Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 14/04/11

Cinema Releases

You gotta love these sequels bringing a series of movies to a new generation. Sure, it probably won't be better than it's predecessors (well, maybe the third one, as it's currently doing a lot better than that on on RT), but Scream 4 has reminded me that I should probably watch the series. And the marketing campaign and cast has me pretty excited. Does this mean that Wes Craven has made a comeback after his long hiatus and dismal My Soul to Take? I hope so. I wouldn't call myself an expert on his work but I do like his stuff. The fact that this is skating around fresh territory on RT is a good thing, too.

Paul. What an uninspiring title. But I've been kinda looking forward to this movie, thanks to the cast and the very talented director, Greg Mottola, the man responsible for Adventureland and Superbad. It's not the kind of film I'd make the special trip to the cinemas for, though if I do get a chance I'll probably catch this flick. Even if Seth Rogen's voice is the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard.

Sarcasm is one of my great talents. Why would anyone make a movie like this? Oh yeah, because 5% of all teens are in love with him and the other 95% of people hate him (it's true). It's great that he's so young and famous and rich and stuff, but I'm sorry, I cannot take him seriously. A guy who has his own nailpolish brand must be worried about.

Mars Needs Moms bombed in the US. Yeah, I thought it looked pretty bad from the trailer I saw before Tangled. I'm pretty sure it will bomb here, even if it's released to attract the school holiday crowds. They have Hop and Rio to go and see. I admit, they look better fun than this. I don't need a movie to tell me how much I should love my mummy. I already know.

I wish I could go and see The Illusionist. But because they decided to only play it in like two cinemas across the country, I'll miss out. It looks so beautiful.

DVD Releases

Let the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (or as I affectionately call it, HP7PT1) serve as a warning...I must get around to watching these Harry Potter movies one day. And I've decided that day will be whenever HP7PT2 comes out (I haven't decided between cinema or DVD). I've never seen these movies as movies...just as companions to the books. Therefore, I haven't bothered with them. I don't like Justin Bieber, and I'm not obsessed with Harry Potter. No, I'm not a normal teenager.

Megamind is exactly like Despicable Me without the cute kids and unicorns. I won't say too much more...I'm posting a review on this tomorrow.

Any thoughts on these films?


  1. I might watch "Scream 4" eventually but I have no interest in any of the others. I actually don't have much interest in "Scream 4" either which may seem weird considering the nature of my own blog. :)

  2. I need to see - Scream 4 (just for old times sake), Paul (if I can get over Rogens effect on me), and the Illusionist (looks so pretty).

    LOL @ the Bieber comment, had me going for a minute. Megamind is pretty good imho, my kids loved it!

    As for HP I probably will wait until I can do a weekender for the whole series.

  3. Go see PAUL! I really enjoyed it, it was funny aand there are tons of inside jokes for movie lovers (mostly sci-fi fans)

    I'm not going to see SCREAM 4 because it looks completely idiotic. I never liked the SCREAM series. I dunno, just not entertaining for me.

    MEGAMIND was just okay, but it was definitely not as funny as DESPICABLE ME.

  4. Let me tell you something my friend...liking Harry Potter is not, is NEVER the same thing as liking Justin Beiber.
    I hope you watch them...they are just lovely.

  5. The Illusionist is the only one that really interests me... I suppose that must mean I'm a snob...

    Anyway, I thought the latest Harry Potter film was the best so far, although I'm not sure many will agree, I think they get better everytime, so I'm kind of looking forward to the next one, even though I can't stand the books.

    Congrats on the 60+ followers by the way :)

  6. Dr. Blood - Haha, I would have thought Scream 4 would be right up your alley!

    Custard - I really liked Megamind. And no, I do not like JB. Haha.
    Yeah, I might do a HP weekender too...

    Rachel - I might go and see Paul, if I get some spare time. It looks cool! And agree with you about Megamind.

    Nikhat - I realize it's not. I'm not even sure anything compares to loving JB, unless it's complete insanity.

    Jack - It doesn't mean you are a snob...The Illusionist is the only one that really interests me by far.
    I haven't even read the books either. One of the many things I should do so I don't seem so deprived.
    And thank you! It's great!

  7. I'm not in love with Justin either - did you know his last name means "beaver" in German? Plus the fact that he has a nailpolish collection - I mean, that guy is like 17 years old. And I'm like 16. *Throwing up*.
    But as a matter of fact, I'm crazy about Harry Potter - which is actually not that usual among teenagers in my surroundings.

  8. Ha! You learn something new everyday! I don't get that whole nailpolish thing. Shame is, that is some nice nailpolish, and I'm obsessed with nailpolish...but I still wouldn't get it.
    Harry Potter is pretty popular here, I wouldn't say everyone obsesses over it, but they all really like it, and I'm like the only one who has never seen any of the movies. I will get around to it one day!


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