of Australia)
I'm quite the Baz Luhrmann obsessor. I own each of his movies, Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge! being the special edition 'red curtain trilogy' copies, and I also own Australia. I've seen each of his films at least three times and I love them all to little bits. I'm actually considering going to stalk the set of The Great Gatsby because I am so excited for that. I've spent too long without a new Luhrmann movie. His movies are great, lavish spectacles, with some great visuals and they always bring a tear to my eye. The fact that the guy is also very musically talented just adds so much pizazz to his films. I need a new Luhrmann film, and I need one now.
Favourite film: Moulin Rouge!

4. Alfred Hitchcock (on the set of The Man Who Knew Too Much)
 Does this man really need that much of an introduction? I know it. We all know it. Alfred Hitchcock was the master of suspense, and he is probably the greatest director who ever lived. His films are all fantastic, and probably twice as scary as they would have been because he had something to do with it. A lot of his films were instant 'must haves' on my 100 favourite films...every collaboration between he and his favourite blonde Grace Kelly got a spot, along with a few others. Psycho is one film which I will never forget. Thank you, Mum, for introducing me to him at the tender age of 11. I simply love his films.
Favourite film: Psycho

3. David Fincher (on the set of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)
When making my Top 100, I was surprised at the big mound of David Fincher films got into the very top part of my list. You can't dismiss Fight Club. That movie pretty much changed my life. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has always been a favourite of mine, even though I still can't get over the act that Fincher directed it. And The Social Network. Y'all know how I feel about that one. I don't care what anyone says, that is one of the best movies I have ever seen and I could watch it 100 times in a row if I wanted to. His other films Zodiac and Se7en are both masterpieces. I just wish, that in a perfect world, I would have as much talent as Fincher. He just never stops being fucking awesome, you know?
Favourite film: The Social Network

2. Quentin Tarantino (on the set of Inglourious Basterds)
You know what I like most? When a director directs his own stuff. That's why I absolutely love Quentin Tarantino. Most of what he has directed has come from his own brain, and it takes skill to make that so effing awesome. I live for Tarantino films. When I find out he is making a new one, my stomach does a million backflips. His films are just totally boss, alright? I can't say anything more than that otherwise I might come across as a little crazy.
Favourite film: Inglourious Basterds
1. Christopher Nolan (on the set of Inception)

Wholey shit. What a surprise. I know that no one saw that coming. You know what (in fact, you probably already know this)? Every time I see a picture of Christopher Nolan, I feel so inspired. He's just a normal man, who lives a normal life, but he just so happens to direct some of the greatest modern films. And yet, he's just so cool with it. I mean, The Dark Knight went straight to #1 on the IMDb Top 250 within two days of it's release, and he's just like "cool, people like my movie, onto the next one..." I just happen to think that he is a God-like figure...and probably the greatest idol I have ever had.
Favourite film: Memento

Who are your favourite directors?


  1. I love this list!!!!
    I'm terrified of the's in 3D. He'll go's too smooth a story for his style of direction. I kinda didn't like Australia. He needs to have a romantic lead.

    Fincher and Tarantino <3 <3

  2. Hmm, we only share four directors. Not sure what that means... :\

  3. I like most of these, but in my opinion Nolan is terribly overrated, and Scorsese is probably my favorite director of all time, along with Kubrick. But still, great list!

  4. Well, that's an interesting list, nice mix of modern and classic directors.
    But yet again I'll have to say, are tastes really are very different. Not that there's anything wrong with that though...
    But only one of these guys would get near my top 10 and that would be QT.

  5. Meh, I kinda expected someone better for #1. Ugh, it's a lame joke. I never thought of my most fave direstors but among them there are definitely Tarantino, Cameron (for two of his movies), Fincher (I close my eyes to TSN), Hitchcock, and the very best one is Nolan of course.

  6. Nikhat - I'm interested for Luhrmann's take on the story. I've read half of the book (I stopped though, because my library finally got Never Let Me Go so I'm reading that instead), and 3D looks like it could cause trouble, but I'm not bothered. Over time I've started to dislike Australia. It was a great cinematic event, but after that, it just wasn't as cool. But Luhrmann is awesome, and I'm sure it'll be interesting.

    Anna - I'm sure it could mean a whole raft of things, but I'm going to say that you like four directors on my list.

    Matt - Your opinions on Nolan are simply not the same as mine. Scorsese it is pretty cool. Kubrick...I haven't seen any of his films. Sad, I know, but I don't know where to start.

    Jack - If you're a Tarantino fan, then you are amazing. Tarantino is the MAN!

    Lesya - Haha, I though you were being serious there for a second! It was hard to think of my favourite directors, because I like so many but I haven't seen a lot of their films. Which was annoying. But I'm glad we have such similar tastes!

  7. Great list, but it is missing one key figure, one of the most influential and original American directors working today: Paul Thomas Anderson. If you haven't seen any of his movies, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do! Boogie Nights is an R18 and with kinda good reason, but I think you should see it anyway, Magnolia is my favourite film of all time, hands down, and There Will Be Blood is a fucking masterpiece (pardon me). Give Paul Thomas Anderson a try. Or if you've already seen some of his movies, let me know what you think of them. The man is a master.

  8. I am going to catch up on Paul Thomas Anderson movies whenever they come up in my Fatso queue, don't worry. I don't know why I haven't seen any of his films's incredibly stupid of me.


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