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AAN: And thus, my life goes back to normal again (Oscar talk)

This morning I said "By the end of the day I will either hate The King's Speech or start liking it again." Now the end of the day has come, I have gotten over my hating and started remembering small parts of it which were Oscar worthy. Unfortunately, I still can't see how it won. But it had it's time to shine, and it's no skin off my teeth.

I got 16 out of 21 predictions right. My last period at school was filled with happiness whenever I saw Inception winning anything and a huge gasp which stopped the whole class when I found that Melissa Leo won. Now my life is going back to normal, these films aren't feeling as relevant as they used to and I'm just waiting for the next lot of awards...and Christopher Nolan's upcoming win for The Dark Knight Rises (early prediction, bite me).

Anyway, thoughts on the awards given out:

-Best Picture went to The King's Speech. Thought having that movie be the most dominant in that little montage was a dead giveaway. While I'm not the only one bitter, and I still commend their achievements, it was so 'safe'. And there were so many films better than that one in the race. I still think, at the bottom of my heart, that Inception should have been the one that won. But of course, the nature of that film stopped it. The nature of The Social Network and it's youngness stopped it. While I'm happy for The King's Speech, this award simply should have gone to someone else.

-Despite the fact that he got the award for The King's Speech, I will forever think that the Oscar Colin Firth got this year was really for his performance in A Single Man. Bravo to that man. Can't say I didn't see it coming, though.

-Thank goodness Natalie Portman won Best Actress. Phenomenal work, phenomenal actress. God bless her.

-Unfortunately, Jesus Bale didn't trim his beard for his big moment. But how the fuck is this the first time he has gotten a win, let alone a nomination?! All I know is that I'm glad that he's finally got what he deserves.
-Okay so I knew Melissa Leo was going to win, so it wasn't much of a surprise. I suppose I was just angry that Jacki Weaver didn't win. Or Amy Adams. Or Hailee Steinfeld. Or Helena Bonham Carter. So much talent here, not enough Oscar to go around!

-Jeez, I nearly cried when Tom Hooper won Best Director. Academy, first you snub Christopher 'God' Nolan, then you give away David Fincher's Oscar to someone who didn't really need it yet in the first place. Yes, Tom Hooper has a lot of talent, but nothing compared to the talent and repertoire David Fincher has built up for himself. Oh well, the Oscars love new blood, and that is a damn fine achievement for Hooper. Damn fine.
-JESUS CHRIST OSCAR WHY DID YOU NOT GIVE THE AWARD FOR 'BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY' TO THE MOST ORIGINAL OUT OF THE LOT OF THEM?! Oh right, coz you hate Christopher Nolan. I still don't get how David Seidler's The King's Speech screenplay is original, since I saw some books called 'The King's Speech' and those words 'Now a major motion picture' floating around, but meh, it was obvious that they were going to go with the safe choice. And now everyone in NZ is going crazy over this win coz Seidler wants to come back to NZ and go tramping. Yeah thats great...we can move on now.
-Adapted Screenplay to The Social Network. Aaron Sorkin, you are still so amazing. If only your fucking awesome film could have won more, y'know?
-Best Animated Feature to Toy Story 3. That's how it should be.
-Best Foreign Film to In a Better World. I predicted it even though I haven't seen it!
-Same case for Best Doc. I predicted Inside Job without seeing it, and it won!

-Even though I'm eternally sad that Hans Zimmer didn't win anything for the most beautiful score I have ever heard in my life, I'm happy that The Social Network got this one. Absolutely genius score. But I'll still be playing 'Time' everyday and having the same chills everytime I hear it.
-I loved the song from Tangled, but of course Toy Story 3's 'We Belong Together' had to win. Surprisingly, out of 20 nominations, Randy Newman has only won twice.

-WALLY PFISTER FINALLY GOT AN OSCAR! He had been nominated four times, all for Chris Nolan masterpieces (Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception) and finally won. Feeling kinda sad for Roger Deakins and Matthew Libatique though, since they've gone home empty handed even though there work in True Grit and Black Swan was amazing, but Wally Pfister rules! Especially when he thanks his 'master'. Yes, Nolan has incredible vision.
-Art Direction to Alice in Wonderland? What?!
-Costume Design to Alice in Wonderland? It still kills me to say that this film won more Oscars than True Grit, which was nominated 10 times but didn't get any return.
-Visual effects to Inception! Yeah, like it had any competition.
-The Wolfman got an Oscar...just for makeup. I heard about Cate Blanchett's 'thats gross' comment. Must have been more priceless than the movie.
-Sound editing to Inception! Wooo!
-Sound mixing to Inception! Woooo! It got 4 Oscars!

I didn't really watch much of the awards, only from about Best Song onwards. I wept over The King's Speech, but that's all in the past now. James Franco was a pretty dead end host, but Anne Hathaway was the million dresses she wore.
Speaking of gorgeous, I'll just post my three most favourite and three least favourite dresses:

Best dressed-

Jeez, Natalie Portman is glowing. She could have worn a brown paper bag and she would have looked amazing. That colour is so cool. Like, it's my new favourite shade of purple.
All through the awards season, the Black Swan ladies have been the best dressed. Lilac is a risky colour, but Mila Kunis is so beautiful that she could pull this look off. Sure, it's a lot of lace just draped in weird ways, but it is beautiful. Definitely my favourite of the night.
The only thing that could have made Hailee Steinfeld's dress better would be making it go all the way down to the ground. But having it cut like that is cute and young. She's so gorgeous. I just hope we get to see more of her around these awards in the future.

Worst dressed-

Yeah, I know that Scarlett Johansson is supposed to be the sexiest woman in the world but this dress? Table cloth made pink and wrapped around 100 times until it fits averagely. Boring and pretty ugly.
Marisa Tomei's dress looks as dull as anything. That thing forming on the bottom sure doesn't work.
Jeez, Jennifer Hudson has lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately, the weird squeezing and colour of this dress makes her look a little less than special.

So, that's my first Annual Awards Nerdism done for 2010/2011 (sob). Feeling a little less than satisfied with this years outcome, I will go on with my life waiting for 2011's version of Inception or The Social Network to come out. Was Annual Awards Nerdism a 'yay' or 'nay' for you? What about the awards? I love comments :)
Thanks for reading this, everyone! Now back to normal reviews and everything...


  1. As for me I was kind of satisfied, although some Inception-snubbing things made me a bit upset. Absolutely agree on Franco, he's such not a host! I also want to make a post about Oscar gowns, I also love the three you've chosen! Portman and Kunis' are #1 and #2 respectively, but the third will go either to Halle Berry or to Hilary Swank. You know, when I saw a glimpse of Johansson, I though "Wow, she's gorgeus", but the further close-ups were like enlightment. She's still a beauty but failed as a fashion icon. Nevertheless, do you remember her dress at the Globes? It was one of my favorites.

  2. I was in total agony when I saw The King's Speech get away with Best Picture and The Social Network with Best Score/Music, but thankfully Inception got Oscars in all the best parts, especially Visual Effects!!

    At least The Social Network got some recognition, but I think Inception should have won more...

  3. Lesya - Next year, for Annual Awards Nerdism, I might do more dresses and stuff. I like that. Gee, could the Black Swan ladies be any prettier?

    Celine - I didn't mind that The Social Network got Best Score. Sure, I love Inception's a lot more, but the score for TSN was...different. And amazing. It's great that Inception won as many awards as The King's Speech!


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