Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top 10 worst Nicolas Cage movie posters.

Here I am again, taking a stab at Nicolas Cage. Yeah yeah, I don't like him as an actor. But he's damn entertaining!
On a random search, I looked up 'Nicolas Cage movies', and found some truly awful posters for his movies. Well, they're awful and funny. Here we go...

Well...this one makes a statement. Not only does it cleverly make Nic out of bullets, it makes his face look more drowsy and long than is humanly possible. Unfortunately, it's like someone hit the snooze button in my brain and told me it was okay to sleep through the duration of this movie.

Okay, so this January, I won't be ready to 'raise some hell'. This just looks like a darker and grittier version of The Sorcerer's Apprentice poster. With the added surprise of a woman in Nic's reflection! Hey...I always knew he was a girl deep down inside.

Gosh...Nic's face must be magnetic or something. I mean, look at it. He's managed to drag along a burning city, Jessica Biel and Julianne Moore. He is a man on a mission.

Cheer up Nic...everyone ends up as the victim of a giant bird overhead. The problem is when that giant bird drops a spoon with his lunch. Then you know someone up there hates you.

HE GLOWS! Wow, you learn something new every day. Is it just me, or do these poster makers really like having Nic's head coming out of nowhere like he's some seedy paedophile? Just saying.

Things wrong with this poster:
-The fire burning him.
-The bullets in the 'window'.
-The leather jacket.
-The hair.
-The inexplicable placement of his arm.
-His expression.
-The inexplicable placement of his other arm inside of his jacket.
-Nicolas Cage in an action movie.

God. I can't even. What is he wearing? I know it was the 80's and all. But you used this to advertise the movie?! You 80's children were seriously demented.

3. do I explain this one? There's the demonic child as the centrepiece of the poster...serving as Nic's...nose? I can't tell which part is even his face. Wow, this poster is more confusing than the fact that they would even think of remaking this film.

Geez Louise...put that puppy away Nic! And what's with the dodgy opening of the jacket? One more thing...I know it's at the front and all, but why is his hand so goddamn big?!

I know there was already a poster from Bangkok Dangerous, and there could have easily been more. Seriously. There are enough posters of his head. This one, is, by far, the worst. His face is completely expressionless, as per usual, but it doesn't give us any hint as to what this movie might contain. If that's an attempt to make him look like a badass, I'd definitely give this a miss.

Do you know any other actors who seem to get some really bad posters? Let me know and I can do more posts like this one!


  1. Oh god, he truly does get some awful, awful posters. The Paedophile one had me nearly crying with laughter, even worse because that is actually a film directed at kids.

    Good to have you back from your trip!

  2. That's what I was thinking. Making Nic a paedophile is not exactly a good thing for The Sorcerer's Apprentice (thats why everyone went to see Inception that weekend instead).

    It's good to be back! Got lots of movies to catch up on now!

  3. these all just look like stereotypical posters for the time they were made in. Boring

  4. are u a graphic designer or just the bla-bla-bla man only? or the man how only know to talking+complaining+critic? do u do some reseach before u write the contain? the no 10 poster is the one of famous poster....retard and paradox


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