Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unintentionally Funny Moments: Legion

The trailer for Legion popped up on the loop disc quite a few times when I was last at work. This trailer always catches my attention, mainly because the shop is very quiet until suddenly an old woman starts screaming and climbing around the diner in the movie. I saw the film; I thought it was below average and definitely trying too hard to be a B-grade horror with a religious theme, which could never work. But damn, Legion could pass as a comedy, with the two funniest parts being shown in the trailer.

SCENE ONE: Little Old Lady

Surely, the old biddy with the walking thing can't be that much of a threat, can she?

Oh...she's so sweet! No threat at all.

She makes polite conversation! But she says "Your baby is gonna burn"...which isn't right for an old lady, now is it?

Oh wow...don't ask the old lady to apologize...she gets quite pissed. And then she'll start screaming and attempt to eat an innocent bystander. But it's not over yet...

"Now you're all gonna die!"

Not only is she a wannabe vampire, but she's also Spiderman! Never underestimate that kind old lady from around the corner...

Oh no! She's dead! Silly Dennis Quaid, why'd you have to shoot her? This whole movie would have been more interesting had she been the real villain!

SCENE TWO: Scretchy.

Here we have a guy who looks a little lanky. But hey...wanna look even more stupid? Just follow these steps:

Just stretch your right arm out...

...don't forget about your left arm and fingers...

...(if you don't die of laughing like I am now) try and live up to the term 'big mouth'...

...and you're OFF! Good luck with your forthcoming lankiness and inability to walk properly!

Haven't seen Legion? Don't worry. While it is very funny, I just showed you the best moments of the movie: where we can confirm that this movie is nothing but a piece of garbage. If you're interested, here's the full trailer:

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