Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why is NZ getting all these films WAY later than everyone else? Part two.

Remember this post back in November where I highlighted several release dates of movies which came here quite a while after their release in America? Well, it seems the trend is continuing. It never really bothered me until I really started getting into these cinema released films.

USA release date: 15 October 2010. NZ release date: 24th February 2011. Distance between: 19 weeks.
When I saw this trailer attached to The King's Speech, I couldn't help but think this movie was old news. I mean, I remember the reviews from back in October and it seems like a distant memory. Am I correct in guessing that its already out on DVD in America? Sounds about right...

Tamara Drewe
USA release date: 8th October 2010 (limited). NZ release date: 24th February 2011. Distance between: 20 weeks.
Tamara Drewe has always been one of those movies which I have been interested in seeing, and even though it comes out in the next week, I think I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD. It's been so long the time will just blend together.

The Last Exorcism
USA release date: 27 August 2010. NZ release date: 24th February 2011. Distance between: 26 weeks.
It seems like this coming week is the week to have old releases from America finally come out here. I'm not too sure about what kind of release The Last Exorcism will get here. There was a cardboard cut out at the local-cinema-that-is-45-minutes-drive-away for quite some time, but they don't have it listed at all on their website. It will either go straight to DVD or only come out in the major city cinemas like Let Me In did.

Blue Valentine
USA release date: 29th December 2010. NZ release date: 10th March 2011. Distance between: 10 weeks.
Though Blue Valentine was first seen at Sundance way back in January 2010, it took it's time to come out in America, just as it has taken its time to come to NZ. And by the time it gets here, I can imagine it will go into extreme limited release.

Never Let Me Go
USA release date: 15th September 2010. NZ release date: 17th March 2011. Distance between: 26 weeks.
I've posted it before, and I'll post it again. While all you fullas in America are all like "OMG I'm gonna get out Never Let Me Go on DVD this weekend!" I'm like "OMG Never Let Me Go is coming out in cinemas in a month!" There ain't no way I'm missing this. I've missed Andrew Garfield.

Rabbit Hole
USA release date: 17th December 2010. NZ release date: 31st March 2011. Distance between: 15 weeks.
In a similar case to Blue Valentine, Rabbit Hole, a fellow Oscar nominee for Best Actress has been given a March release. By then everyone may have forgotten about it.

The Tempest
USA release date: 10th December 2010. NZ release date: 21st April 2011. Distance between: 19 weeks.
I'm not entirely looking forwatd to this one, and the picture sure doesn't help it a lot, but 19 weeks is a little lengthy.

USA release date: 17th September 2010. NZ release date: 12th May 2011. Difference between: 35 weeks.
Jesus Christ, this is beyond ridiculous. 35 weeks?! It may as well just go straight to DVD.

The Next Three Days
USA release date: 19th November 2010. NZ release date: 12th May 2011. Distance between: 25 weeks.
The Russell Crowe starring remake of French thriller Anything for Her didn't get great reviews, which probably made it come out 25 weeks later here.

The Roommate
USA release date: 4th February 2011. NZ release date: 30th June 2011. Distance between: 21 weeks.
Not that I care, even with all the rave reviews this Leighton Meester yelper got, but can all the little teenage girls wait that long until the next scariest movie of the year?!

Here are some movies which came out a little while ago in USA but have been given the 'undated' sticker here:
All Good Things


Frankie and Alice


The Illusionist

The Other Woman

Waiting for 'Superman'


  1. That really is annoying.
    I have the same problem as I live in France, but unlike you I don't wait for the DVD releases, I just download the films...

  2. It is. You live in France?! Lucky!
    I'm more of a go to the cinemas if it's a special release kind of girl, but I wait til they come out on DVD because I get them for free from work.

  3. Wow, you guys have it even worse than we do in Australia! I know that here at least, movies released by Fox Searchlight tend to come out especially late (two examples from this year: 127 Hours & Never Let Me Go).

    Whatever the explanation, it plain sucks

  4. I've noticed that too! It's so stupid. Its okay if its a month or so later, but 26 WEEKS to see Never Let Me Go?! I sense a conspiracy.

  5. i cnt wait 4 the roomate to come out on dvd ay looks like a really good film it just takes so long for movies to cum to new zealand

  6. yeah i totally agree it does take for eva buy da movie off ebay ay


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