Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 Favourite Screencaps Meme: A Single Man

Meme is a rather funny word, and I've never really got the jist of what it really means. Anyway, over at fellow blogging site Tumblr, there is a meme making the rounds known as the '5 Favourite Screencaps' meme, where a person will pick a movie and pick five awesome shots. I plan to do a series of these, and need some recommendations/requests. Particularly of movies I have seen. Just leave some requests in the comments, please.

Anyway, the first edition is of one of my favourite movies - photographically speaking - A Single Man. Since I watched it for the first time in ages last night, I felt this would be a good film to start on.

And here they are all together in a collage:

As I said, I WANT REQUESTS! And this will be no fun without anyone else. Feel free to take this meme and meme it on your site too!


  1. Let The Right One In might provide some interesting screencaps.
    Scott Pilgrim would certainly have some colourful ones (I love that film)
    Kill Bill is a beautifully shot film, you're sure to find good screencaps there. same goes for The Aviator and Fight Club.

    Just looked through your review index, very impressive amount of reviews. Have you reviewed every single film you've seen?

    I actually haven't seen A Single Man yet, seems like I should...

  2. Good recommendations, I will definitely get around to those ones soon!

    I've reviewed almost every single film I've ever seen since October 2009. Quite a lot.

    You so should! It is beautiful!

  3. Why not do a screencap of Inception or The Dark Knight? You could also do one on The Social Network, now those 3 movies could provide some great screecaps.

  4. yes, Colin is great but I just LOVE Julianne here.

  5. Celine - On my list. I can't not do one on a Nolan film!

    Andrew - Julianne was AMAZING in that movie. Simply terrific.

  6. Such a beatiful film. You should do a Sofia Coppola film...
    I have done things like this, except there are like a billion pics.


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