Thursday, April 21, 2011

For Your Consideration: Cinematic Paradox for the LAMMYs!

If you are a LAMB, then you are probably well aware that the LAMMY nominations are open. This marks my first year as a LAMB and my first opportunity to be considered for the awards. So naturally, I'd love a nomination! Just one would be great! As seen in my FYC ad are the categories I'd like to be considered for. I'd particularly like to be considered for Best New LAMB. And Best Awards Coverage. You'll find a link to my series of 'Annual Awards Nerdism' in the right sidebar.
With 900 LAMBs out there, I realize it's going to be tough competition, and even tougher for such a small blog like mine to even be given a nomination. But please, I'm begging!

Have a lovely day, wonderful people!


  1. Best of luck Stevee! I'll also be campaigning. Why not, huh?

    Say, how did you create your FYC banner? Is there a template you can find online or something, or did you personally build it?

  2. Good luck Stevee!

    I'm also "campaigning".

    I like your FYC poster, very well done!

  3. Holy shit! That's a beautiful poster!!!

    Good luck to you Stevee. May the best teenage movie nut win!

  4. Andy - I created it using both Microsoft Word and an online editor called Picnik. For once, a class I've taken actually came in handy :)

    Jack - Good luck to you too! And thank you!

    Sebastian - Isn't it? Natalie Portman is just gorgeous. And good luck to you too!

  5. Thanks Stevee, I worked out a way to create one. As you saw! Consider yourself considered also :-)

  6. Love the poster. I don't need it as a reminder to cast my votes though ;)

    Good luck!

  7. I already voted, but I won't tell anything :)

  8. Andy - Greatly great!

    Lesya - Nawwwww, good luck to you too! :)

    Lime(tte) - Yeah, I'm keeping a low profile on my voting choices too. It's safer that way!


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