Wednesday, November 24, 2010

R.I.P to the Pike River miners...

Light a candle for the Pike River miners.

I don't know if this made it to your parts of the world, but on Friday there was an explosion at the Pike River mine, which is located in a coastal town in New Zealand's South Island. 29 men were trapped inside. They made many attempts at trying to rescue them, and the small towns optimism and hope was tested to it's limits. Unfortunately, at about 2.37pm today, there was a second explosion. There were no survivors.
I first heard this news while travelling home from a training course. It was one of those moments which shocked me right through to the core. New Zealand is such a tight knit country, and this kind of news has stopped the nation.

Here are the names of those who died:

Conrad John Adams-(43)
Malcolm Campbell-(25)
Glen Peter Cruse-(35)
Allan John Dixon-(59)
Zen Wodin Drew-(21)
Christopher Peter Duggan-(31)
Joseph Ray Dunbar-(17)
John Leonard Hale-(45)
Daniel Thomas Herk-(36)
David Mark Hoggart-(33)
Richard Bennett Holling-(41)
Andrew David Hurren-(32)
Jacobus (Koos) Albertus Jonker-(47)
William John Joynson-(49)
Riki Steve Keane-(28)
Terry David Kitchin-(41)
Samuel Peter Mackie-(26)
Francis Skiddy Marden-(41)
Michael Nolan Hanmer Monk-(23)
Stuart Gilbert Mudge-(31)
Kane Barry Nieper-(33)
Peter O’Neill-(55)
Milton John Osborne-(54)
Brendan John Palme-(27)
Benjamin David Rockhouse-(21)
Peter James Rodger-(40)
Blair David Sims-(28)
Joshua Adam Ufer-(25)
Keith Thomas Valli-(62)

The youngest was just 17, and not due to start work until Monday 22nd November, but was so eager that they allowed him to begin work on Friday. It was his first day on the job.
Two of the miners were engaged, one due to be married on December 18th, and the other expecting a baby.
One left two children, one ten and one thirteen years old, as well as a wife.

My heart goes out to their families...may they rest in peace.

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