Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 21/04/11

Cinema Releases

Arthur - There seems to be a Russell Brand takeover happening. I'd be totally cool with that, but his hair has always freaked me out. Like, there must be something living in there. And it looks very unhygienic, which isn't ideal for a clean freak like me. I think Greta Gerwig is adorable though, so that might be one reason I'd go see this. But there are a million reasons why I don't wanna see it.

Another Year - I'm pretty sure every review I've read/seen for this movie has had a five star rating slapped on the end of it. Very well then, I'll wait until the DVD comes out, since I really don't wanna pay $30 to go to the fancy schmancy cinema that only has 12 seats. I do really want to see this, though.

Fast Five - Jesus another Fast and Furious movie? I still haven't even seen number one. But I should hold off my condescending pre-judgements on this movie, it's been getting some really good reviews. You know, like, people realize this is a guilty pleasure movie but still give it five stars. I do wonder how long the 80% rating on RT will last.

DVD releases

TRON: Legacy - Even though I didn't like the movie the first time, I gave this another spin on Monday night. Yeah, it still wasn't that great. But I was persuaded to buy the soundtrack, and hell, that thing is a million times better than the movie. It literally got me through the hell of cleaning shelves today. And I developed a mad crush on Quorra. I like her suit and haircut. I'll start saving my pennies so I can be all lit up like her...

The Disappearance of Alice Creed - Damn, it was worth staying up until midnight to watch this little gem. Some may think this movie is a little, I don't know, strange, and all full of crying and screaming, but I say a tight, intense, taut little thriller. Gemma Arterton was superb in this, too. Let's just forget all the blockbuster crap she was in, and focus on her in this. Expect a review up once the classic movie marathon is done and dusted.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - How's this for irony? A year ago today, I first saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and two days ago I concluded the series. It's fair to say, the last two really couldn't live up to the first one, but I did like this one better than the second one. It's just a shame that Mikael and Lisbeth spent virtually no time together during this movie. I shall review this later.

Red - Old people. Shit they're hilarious. Especially when they kill people and act like bad-asses.
Okay, that may have been a little mean but I'm not using sarcasm...this movie was actually pretty alright. And when I say 'pretty alright', I mean the lowest form of 'pretty alright' there could possibly be without taking the positive context away from it.

Thoughts on these movies?


  1. I've read all those "The Girl..." books, but haven't yet dared to watch the films - though there actually is no good reason for that.

  2. Another Year is good, not Leigh's best but still good.
    I didn't like Tron Legacy at all. I might be in a very small minority though because I didn't even like the visual effects much...

    I still can't believe there is a Fast Five, I've seen all the other I think and they are all crap, this one will be no different I'm sure.

  3. Someone give Greta Gerwig a proper vehicle, I will not have her playing second fiddle to every comedian in the Western world.

  4. Lime(tte) - I only read the first one, I didn't enjoy it any more than the movie. One day I'll get around to the rest of the series.

    Jack - I can't believe it either. I thought the series was dead and buried once they made the second one.

    Simon - Agreed! I reckon she's gorgeous, and so damn talented too. Give her a starring role!


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